Why are so many people of African descent, suffering from an ‘ugly duckling syndrome’?

12 Jun


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The history of African Americans and other people of African descent who have lived among Caucasians, have been like the story of the ‘The Ugly Duckling.’ 

This sad little duck, was always trying to fit in and please the others Ducks.

He tried very hard, because his physical appearance, was so different from theirs.

He did everything he could think of to make them accept him as a equal member of their group.

But despite his numerous efforts to fit in he was rejected and ridiculed.

He was always sad and unhappy because he considered himself ugly when compared to the other Ducks. 

Then one day he found out that he was in fact not a Duck but a beautiful Swan.

The moral of the story is “beautiful Swans should stop trying to look like Ducks.”

The Creator of the Heavens and Earth has created all members of the Human family beautiful. 

It is a sign of inferiority for a whole race of people, to try and imitate the beauty standards of another.

There is nothing wrong with our physical features.

This is one of our biggest negative legacy left over from slavery and colonialism.

People of African descent, were dehumanized and made to feel like they were worthless. 

They were ridiculed and told that they were dirty, black, and ugly.

In America they have spent over 150 years trying to prove to Caucasians that “they can behave and look just like them.”

The women straightened and dyed their hair, or wore straight hair wigs.

And now many women of African descent are wearing straight hair weaves. 

They have used bleaching creams to lighten their skin and some of them, even had cosmetic surgery done to straighten their noses. 


For the past 40 years or so, we have been proclaiming to the world that ‘black was not ugly but beautiful.’

Desperately trying to turn the offensive term black, that was historically used by Caucasians to degrade us, into a positive term.

During the past centuries Caucasians called our ancestors:

black savages,

black brutes,

black animals,

black bastards, 

black sambos,

tar babies etc. etc.

They called us black because they wanted it known that our race was the complete opposite of the ‘white’ race.

To Caucasians, the labeling of their race as white, meant that their race was pure, angelic, good, righteous etc.

That is why their Angel Fruit Cake is white; and Devil’s Fruit Cake is black :).


ugly V

ugly VI


Now we are proclaiming that ‘black lives matter.’

The term black is negative.

Many descriptions for black found in the Dictionary are negative.

Black Plague, blackmail, black magic, blackout, black balled etc.

The synonyms for black are just as bad:
















Many of the synonyms listed above, have been used many times historically by Caucasians to describe the behaviour of ‘black people.’

I believe in the subconscious minds of many Caucasians, the term black still means something that is bad.

Caucasians have been programmed ever since they began calling themselves “white people centuries ago,” to reacted negative to the term “black people.

That is why so many Caucasian Americans, had a negative reaction to the slogan “black lives matter.”

I personally don’t believe their reaction would have been the same if we had said, “the lives of African Americans are important.”

A fear and hatred of ‘black people’ have been planted in the DNA of Caucasian Christians many, many centuries ago.


Our people have been trying to win the approval of Caucasians by doing everything that Caucasians do.

Just like the Ugly Duckling tried to do everything the other ducks did.

Not just trying to do everything like Caucasians, but also try to look physically like Caucasians.

With the majority of our women, still straightening their hair and many using bleaching creams to lighten their skin.

In order to help the future generation of our people we must IMMEDIATELY stop this slavish imitation of Caucasians. 

We must be proud of the natural beauty of our hair texture, skin color and beautiful facial features. 

There is nothing ugly with having thick, full lips, broad or flat noses and dark skin.

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These feelings of shame about the beautiful bodies and facial features given to us by our Creator is a legacy of slavery and colonialism.

Our ancestors were taught during slavery and colonialism to see *god and his so-called son as Caucasians.

This made many of our ancestors believe that Caucasians were superior to themselves.

Our people believed that Caucasians were more beautiful, and more intelligent than any other race of people.

They believed the best way to gain acceptance from Caucasians was to mirror their appearance and behaviour.

Some of our people who were lighter in their skin colour and  were close in the mannerism of Caucasians; began to look down on the darker members of our race.

Since that time until the present; we have continued to imitate the Caucasian people’s beauty standards.

Whatever Caucasians viewed as beautiful for themselves; we tried to imitate it.

This physical manifestation of imitating Caucasian people’s beauty, is a peek at the thinking of most people of African descent.

Not only do many of our people believe that Caucasians are more beautiful; but, they also believe that Caucasians are more intelligent than we are.

Many of our people sincerely believe that they are not capable of solving the problems within our own neighborhoods (and countries), without the help and support of Caucasians.

We still believe that the solution to all our problems, is to get assistance from Caucasians.

Over the past century; because of the overwhelming love we were taught to have for Caucasians in Christianity; many people of African descent all over the world, have a psychological longing to gain  the love and appreciation of Caucasians.

The psychological goal of many of our people (just like the Ugly Duckling’s goal was),  is to conduct themselves in a way, that will win the respect and admiration of Caucasians.

That is why many of our so-call ‘upper class’ (the talented tenth, Greek Letter sororities etc.) are always angry at the behaviour of the so-called ‘lower class’ African Americans.

Many feel that the ‘lower class blacks’ behaviour, lack of speaking proper English etc. will not endear ‘black’ people to Caucasians.

These upper class ‘blacks’ believe that they are setting the right example of how people of African descent should best imitate the physical appearance, the mannerism and behaviour of the Caucasian race.

They criticise the so-called ‘ghetto names’ that some African Americans have given to their children.

They don’t like these ghetto names because it is not traditional or a typical Caucasian name from Europe.

They argue that Caucasian bosses will not hire African Americans for jobs in the corporate world, unless they have ‘good’ Caucasian names.

And if any of these lower-class ‘blacks’ dare to accept a religion other than Christianity; then, they would be treated like lepers by these “upper class blacks.”

Unless, of course, these ‘blacks’ become famous and Caucasians love them.

Famous personalities like Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar etc. then they will love and accept them too.

Just look at how some of the supporters of ‘black lives matter’ kept running up to Caucasian politicians demanding that they make a public declaration saying, that black lives matter.


Our people still have the same old slave mentality from the past.

Always trying to get the slave masters’ approval.

negroes being lectured by Trump

We want them to tell us, that we as a people have value, and that they appreciate us.

We have this psychological desperation from our centuries old worship of Caucasian imagery as the son-of-god to be loved and accepted by Caucasians. 

In essence what they are doing is trying to get Caucasians to say that they care about us.

That they love us.

Trying to get them to publicly declare that ‘black’ people are important and that their lives matter.

Even among some African Americans who say that they hate ‘white’ people; they too are suffering from the same symptoms of longing for the love and approval of Caucasians.

They want to shout their hatred out to Caucasians, in order to gain their attention.

What they are saying in essence is, “hey take notice of me, I hate you.”

They had been taught from an early age in their churches and school to love and admire Caucasians.

As they got older they learned, that the majority of Caucasians didn’t have the same love and admiration for people of African descent, as they did for other Caucasians.

This realisation of Caucasian rejection was painful.

Many were hurt, some became angry and bitter.

You can see it on the faces and the angry expression of many who are now shouting, black power, or  ‘black lives matter’.

Once again trying to get affirmation from Caucasians.

Trying to beg or force Caucasians, to value and respect us as a people.

If we truly were proud of our racial heritage and our physical appearance; we would not need to shout it out with words.

We would show it by our ACTIONS.

But the nonverbal message that we are showing the world with our slavish imitation of Caucasian beauty is: “we are not happy with the physical facial features, of our race and wish we looked like Caucasians”.

We don’t seem to realise that it is not ingrained in any race of people to have respect for IMITATORS.

No race of people on Earth, will have true respect for people who are doing everything they can, to change their physical appearance in order to look like another race.

No race of people on Earth will have respect for the people of African descent until we learn to respect our own physical beauty and intelligence.

We must be truly proud of our dark complexion; our thick kinky hair; our broad noses and our thick lips.

Db 1Anyone of African descent who believes that this beautiful young girl is ugly; is suffering from Ugly Duckling syndrome. Your mind is still under the control of Caucasian supremacy beliefs.

There is absolutely nothing ugly about the physical features given to us by our Creator.

And we have the same mental, and creative ability as any other Human Being.

 We need to wake up.

Once we stop thinking and behaving like we need to get approval from Caucasians; then we will surely be a free and independent people.

We will begin to solve the problems plaguing our people and not wait for others to solve them for us.



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This is how some people of other races see our women, when they demean themselves; trying to imitate Caucasian women.

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