Sagging diapers or Sagging Pants

6 Jun
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Every time I see an African American male with his pants “sagging” I am reminded of a cartoon character I use to see when I was a child called “Baby Huey,” or of a baby in diapers (with their diapers sagging with poo poo in it)
This is what Wikipedia had to say about “Baby Huey:”
Many animated shorts featuring Huey had recurring themes. Most common among them was him trying to be just like any other kid his age.
He would see his peers playing, and would immediately get excited.
Unfortunately, whenever he tried to involve himself in the activities of his peers (also anthropomorphic ducklings), he would often inadvertently cause problems at their expense, and as a result they would drive him away through trickery (and into tears).
A hungry fox would show up, originally intending to eat Huey’s peers, but upon seeing Huey as a bigger meal and overhearing the distraught duck’s desires to play with someone, would feign friendship and set traps along the way, all of which would prove ineffective on Huey and/or backfire on the fox.
At first Huey was blissfully unaware of the fox’s true agenda. But as his peers watched the annoyed fox in action from a safe distance (and fearing for his safety just as they did their own), Huey would come to realize the truth about his predator and dispose of him, usually by saying: “Hey, you! You’re the fox! And I think you’re trying to kill me!”, and would finish the fox.
Other times, however, Huey would remain blissfully unaware and the exasperated fox would finally give up, fleeing Baby Huey before any more misfortune befell him.
Baby Huey had a sidekick in later comics. This was his slow-thinking cousin, whom he referred to as Cousin Dimwit. Dimwit was characterized as a fairly skinny duck in an oversized red woolen sweater, with sleeves that ran over his hands and hung down several inches.”
(End of Wikipedia description)
This sounds just like the story, “The Ugly Duckling.”
And as I have written below; it is a parallel story of the history of people of African descent who have lived among Caucasian.
The history of African Americans and other people of African descent who have lived among Europeans has been like the story of the ‘The Ugly Duckling.’
This one duck was always trying to please the others Ducks because his appearance was so different from theirs.
He did everything he could think of to make them accept him as a equal member of their group.
But despite his numerous efforts to fit in he was rejected and ridiculed. He was always sad and unhappy because he considered himself ugly when compared to the other Ducks.
Then one day he found out that he was in fact not a Duck but a beautiful Swan.
The moral of the story is “beautiful Swans should stop trying to look like Ducks.”
The Creator made all members of the Human family beautiful. It is a sign of inferiority for a whole ethnic group of people to try and imitate the beauty standards of another.
This is one of our biggest negative legacy from slavery.
We were dehumanized and made to feel like we were worthless. We were ridiculed and told that we were dirty, black, and ugly.
We have spent over 150 years trying to prove to European Americans that “we can behave and look just like them.”
We straightened our hair, wore straight hair wigs and weaves. We used bleach creams to lighten our skin.
We then proclaimed that ‘black was not ugly but beautiful.’
Desperately trying to turn the offensive term black, that was historically used to degrade us into a positive term.
Once we stop thinking and behaving like we need to prove something to our fellow Caucasian Americans; then we will surely be a free and independent people.
We will begin to solve the problems plaguing our community and not wait for others to solve them for us.

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