Ugly Racial Names Given To People of African Descent by Caucasians

9 Jun


The term Afro American later changed to African American was a term created by African Americans to identify our people.

I believe it was Marcus Garvey and his followers who first identified our people as Afro-Americans. 

They reasoned that, since there were Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans and Anglo-Americans; then our people should also be identified with our ancestral homeland of Africa and also be identified as Americans.

This land that our ancestors had sacrificed so much blood, sweat and tears to enrich.

The land where we expected, would one day treat us as full American citizens. 

They reasoned that the racial names given to us by Caucasians during and after slavery were not adequate.

They felt that names like, Colored and Negroes; and the degrading nicknames such as n.ggers, coons, blacks, darkies, tar babies, jungle bunnies, monkeys, spear chuckers, nignogs etc. etc. were not respectable terms for our people. 

None of those names and terms were associated with anything respectful and meaningful. 

Just names and terms to demean us as Human Beings and label us as being less than other Human Beings. 

They were trying to end the power, exercised by Caucasians over our race.

The use of a racial name given to us by Caucasians; showed that they were still in charge of us.


By creating this new term Afro-Americans/African-Americans showed that we would be the deciders of our racial identity not Caucasians. 

Unfortunately, one of those names given to us by Caucasians in the past has now been adopted by many of our people.

Now the term black has been widely accepted by many people of African descent world-wide.

Many people are not even aware that it was the Nation Of Islam under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad during the 1960s and 1970s who was responsible for this change from Negro to black.

I challenge anyone to do the research and see if they can find any reference to the widespread use of the term black instead of Negro before the mid 1960s in any publications or the media

Negro was the accepted racial name for people of African descent.


The Nation Of Islam denigrated the term Negro and likened it to been an ‘uncle tom.’

Elijah Muhammad who was very light complexioned, knew that many of our people hated being dark complexion.

They didn’t like to be reminded, of their dark skin. Many preferred to be called colored rather than Negro.

To be colored meant that you had some mixture of another race.

Elijah Muhammad knew that many of our people, were using some type of bleaching cream to make themselves lighter in complexion.

He wanted to break our people from that self-hating habit by embracing the term black.

A term that many of our people hated to be called.

To call someone black in those days was meant as an insult.

Whenever we called each other black it was meant to denigrate each other.

It was not a term of endearment.

A fight would usually result from calling someone black.  

So how did this term black as a racial name for our people originate?


The term black was the first name given to our race by Europeans. 

The people from Spain called Africans negra, which means black. 

The British as usual with their mispronunciation of Spanish words called Africans, negro. 

Later other non English speaking Europeans from France, Holland, etc. just called Africans n.ggers.

The Germans called our people schwarz which means black.


We must understand that the message of the European version of Christianity; was that the term white, meant angelic and pure.

White people meant that they had the ‘spark of divinity.’ 

Black was associated with evil and the devil.

So by calling our ancestors black they were not just saying that our skin complexion was dark; but that our people were of the devil and everything that was bad.

Black fore them is synonymous with ignorance and evil.

So if we believe we are doing something radical and revolutionary by proclaiming to the world, that we are black people; then we are sadly mistaken. 

They had called our ancestors black people to show that they were the complete opposite of white’ people. 

They were angelic (white) and we were of the devil (black). 

(Hint: Angel Fruit Cake is white whereas Devil’s Fruit Cake is black).


Calling ourselves black played perfectly into the scheme of those who had been controlling and manipulation, the Caucasian people for centuries.

They had deceived them into calling their race ‘white’ during the 19th century.

Psychologically calling their race white, meant that they were pure, angelic, divine.

Just like the son of god was white and divine; so were they.

These secret deceivers of the Caucasian race; had constantly fed their egos, a racially superiority diet.

They were ‘white’ and pure; whereas non-whites were dark, ignorant brutes who needed to be civilised by ‘whites.’

And then we started to demand that they call us black. We played right into their plot.

Then in the late 1960s, secret rulers of the Caucasian people, quickly adopted the term black in their publications and the media.

Negro disappeared almost overnight as a racial term.

It showed clearly the division between the races and it was a constant reminder to Caucasians that they are a superior race.

Every time we called Caucasians white, we are acknowledging that they are a superior race.

And every time we call ourselves black we are saying that we are an inferior race.

A race  that is constantly begging ‘whites’ to accept us as their equal.

Now some of us are begging them to acknowledge that our, ‘black lives matter’.

But, why should they?

They have been conditioned by their secret manipulators, over the centuries to believe that only, their ‘white lives matter.’

We can end this foolish racial division by stop calling our races white and black. 

Black is a color.

It is not a proper identification for a people with a great historical heritage.

That heritage goes back to the beginning of Mankind. 

The greatness of the people of African descent was just not on the continent of Africa but also for what our people did in the Americas. 

The majority of us knows nothing about their great achievement because we don’t research our history. 

Some of us are only concerned about Egypt and some of the great empires of Africa. 

We are not interested in our peoples history in South America, the West Indies, Mexico or even in the United States of America before Fredrick Douglass emerged as a leader in the mid 1800s. 

During slavery and after, African Americans were taught to hate their ancestral homeland of Africa. 

They were told by their Caucasian slavemasters that Africa was a place of savage, cannibalistic pagans. 

That hatred for Africa that was taught to our ancestors by their Caucasian slave masters is still in many of us today. 

Even now many people still believe those lies that said Africans were cannibals. 

There is NO evidence that the people in Africa were ever cannibals. 

With all the famine and deaths that the media (and charity pimp groups) have been reporting for the past 40 years or so in Africa; why have we NEVER heard about the people turning to cannibalism in order to survive. 

The reason is, the traditional daily diet of the people of Africa is not based on meat. 

People whose diet is mostly meat (like many Europeans); after a few days without food they will become cannibalistic.

And there have been many incidents over the past 500 years which has proven that as fact.

During the early history of British settlers in America, many turned to cannibalism in order to survive. 

But the people of Africa have been historically labelled as cannibals. 

Today, we are the only people in the world who hate the land of our forefathers. The majority of us don’t know or even care to know anything about Africa. 

Many of us know more about Europe than we do about Africa. 

That is why so many would prefer to be called ‘black’ or as some say, “just call me American.” 

But definitely not African American. 

We prefer to be call a color that has no historical significance. 

Where is the country or continent called blackland?

What are the achievements of the people whose ancestors came from blackland? 

As I said before, many Caucasians love to be called white.

Because its meaning is closely akin to light, pure, purity angelic, divine etc.

They have steadfastly held on to the term white as their racial identity for almost 200 years.

It is a powerful psychological crutch for them.

It fills them with racial pride whenever they are called white.

Whereas all the meaning for black is negative i.e. dirty, dingy, evil, etc.

We are feeding their egos whenever we call them white. 

We are affirming that they are a superior race whenever we call them ‘white.’ 

And we are affirming that we are inferior by calling ourselves ‘black.’ 

We are promoting division among humanity by using colors to identify Human Beings. 

Maybe if the majority of people stop calling Caucasians white; they will in time revert to become normal Human Beings.

They will stop seeing themselves as being superior to all other races.

So if you chose to keep on using one of the names given to us by Caucasians, during the days of slavery (n.ggers, black), instead of African-American; then please continue to do so. 

I would rather use a name that was created by my own people that recognize that we came from the glorious continent called Africa and that we are equal (or should be) citizens of the United States of America.






Click below to ‘read’ the article.

This is the Reason Why, the Caucasian Race Believes that they are Entitled to Rule and Control the World.
It is also the same reason why many Caucasians give each other a pass, whenever they brutalise and kill people of other races.







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