Chemical Foods Are The Reason For The Rise in Obesity in Our Country

7 Jun





The chemically saturated, fake foods that the majority of us consume on a daily basis is the cause of the rise of obesity in our country.

Why were Human beings in such good physical shape before the invention of ‘Gyms,’ and exercise machines? 

This scheme to make us believe that the only way modern Humans can stay in good physical shape is to go to gyms, buy expensive exercise machines and work out everyday, is pure nonsense. 

What has caused the United States of America to become a nation with the most obese people on Earth?

It is because of the chemically saturated fake foods and drinks  that we consume daily.

Many people eat sandwiches, pizza, French fries, tacos, burgers etc. more than they eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

On many occasions I have heard friends say that they don’t like vegetables and they only eat fruit occasionally.

But these natural foods are what our bodies NEED. Anything else does not provide the necessary nutrients that will sustain our bodies. 

In addition the majority of juices and drinks we buy in the stores are detrimental to our health.

They are nothing but sugared chemical concoctions.

The sweeteners hide the taste of the chemicals. 

The more we eat these fake foods, the fatter we become.

Then the manufacturers of these chemical products, tell us that we are gaining weight because we don’t exercise enough.

When in fact the real reason is that these artificial foods are causing havoc within our bodies.

They are clogging up our intestines and making it harder for our bodies to eliminate these toxic fake foods.

Fake foods like pizzas, hamburgers, food in boxes and bags, artificial juices and drinks saturated with sugar or made from concentrate.

These foods are loaded with chemicals that are blowing us up.

Some evil minded, devilish experimenters are treating us like ‘lab rats.’

They want to see how big and bloated we can become from eating unnatural foods and drinks.

Even the foods that they claim are healthy will cause problems for our bodies.

I found this out by accident a couple years ago; when I left the USA and was a visitor in another country. I was there for 3 months.

I didn’t have my favourite ‘natural healthy’ snacks and ‘natural’ juices.

They were not available in the country I was visiting.

I drank water, I ate plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish, lamb and a little beef.

I ate no grain (bread or rice) for 2 months.

I went down to the weight I had 15 years ago without any type of exercise.

The *only exercise I did was to walk to the market (less than one mile) away from where I was living, a few times.

Before going overseas I regularly jogged 3 times weekly (20 miles total) and never lost any weight.

I just maintained the weight I had.

Losing weight so quickly without any serious exercising, when I was overseas was a shock to me.

I then realised, that the key to losing weight is to stop eating these chemically saturated foods and drinks that were not part of our ancestors daily diet 100 years ago.

Then even with a minimum amount of exercise (walking, dancing etc.), you will see an improvement in your physical condition.

*Recently I have become aware that I was doing something else that may have cause me to lose so much weight then.

A few times every week I would dance to the music of the true king of Rock and Roll, Little Richard.

It was only for about 15 minutes or so each time. But it increased the rate of my heart beat, and I sweated profusely.

With less chemically made foods in my system my body did what it was created to do.

It regulated itself, and got rid of the unnecessary fat.

I had stopped feeding my body, these chemical concocting, that I believed were healthy.

We must eat what our Lord-Creator has provided for us.

Not what the Clan of Satan; in their quest to compete with The Creator, has chemically created.






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