African Americans Cursed For Rejecting Good Leadership

14 Jun
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 Our people are suffering today because of our recent ancestors’ rejection (during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s) of good advice that came from Elijah Muhammad and the Nation Of Islam (NOI). 

Elijah Muhammad did not teach true Islam; nevertheless he was an inspiration sent to us by our Creator. 

He taught his people from the Bible instead of the Qur’an, because the majority of our people were Christians. 

During the 1960s because of Elijah Muhammad’s spokesman Malcolm X and heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, the message of the NOI was well known among many African Americans.  

Our people  would have made much better progress in America if the majority had accepted the teachings of the NOI during those years. 

Alas, the only thing the majority of African Americans took from the NOI was to call ourselves ‘black.’  

The NOI was the only group that advocated the term ‘black’ as an identification for our people rather than ‘Negro.’

Negro was the official name for our race.

Every newspaper, magazine, radio, television etc. referred to our people as Negroes.

There is no evidence that there was any individual or group, before the 1960s, that advocated the term black as a racial identification for African Americans except Elijah Muhammad and the NOI. 

Malcolm X ridicules the term Negro on many occasions in his speeches.

Because of Malcolm X’s constant ridiculing of Negroes; the term Negro became synonymous with being an ‘Uncle Tom.’

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An Uncle Tom was an insulting term that meant a person loved Caucasians and everything that Caucasians did rather than love their own people. 

After the mid 1960s, no African American leader wanted to be referred to as a Negro. 

The militant groups that were formed after Malcolm X’s death in the mid 1960s all called themselves ‘black this or black that.’ 

Black became a hip and rebellious term. It also became synonymous with being proud of our racial heritage. 

In time the word Negro disappeared completely from newspapers, radio, and television, as a racial identification for African Americans.

All because of the NOI and Elijah Muhammad’s promotion of black as a racial identification for our people.

James Brown once said, in response to a compliment of his song, “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud;” by saying that the inspiration for his song came from Elijah Muhammad.


All the other thing that Elijah Muhammad taught like:
People of African descent should stop worshipping a Caucasian image, as The Creator.
Also they should stop worshipping a Caucasian, so-called son of the Creator; was rejected by the majority of our people.
He said this worship of a Caucasian image as a god; made us believe that Caucasians were a superior race.                                                        
That Caucasians were more intelligent and more beautiful, than we are.
We subliminally believed that all Caucasians were related to the Creator.
That they were more favoured by The Creator than any other race. 
To show their subservience to Caucasian beauty standards; the majority of our women were straightening their hair and many were bleaching their skins in order to look like Caucasian women.
He also told us to stop using the slave family names given to our ancestors by Caucasians during slavery. 
The slave masters gave their slaves their European names in order to mark our ancestors as their property. 
Giving the slaves their European names showed that they owned them. That they were a subdued people. 
The names identified which slave master the slaves belonged to. 
Elijah Muhammad said, by continuing to use these slave names; so long after the end of slavery, showed that mentally we still belonged to Caucasians. 
He said that all members of the NOI would temporarily use our first names but our last names should be an X.
An X would be our last name; because we didn’t know our historical family name from Africa.
That African family name was unknown. 
He said in time we would get rid of the X when we received a name associated with our religion of Islam.
Or as he put it we would receive a “holy name.” 
Elijah Muhammad taught that husbands should take full responsibility (financially, educationally, spiritually) for their families. 
That our women should be better mothers to their children. To show their children an example of decency and modesty.

For our people to stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs. 

He taught us how to eat to live. He told us that we were digging our graves with our teeth by feeding our bodies unhealthy foods (like pork) and chemically made drinks.
He told us to stop committing fornication and adultery. 
To stop wasting our energies partying every weekend. 
To stop wasting our earnings gambling (playing the numbers), and to use our hard earned money to develop the economic foundation of our communities.
That we should pool our resources (combine our money) in order to develop our own communities. 
To stop the senseless violence among our young men who were being attracted to criminal and gang life, etc etc. 
All of Elijah Muhammad’s common sense messages to our people were soundly rejected.
But everyone jumped on the ‘calling ourselves black bandwagon.’ 
They loved Elijah Muhammad’s spokesman, Malcolm X, but only when he spoke against Caucasian America or the government or when he became more militant after leaving the NOI.
They totally ignored everything else he spoke about; except as I said before to call our race ‘black.’ 
Even now the majority of our people want to be called ‘black.’
Unfortunately, since we have been calling ourselves black; we are more divided now than we have ever been in our history.
Many of our people now believe that we have recently become united; because there are so many among us shouting that, “black lives matter.” 
But that slogan ‘black lives matter’ seemed to be addressed primarily to Caucasians.
The advocates of the black lives matter campaign, keep on running up to Caucasian politicians, demanding they say that black people matter.
We are once again begging Caucasians, to respect us as a people.
We are begging Caucasians, to respect our lives as being equal to the lives of others. 
But what are we doing concretely among ourselves to stop the daily, senseless ‘black on black’ killings in our own neighborhoods?
In the majority of African American communities we are doing absolutely nothing.
Many are waiting for the city, state or Federal government to step in and solve the problem.
Does ‘black lives’ only matter when Caucasians are shooting and killing blacks?
Doesn’t ‘black lives’ matter when African Americans are shooting and killing other African Americans? 
All of our so-called ‘black’ leaders should have been meeting (monthly at least) to formulate a plan to stop this ‘black on black’ crime epidemic. 
This should have been done many, many years ago. 
Instead these so-called ‘black’ leaders keep claiming that it is because of lack of job opportunities, no economic development in our communities, racism, etc. etc. 
Still waiting and wanting others to do for us what we MUST do for ourselves. 
So no matter how much we proclaim to Caucasians that ‘black lives matter;’ nothing will change, until we African Americans develop a strategy to make our people and communities better as Elijah Muhammad taught us. 


Oh, why did we reject what Elijah Muhammad taught us? 

Was it because he taught us that the ‘white’ man was the devil?  

The majority of our people then (and many still do) had an overwhelming love for Caucasians. 

Our people had been taught to worship Caucasian imagery as god since our ancestors were slaves.

Our slave ancestors had been told that Jesus had suffered; just like they were suffering from slavery and racial mistreatment.

They were told that Jesus understood their suffering.

And if they prayed to Jesus; he would one day end their suffering.

Our people always wanted to see the good in all Caucasians. 

We forgave them for their faults; because we wanted them to change their hearts; and behave as kind and loving as Jesus was.   

Despite the hateful, brutal and terrible treatment we received from Caucasians we still believed that everything that was good, pure and beautiful was ‘white.’

We had been taught that everything ‘angelic and godly’ was white. 

Elijah Muhammad was trying to break that psychological chain of slavery that surrounded our hearts and minds by telling us that the ‘white man’ was the devil. 

We believed that we could not do anything unless Caucasians gave us approval. 

In addition, the majority of our women believed that the only way to be beautiful was to imitate Caucasian women. 


And many of our men in the entertainment industry and gangster life ‘conked’ (straightened) their hair. They believed it made them more handsome. 

There was no question in our people’s minds that Caucasians were more physically beautiful than we were. 

Elijah Muhammad sent an electric jolt to our system by telling us that, ‘the white man was the devil.’  

Elijah Muhammad did not teach ‘white’ people were devils; so that we should hate Caucasians. 
Elijah Muhammad DID NOT hate Caucasians. 
He taught the members of the NOI, to respect everyone who treated us with respect; even if that person was a Caucasian. 
He taught us that ‘the duty of a civilized man, was to teach civilization’ to people whose behaviour was like a savage. 
If many of the Caucasian peoples’ behaviour was savage we had to exemplify a more civilized behaviour, in response to their savagery. 
We had to show them that civilization was not skin color but how Human Beings treated each other. 
He wanted us to know that Caucasians were not the only ones with the keys to a successful life. 
He was trying to get us away from dependency on Caucasians. 
So instead of becoming independent in both body and mind; we rejected everything Elijah Muhammad taught, except as I said so many times before, calling our race ‘black.’

For this rejection our Creator has let our people wander aimlessly and un-united for the past 40 years in the “Wilderness of North America.’

After the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975, his son Wallace Mohamed became the leader of the then Nation of Islam. 

He later changed the name from the Nation of Islam to The World Community of Islam in The West .  

Minister Farrakhan later separated himself from the World Community of Islam in The West and reformed a new Nation Of Islam.

But this new NOI has been nothing like it was during the lifetime of Elijah Muhammad. 

For 33 years Wallace Mohamed shone a bright light of true Islam to all Americans. 

He taught us that The All-Mighty Creator was more important than anything in life.  

He showed us clearly that The Merciful Creator has always been with our people even during the darkest days of slavery.

 That our ancestors suffering had created a certain kind of spirit and  mentality in our people.

A spirit and mentality that was capable of solving the world’s problems. 

And that it was our people’s complete faith and trust in a Merciful Creator; is the reason why we have survived and made progress in America. 

Survive in a sense that we didn’t become filled with rage and hate against the people responsible for our historical oppression.  

He gave sound guidance on how to improve our people’s life in America and the world; but, the majority of our people totally ignored what he taught. 

During the time of Wallace Mohamed’s leadership, many of our people had turned away from trusting in our Creator. 

 Many African Americans fell under the spell of Atheism.  

They blamed Caucasian Christians for our enslavement and brutal treatment after slavery end.  

In their condemnation of Christianity they foolishly rejected all religion.  

Many are now turning back to worshipping the ‘gods’ that some of the primitive tribes in Africa worshipped in the past.  

Historically many ancient African Nations were punished for worshipping false deities.  

When Clear Guidance came to some of those African Nations from The All-Mighty Creator, they rejected it.  

Many intelligent people with religious insight knows that what happened to the people of Africa (enslavement and colonization) was Divine Punishment for some wrongdoing done in the past.  

For African Americans to now go back and resurrection these idol gods for worship, makes no sense.  

That is just like people deciding to worship the gods that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah worshipped.  

The results will be the same.  

Punishment for setting up idol gods to the One True Lord-Creator.

We have been under a curse for the past 40 years for our rejection of good moral and social advice from our Creator that came through Elijah Muhammad.

It is now 2017 and our people are still begging Caucasians to respect us.

But the daily behaviour of African Americans in our neighborhoods, shows that we have no respect for the property and lives of each other.

We continue to hear that some darker skinned members of our race, are being mistreated by other African Americans.

We have to value and respect each other before others will value and respect us.

Some of us who faithfully followed the moral messages of the NOI under Elijah Muhammad, became more useful members to our people, our country and to the Human Family.

 We were attracted to the more important things taught by the NOI, not just that the ‘white man is the devil.’

Or that the ‘Asiatic blackman’ was god.

African Americans MUST now take full responsibility for the growth and development of our people and our neighborhoods.

We must work to improve the sad situation of the African American people. 

 We are the ONLY ones that can do this.

We must stop waiting for Caucasian Americans to solve our problems.

 We must first proclaim to each other that ‘black lives matter.’

 Then once we fully accept that; then it will never be necessary to say that to any other race.

 The other races will see a unified race of people of African descent.

They will see the love and respect that we have for each other.

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 Warith (or Wallace) Deen Mohammed the son of Elijah Muhammad. Taught true Islam for 33 years. Early in his leadership, he advised people of African descent, to stop calling our race ‘black.’




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