The Current Sad Situation of The people of African Descent

7 Jun

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The people of African descent in America (and many other nations around the world where there are large populations of our people), will never solve their present problems (of poverty, ignorance, crimes, low self esteem etc.); until they dig up the roots of their self hatred. 

Christianity as it has been preached for the last 600 years has been arm in arm with Caucasian supremacy beliefs.

Once the conquered and enslaved non Caucasian people accepted Christianity; it was part of the package that they also had to accepted the idea that the Caucasian race, were a race superior to all other Human Beings. 

The conquered people were given an image of the Creator (and his so-called son) as Caucasians; thus, reinforcing the message that the Caucasian race were part of the family of The Creator.

That somehow Caucasians were *G-D’s representatives on Earth. 

The subliminal messages of Christianity as taught by the colonizing European nations were: Caucasians are more intelligent, more creative, have more physical beauty, more physical strength, more morality, human sentiments, leadership ability, courage, spirituality, sexuality etc. 

They reinforced the idea to their conquered natives and those whom they turned into slaves; that all these traits are abundantly given to the Caucasian race by G-D and denied to others (for centuries Caucasians classified members of other races as “sub-humans). 

They taught them that all races, were beneath the Caucasian race.

The non Caucasians who accepted this false belief, would then try to imitate the beauty standards and thinking of these superior humans, while belittling their own natural beauty and abilities. 

Look at how the Christians of African descent world-wide (primarily the women) try to alter their appearance (by straightening and dyeing their hair, bleaching skin, etc.); so that they will look more like Caucasians.  

They have been deceived into worshiping a man as G-D.

And they see the Creator in the image of a Caucasian man.

So subliminally, they will come to believe that all Caucasian men are perfect and much better than the men of their own race.   

Many of them will marry a man of African descent, but he will never really measure up to the ‘man’ they really love.

They are really in love with Caucasian men. 

The men of African descent, whom they are married to; will never be fully satisfactory to them.

They will constantly pressure their husbands to act like the Caucasian men whom they have seen in the movies or on television.

The men they secretly idolize.

The men whom they secretly long for. 

In their churches they shout, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; but Caucasian men are who they are really worshiping.  

Many wear straight hair wigs and weaves.

Many dye their hair in various colors. Many bleach their skin to lighten their colour.

And some will get cosmetic surgery to straighten their noses.  

Who is this done for? Who are they trying to please?  

Certainly not their men of African descent. 

After all these centuries of hero worshiping Caucasians our people now firmly believe that they are incapable of solving their own problems without the help and support of the “superior Caucasian race.”

 We keep seeking affirmation from Caucasians.

We want to know if they love us.

And if they do, we want them to declare it publicly.

The ‘black lives matter’ activists keep running up to Caucasian politicians; demanding they make a public statement saying that the lives of ‘black’ people mattered.


If we really believe that the lives of our people matter; then we would show it by our love and appreciation of the natural physical beauty that our Creator has given us.

We would love our thick and curly hair, big lips, dark complexion, broad noses etc.

We would stop imitation the beauty standards of the Caucasian race.

We would show it by our love for our own people.

We would show it by organizing within our own communities in every city in the USA to change the bad conditions in our neighbourhoods. 

Instead we wait for others to step in and solve our problems.

In America these ‘black’ victims of Caucasian supremacy, believed that because President Obama had the support of many Caucasian Americans; then, he would be in a good position, as President of the USA, to influence the children of our former slave masters into giving massive support to solve our people’s problems. 

Once that didn’t happen then some of them turned against him. 

He was supposed to be the ‘house negro’ that was looking out for the well being of his brethren in the field. 

Many of our people are now saying, ‘that this ‘black’ president has not done anything to improve our bad situation in America.

They don’t seem to comprehend that President Obama is the president of all the people of the USA, not the president for ‘black’ people.

No president, no matter what race he or she belongs to, can not change the situation of our people.

Because we don’t have capable leaders telling us what WE need to do; many of our people are still waiting for Caucasians to step in and solve all of our problems. 

That will never happen! 

G-D helps those who help themselves! 

In the United States of America and all the other countries where people of African descent live; the people of African descent are the only ones who can change and improve the condition of their people for the better. 

*G-D instead of god. When spelt backwards it is “dog.” This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used for The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.



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