Do We Really Believe That “Black Lives Matter.”

8 Jun

Everyday African Americans show by their behaviour towards each other that “black lives” doesn’t matter. 

Our continue aping of Caucasian beauty standards shows clearly that we think that it is better to look like and act like Caucasians.

Wearing straight hair weaves and wigs; straightening and dyeing our hair; bleaching the skin to make it look lighter.

These are the traits of people suffering from low self esteem.

Many people of African descent all over the world (especially the ones who worship a Caucasian son of god) would rather looks like Caucasians than themselves. 

So why are we surprised when Caucasians and other ethnic groups thinks so little of us?

Why are we surprised when they treat us with disrespect and discriminate against  us?

It is not Human nature to treat people as your equal; when all they do is imitate everything you do. 

In addition, to see grown men of African descent, walking around with their pants hanging down below their butts; looking like little babies with their diapers sagging (with poo poo ) doesn’t help in making others think of us as intelligent people worthy of respect. 

All of our women who still straighten their hair or wear straight hair weaves and wigs should stop IMMEDIATELY.

This will be a visible sign to ourselves and the world hat we are changing.

This will show that we truly believe that The Creator created ALL Human Beings beautiful.

And there is just not one race (Caucasian) that is beautiful; and that all the other races have to imitate.

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