Racism Among Many Caucasian Members of the Police Force

7 Jun


I believe that the majority of Caucasian police officers nationwide hold racist views about people of African descent. 

They most likely are not members of the KKK or any other racist organizations, but they have similar racist views about so-called minorities. 

That is why there are so many cases of African American being killed for no reason other than asking the police why are they being arrested or refusing to be handcuffed.


The majority of Caucasian police personnel are afraid/hate non Caucasians.

They will shoot first without any kind of hesitation.

Not all the victims of police murders have argued or fought with them.

In many police departments all around the USA; they use pictures of African Americans on the target sheets, when they have target practice on the shooting range.

MANY of them are itching for any excuse to shoot to kill people of African descent.

In my over 45 years of awareness of police violence, I cannot count the number of times where innocent non Caucasian citizens all over America were killed by Caucasian policemen.

One was killed for reaching for his driver’s license in his glove compartment.

One killed for his keys in his hand.

One killed for a hair brush in his pocket.

One killed for running towards the police, begging for help after being dazed, confused, and injured in a car accident.

One killed for running away after writing graffiti on a wall.

One killed for holding a BB gun in his hand that he intended to purchase at a Walmart.

One 12 year old child was killed while playing with a toy gun on a playground in Cleveland.

One killed for showing two policemen the display Samurai sword he was taking to a job interview.

They later claimed that he attacked them with it.

Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc……………

You don't have to be a Racist to work here, but if you are I don't suppose anyone will notice.
You don’t have to be a Racist to work here, but if you are I don’t suppose anyone will notice.

 Many of the law enforcement agencies in America have been historically lenient with racist groups because many of the members of these law agencies are also racist.

Even the US military allows military members to belong to racist organizations.

The military rules states that, the military members of these racist groups cannot take part in marches or public demonstration with racist organizations or publicly endorses or recruit for them.

However; they are allowed to subscribe to racist magazines and newspapers.

These publications preach, that people of the African race are mentally inferior and are incapable of being leaders.

My question to the leadership of the US military is this:

if these racist members of the military firmly believe that members of other ethnic groups are mentally inferior and not as courageous as the Caucasian race, then why would these racists endorse military members of African descent for promotions?

Most likely they wouldn’t.

They firmly believe that only Caucasians are qualified for leadership positions (President Trumps believes that also)

And that has always been an issue in the military that will continue until they disallow membership in racist groups.

And they cannot claim it is unconstitutional; because members of the American Communist Party were never allowed to become military members.

The top General of the Unite States Marine Corps (USMC) during the 1990s was asked why there weren’t more officers of African descent in the higher echelons of the Marines.

He said it was because African Americans couldn’t read a Magnetic Compass.

Only a racist would have made such an idiotic comment.

(Most likely General John F. Kelly, Trump’s current White House Chief of Staff; who was also in the USMC at that time; agree with that racist comment.)



The majority of people both racists and non racists, don’t even know the true definition of racism.












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