The Danger Of Using Black and White As Racial Identifications

7 Jun
During the 1960s the Nation Of Islam under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad was the primary promoter of the term ‘black’ instead of negro as a racial identification for people of African descent.


In the early 20th century among African Americans; calling each other black was the most demeaning and offensive insult.
Calling each other black was worse than calling each other n.ggers.
The term black, had been used by Caucasians to belittle and show that the people of African descent were the opposite of whites.
‘Whites’ were supposed to be an enlightened, intelligent, beautiful and cultured race.
Whereas ‘blacks’ were the opposite.
Black meant ignorant, savage and prone to evildoing.
Thus the people of African descent preferred to be called, ‘colored or negroes.
Before the mid 1960s no television, radio, or newspapers ever referred to African Americans as ‘blacks.’
The acceptable name for our race after the 1920s was Negro.
I challenge anyone who can prove, that black was an acceptable racial identity, used by people of African descent, before the mid 1960s.
Negro was the acceptable term, and some of our people and Caucasians, were still using the term ‘colored.’
I came to the United States of America in May 1967, and I was called a “colored boy,” a few months later, by a Caucasian boy at a YMCA camp.
Elijah Muhammad said that Negro was a term for integrationist minded black people. 
He said black was a much better term for our people than Negro. 
During the 1960s he published his book, “Message To The Blackman.”
Elijah Muhammad had a wonderful and articulate spokesman named, Malcolm X Shabazz who did an admirable job of denigrating the term ‘Negro’ and promoting the term ‘Black,’ as a racial identification. 
Malcolm on many occasions ridiculed the term negro. 
He said only ‘uncle toms’ liked being called negroes. 
He said only ‘house negroes’ like being called negroes. 
Because of him the term black became synonymous with radicalism. 
So whenever anyone proclaimed during that era  that they were proud to be black; it meant they were proud of their heritage and people. 
This new sense of racial pride among African Americans made many of them stop imitating Caucasians.
 That is the reason why so many African Americans women stop straightening their hair and adopted the Afro hairstyle. 
Many also started wearing African attire. 
Many also changed their European names that had been given to their ancestors during slavery, and adopted African or Islamic names. 
To be ‘black’ at that time, also meant that you were against ‘white’ culture and white racism.  
The upper class negroes and many popular entertainers (like Smokey Robinson) who wanted to be seen as ‘hip’ and ‘down with the brothers and sisters in the ghettos’ started using the term ‘black’ to identify our race.
James Brown once stated that Elijah Muhammad was the inspiration for his song, Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.
Malcolm advocated the term black as a racial identification as he was taught by his leader and teacher Elijah Muhammad. 
After Malcolm’s  death the young radicals like Stokely Carmichael and H ‘Rap’ Brown, the Black Panthers and Black Liberation groups all used the term black to identify our race. 
Stokely Carmichael later changed his name to Kwame Toure and H ‘Rap’ Brown changed his name to Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin.
But the term black (and others) had already been used all throughout the past centuries by Caucasians to identify the people whom they had kidnapped and enslaved from Africa. 
They called them: black savages, black brutes, black devils, dumb black bastards, black and dirty, Black and ugly, coons, shine, n_ggers, spooks, etc. 
civil-rights-movement-6-638 kjh
All of these terms can be found in books written over the past 200 years by racists Caucasians to identify people of African descent.
When the Caucasian writers wanted to be respectful of the people of African descent they used terms like: the sons and daughters of Africa, Colored, Negroes, Ethiopians, etc.
Now we have a term called “black on black crimes,” and it is not positive.
I am sure that when we read our history we will never see the terms “colored on colored crimes” or “negro on negro crimes.”
We were not shooting and killing each other on the scale of what has been happening for the past 40 years.
It seems that we have been more hateful, cruel and brutal towards each other; since we have been calling ourselves black.
Black is a negative term. Every description in the dictionary where the term black is used is negative.
Maurice Mcleod
Black plague, blackmail, black magic, black sheep (bad person), blacked out (loss of consciousness), blackout (loss of electrical power), black hole (object in space), a black outlook (problems), black balled (blocked from something), blacklisted (list of those blocked) etc. etc. 
The synonyms for black is: dark, gloomy, obscure, dusky, murky, dim, shadowy, sooty, swarthy, dirty, dingy, sad, depressing, somber, doleful, mournful, funereal, disastrous, calamitous, sinful, inhuman, fiendish, devilish, infernal, monstrous; atrocious, horrible; nefarious, treacherous, traitorous, villainous.
With all these negative references to the term black in the subconscious, we should not be  surprised by the people of African descent’s hateful and brutal treatment of each other.
Also we shouldn’t be surprised when people of other ethnic groups think badly of us. 
Contrasting to black is all the wonderful positive descriptions that the term “white” means i.e. pure, purity, innocence, clean, light, bright, clear, honest, free from blemish etc. etc.
Over a century ago Caucasian Gentiles in Europe and later the Unites States of America were deceived into referring to the Caucasian racial group as ‘white.’
Their secret manipulators among them, knew that because of the positive meanings attached to the word white; that, it would make their Gentiles more responsive to their global empire building scheme.
Since the majority of the countries they intended to conquer and control; were populated by darker skinned people.
The Caucasians in Europe and America had to believe that they were a superior and special race.
They had to be duped into believing that The Creator had given ‘whites’ a ‘Manifest Destiny’ to rule over darker skinned Human Beings.
Once those nations were conquered the “whites’ then introduced Christianity to the subjugated natives.
They taught them that The Creator of the Heavens and Earth had a Caucasian son.
Those who accepted this religion became mentally enslaved to Caucasian supremacy beliefs.
No wonder the majority of low self esteemed people of African descent worldwide and some of the members of other ethnic group all worship and imitate the image of the Caucasian people. 
Subconsciously they reject “black” and aspire to be “white.
Many dark skinned foreigners who come to America (like Arabs) are given the racial classification of ‘white’.
The subtle negative connotations of the word ‘black’ has created a negative behavior in people of African descent and made other ethnic groups more hateful towards us.
Elijah Muhammad died in 1975 and the new leader of the Islamic community his son, Wallace Muhammed; advised African Americans to stop using ‘black’ as an ethnic identification. 
He said this idea to identify Human Beings as colors (black, white, brown, yellow) was a scheme to divide the Human Family. 


The white race, the black race, the brown race, the yellow race, and the red race; who came up with this color classification? 
It was done by Caucasians. 
They placed themselves in the top as whites and all the other colors were below them. 
Remember the saying, “white is right, yellow is mellow, brown stick around, black get back.” 
White on top and black at the bottom.
That is exactly where we still are today. 
The racial identification of brown people and yellow people no longer exist.
No longer is it acceptable to say, the brown races or the yellow race. 
Because the people who used to be identified as the brown and yellow race, have become very powerful in the world today. 
No one would DARE refer to them as “brown people or yellow people.”
The term ‘white’ people still exist, because many Caucasian don’t have a problem being called ‘white.’  

In fact, the majority of Caucasians love to be called white.

That is because its’ meaning is closely akin to, light, bright, purity, beauty, angelic etc. 

The term white has the most wonderful definitions in the dictionary.
We should stop referring to Caucasians as ‘white people’.
We are feeding their egos whenever we use that term to identify their race.
Calling them ‘white,’ will make them subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) believe that they are superior to all other ethnic groups.
We are unwittingly bolstering racism within Caucasians whenever we call them ‘white.’ 
But, in contrast as I said above, the term ‘black’ has the most terrible definitions in the dictionary.  
And also many of the synonyms for black such as, evil, dim, ignorant, sad, depressing, monstrous, horrible, fiendish, inhuman etc have been used even recently by many people to describe the behaviour of ‘black people.’  
But many of us think that it is good to be called ‘black’.  
We prefer to be labelled a color that has no historical significance.
Where in the world is the country called ‘blackland?’
What is the historical achievements of the people from ‘blackland?’ 
The subtle negative connotations of the word ‘black’ has created a negative behavior in people of African descent and made other ethnic groups more hateful towards us. 
Just like the racial names as yellow and brown have ceased to exist; the terms ‘black’ and ‘white’ as racial identification should stop IMMEDIATELY. 
We are affirming that Caucasians are superior; whenever, we call them ‘white people’.
 Additionally we should also stop referring to people of African descent as ‘black’.  
The term ‘white’ is positive and the term ‘black’ is negative.
A negative racial name for a people will produce negative behaviour in them. 
We are unwittingly proclaiming to the world that we are inferior by calling ourselves ‘blacks’.  
Also, we are helping to promote the continued division among Humanity by using colors to identify Human Beings. 
We can put one nail in the coffin of racism, by stop racially identifying Human Beings, as blacks and whites.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thomas Dumas 
 The above painting of General Dumas of France. He was the father of Alexander Dumas who wrote The Three Musketeers, Man In The Iron Mask, and The Count of Monte Cristo.
,,,,,,,,Luisus Quietus 
I am not sure about what the meme says about him and the movie Gladiator is true; however he was responsible for suppressing the uprising of the Jewish people against the Roman Empire.
Paintings of Aaron Burr, one of the  Founding Fathers. I believe that he was of African descent.       muslim-american-in-the-19th-centuryAnd on the right early 19th century painting of Muslim American, ex-slave Yarrow Marmout.
11698696_802536906527041_8958318440509765102_n ,,,,,,,,,,,Obama look-alike
Photo of dark skinned Palestinians. And a statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh 
Emiliano Zapata hero of Mexico
 Egyptian engraving.
King-Tutneymarmenino2Neymar Jr on the bottom
Deadwood Dick
Stranahan_Seminolesfreeman005Members of Native American tribes.
Walter White below. African American leader of the NAACP from the 1930s until the 1950s. ,,,,,WW obitQueen-CharlottePainting of Queen Charlotte. The mixed race grandmother of Queen Victoria of England. She was the wife of King George III.
Elijah Muhammad meeting with a Japanese businessman.  Sizzla in Africa599680_352920604807923_1454669197_n
Woman of African descent, the wife of Japanese Samurai.
Calling people of African descent ‘black’ makes absolutely no sense. A color designation diminishes our people’s historical achievements

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