Why Do So Many African Americans Still Have a Dislike For Africa?

18 Jun

Many of our people refuse to be called African American because it is not a term that was invented and used first by Caucasians. 

It was created by our own people as a respectable identification for us.

It was Marcus Garvey who first, consistently used the term Afro-Americans in reference to the indigenous people of African descent who lived in America.

The intelligent and well meaning creators of the term Afro Americans and later African American knew that other groups like Irish-Americans, German Americans, Italian Americans and Anglo Americans were proud of their ancestral homelands but they were also proud of their American citizenship.

So they decided that we should also follow that same reasoning in using a term to identify us..

They knew that all the other racial identifications for our race were not respectful terms so they came up with the term Afro-Americans and then later it was changed to African-Americans.

But unfortunately most of our people preferred the racial identification given to them by their former Caucasian slave masters.

Racial identifications like blacks, colored, negroes, niggers etc.

During slavery and many years after our people were taught to look down on Africa.

The Caucasian people lied to our ancestors and told us that Africa was a land of cannibalistic savages.

They told us that Africans had never achieved anything that benefited the world.

They told us that we should be grateful that our ancestors had been ‘rescued’ from savagery in Africa.

Even now in the media Caucasians still have a fascination with the tribal life in Africa.

They hardly ever show the urban areas in Africa.

They still want the world to see Africa and Africans as savage and backwards people.

With the majority of African Americans still suffering from low self-esteem, why would they want to be identified with this tribal image, Caucasians portray of Africans?

The majority of European Americans have pride and respect for their ancestral homelands; except African Americans.

The majority of African Americans have no concern or care about the continent of Africa.

You hear many African Americans proudly proclaim that they don’t want to be called African Americans.

Many want to be called blacks (the opposite of the color white) or just simply Americans.

That is just like children who are ashamed of their parents.

They don’t want anyone to associate or remind them of their parents.

Now there are also some African Americans who claim, that their ancestors didn’t come from Africa.

They claim that their ancestors were Native Americans and not Africans.

They claim that the people who were brought in slave ships from Africa were not their ancestors.

I guess they may be implying that the people brought from Africa and became slaves in the Americas; were another race of people.

They are fabricating all kinds of arguments, to deny their African ancestry.

They are exhibiting the same hatred for Africa; as was taught to their slave ancestors.

They are just like all the other self-hating people of African descent who would rather claim to be: Irish, French, Italian; German, Portuguese, Spanish and totally ignore the African blood that flows in their veins.

Most intelligent Americans of all ethnic groups have a greater respect for us when we call ourselves African Americans.

They know that it take strength of mind and character to go against centuries of indoctrination to identify ourselves as African-Americans rather than “blacks or negroes or colored or worse n.ggers.

In addition:

The degradation of dark skinned people began with the enslavement of Africans.

The Europeans who enslaved them, tried to justify making them slaves by vilifying them.

They said that they were black and ugly.

They claimed that Africans were cannibals, unintelligent, savages and incapable of having the divine sparks that was in the people of Europe.

Later when the European men forced themselves sexually on African women and produced mixed race children; they viewed these children, as being an improvement over the other darker skinned slaves.

The skin of these children were lighter and some had the facial features of Caucasians.

They were considered more beautiful, and intelligent than the darker skinned slaves.

They were considered better, because they had European blood in them.

In time the majority of the slaves started to believe that this was true.

Some of the lighter skinned ones believed that they were superior to the darker skinned slaves.

And some of the dark skinned ones, also began to believe that they were black and ugly.

However, whether they were dark skinned or light skinned; they all believed that Caucasians were the most beautiful people on Earth.

In the early 20th century; many African Americans began using bleaching creams to make their skin look lighter.

They also began using chemicals and hot combs to straighten out their thick curly hair.

Now many of their descendants are wearing straight hair weaves and wigs.

They erroneously believed that if they looked and acted more like Caucasians; then Caucasians would accept them as being equal.

It is now 2017 and that ridiculous belief that imitating the physical appearance and behaviour of Caucasians, will lead to acceptance by European Americans; has not happened.

The majority of Caucasian Americans still treat African Americans with disrespect, fear and contempt.

When will the people of African descent all over this world stop believing that Caucasians are more beautiful and intelligent than they are?

It is now the 21st century; when will this foolishness stop?

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2 Responses to “Why Do So Many African Americans Still Have a Dislike For Africa?”

  1. Velma June 25, 2015 at 1:06 pm #

    Everything of the above is true. After an experience of being snubbed in Antigua by a Syrian shop owners. Both of the owners acknowledged my granddaughter whom is mixed race with smiles and conversation, they didn’t even look at neither my brother or myself, not saying a single word to either of us, not even when taking my brothers money. We are still looked down on, even in our own countryv


    • chiniquy June 26, 2015 at 9:58 pm #

      Unfortunately Velma, discrimination based on skin color and race is very much alive in the world. I take comfort in knowing that people who behave like that are belittling their own humanity. Those are the little things that people do daily that will add up and put them in Hell.


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