Do people of African descent, really believe that “Black lives matter”?

8 Jun


bleaching Samy Sosa
Bleached skinned Sammy Sosa. He was a handsome dark skinned man; now he looks weird

Everyday Africans and people of African descent all over the world; show by their behaviour towards each other, that “black lives” doesn’t really matter.

The disrespectful way in which we treat each other is disgraceful.

I receive more positive responses from greeting Caucasian strangers in public; than I do from a person of African descent.

Many African Americans seem to view me with suspicion.

Like I am trying to get something from them just by saying ‘good morning‘ or ‘hello‘.

I have been to stores where the majority of people around are Caucasians. 

Then I see a person of African descent and this person would walk within a few feet of where I am; and purposely turn their head away from me.

When I greet them; they sometime will not answer or if they do answer; the reply is not friendly.

It is like I have bothered them by greeting them.

Our people did not behave this way in the 1960s or 1970s.

The rate of crimes committed against each other; is worse now than at any other time in our history

What is the Black Lives Matter movement real aim?

It seems like the ‘Black Lives Matter” movement is all about getting Caucasians to love and appreciate people of African descent.

For Caucasians and other races, to treat our people with courtesy and respect.

We want Caucasians to convince other Caucasians; to value our worth as Human Beings.

In the early days of the movement; the followers constantly ran up to Caucasian politicians and famous Caucasians; demanding that they say ‘Black lives matter’.

Bernie Sanders-Black-Lives-Matter-

The movement main purpose seems to be about getting the help of prominent Caucasians to stop the police from killing our people.

The BLM movement is not about getting people of African descent to love and respect each other. It is to get other races to love and appreciate us.

Our people were more united as a race, in the past; than we are now.

Many people of African descent worldwide (who now call themselves Black) have no love for their own race.

People of African descent, continue to imitating the Caucasian race’s beauty standards. This clearly shows that we think that it is better to look like and act like Caucasians.

Wearing straight hair weaves and wigs; straightening and dyeing our hair; bleaching the skin to make it look lighter; getting cosmetic surgery to straighten our nose etc.

These are the traits and behaviour of people suffering from low self esteem.

Many people of African descent all over the world (especially the ones who worship a Caucasian son of god) would rather looks like Caucasians than themselves. 


So why are we surprised when Caucasians and other races thinks so little of us?

Why are we surprised when they treat us with disrespect and discriminate against  us?

Why are we so surprised when many Caucasians on the police forces shoot and kill us; without any type of remorse.

We have become a people who don’t value ourselves.

Ever since we have been proclaiming to the world that we are ‘Black and beautiful‘; we have become less united and more hateful towards each other.

We don’t seem to understand that calling ourselves a color (black) carries with it a negative psychological bomb.

The benefits of labeling our race as ‘black’ is more negative than positive.

I dare anyone to prove to me that calling our race ‘black’ is positive.

[ READ the article below: Calling Caucasians ‘white people’ and people of African descent ‘black people’ promotes racism   ]

It is not Human nature to treat people as your equal; when all they do is imitate everything you do.

Other races just see people of African descent as weak imitators of the Caucasian race.


In addition, to see grown men of African descent, walking around with their pants hanging down below their butts; looking like little babies with their diapers sagging (with poo poo ) doesn’t help in making others think of us as intelligent people worthy of respect. 

All of our women who still straighten their hair or wear straight hair weaves and wigs or bleach their skin:

Should stop IMMEDIATELY.

This will be a visible sign to ourselves and to the world that we are changing.


This will show that we truly believe that The Creator created ALL Human Beings beautiful.

And there is not just one beautiful race (Caucasian); that all the other races have to imitate and follow.

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