Why Are People of African Descent, Still Doing This?

22 Jun


African Americans have been begging Caucasian Americans for over a century; to treat them as equal citizens.

We have marched, petition the courts, and boycotted businesses that refuse to treat us with respect; thus gaining some success.

But the real prize for our people; which was/is to have Caucasians fully accept us as equal American citizens; still eludes many of us.

It is now 2016 and we still are not being treated fairly.

Racist treatment from Caucasians, Asians, some Hispanics, Arabs, Koreans etc. against African Americans, are not uncommon.

Everyday, all across America, the Caucasian (also Asian, Hispanic) members of the police forces are shooting innocent African Americans.

It seems like the same conditions that existed in the 20th century is still with us in the 21st century.

We want other Americans to change in their feelings about us.

We want their love, respect and appreciation.

But the one thing that many of our leaders have failed to address is; bringing about a change in the thinking and behaviour of African Americans.

Many of us have the same exact, negative sentiments, thinking and behaviour as our slave ancestors.

The majority of us still worship the image of a Caucasian man, called Jesus.

Claiming that Jesus is the son of god.

This was taught to our ancestors during slavery.

Our ancestors never analysed this belief after slavery ended.

This worship of a Caucasian image as god, made our people accept the belief that Caucasians are a superior race.

Why else would god chose a Caucasian woman to bear his child?

We subconsciously started to believe that Caucasian people are more intelligent and more beautiful than we are.

We then viewed our physically appearance as inferior to those of the Caucasian race.

Our hair was thick and nappy; unlike the fine straight hair of Caucasians.

Many believed, as we had been told by Caucasians, that our skin was dark and dirty; unlike the beautiful pale, rosy skin of Caucasians.

Our nose was broad and flat; unlike the thin straight noses of most Caucasians.

And we had come from Africa; a place that Caucasians told us, was filled with savage cannibals.

They told our ancestors, that Africa was a place, where the people who lived there; had never contributed anything that benefited the  world.

Our ancestors then erroneously believed that the way to improve themselves and to be accepted by Caucasians; was to become perfect imitators of the Caucasian race.

We would erase everything about ourselves that was a reminder of our African heritage.

We would prove to Caucasian Americans by our perfect imitation of them, that they should treat us as their equals.

We would worship Caucasian Jesus better than Caucasians did.

The problem with this strategy is; the people of other races just saw us, as poor imitators of the Caucasian race.

They see us as a people with no true independent thinking.

They see us as a people unable to do anything for ourselves.

African Americans just follow whatever trend Caucasians establish.

People with true independent thinking, don’t beg another race to treat them with respect.

Their independent thinking and behaviour would DEMAND respect from others.

Unless we CHANGE; then other races’ feelings about us will remain the same.

We can make a change right now, today; that will be a Revolutionary change.

We can change IMMEDIATELY by stop imitation Caucasian beauty.

Our women can immediately, stop straightening their hair; stop wearing straight hair weaves; or stop wearing straight hair wigs.


When will the people of African descent become happy and appreciative of the natural beauty given to them by The Creator of the Heavens and Earth?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the texture of our hair, our dark skin, our broad noses or thick lips.

We have been deceived into believing that there is something wrong with our physical features, our hair texture and darker skin.

We have been begging the world to respect us and treat us as equals members of the human family.

But we having been showing by our slavish imitation of Caucasian beauty standards that we don’t even respect ourselves.

Recently we have been shouting loudly that, “black lives matter.”

But the non-verbal messages that we are sending with our skin bleaching, hair straightening and straight haired weaves and wigs is, “I am not happy being black and wished I was white.”

If we want respect from others we must first have respect for ourselves.

No other race will ever respect, people who believe the way to succeed; is to be imitators of another race.


Our people started imitation Caucasian during slavery, exactly at the same time we started to accept Christianity.

As I have written before, the erroneous ways that the slave masters taught Christianity, was done to make their slaves more obedient.

The subliminal message they were teaching with Christianity, was that Caucasians were a superior race.

The message strongly suggested that Caucasians were related to The Creator by showing the slaves an image of a Caucasian ‘son of god.’

The message was clear.

If you disobey your earthly Caucasian masters, then you were being disobedient to The Creator.

Even after slavery ended, we continued to show our ex-masters that we were, good Christians and that we meant no harm to them.

It had been rumored that after we received our freedom, we would go wild, and revert to savagery (as they told us our people were in Africa); and take revenge against Caucasians for enslaving us.

Of course that never happened.

But the Caucasians in the South started forming gun clubs to prepare themselves for this attack from the ex-slave (these clubs were the nucleus of what is now the National Rifle Association).

Christianity was also offered to the Native Americans at the same time it was offered to our slave ancestors.


I once read the response of a Native American Chief to an invitation to become a Christian.

He looked at the picture of Jesus Christ, shown to him by the Christian missionary and refused to accept Christianity.

He said something to the effect that he and his people had no intention of accepting a god in the image of the Caucasian people.

He instinctively knew that if they accept this Caucasian god, then his people would be mentally and spiritually enslaved to Caucasian supremacy beliefs.

That is why the native Americans had to be brutally pacified.

They had to be eliminated or made totally powerless.

They had refused to accept Christianity. Which would in effect mean that they  accepts Caucasians as a superior race.

African Americans did accept Christianity, and our people accepted the subliminal, psychological message of Christianity.

Which was; the Caucasian people are a superior race.

And that is the reason why, we now see our people feeling no shame in imitating Caucasian beauty standards, and following whatever current, foolish habits Caucasians are in.





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7 Responses to “Why Are People of African Descent, Still Doing This?”

  1. Lanz June 23, 2015 at 5:21 am #

    My sisters I am so so please to finally see the day when some one stand out from the fake croud and represent the the real people of our race we have been strongly deceived and lost because of lazy attitude to put it simple but I love the piece jah bless. Have a wonderful days life be different from the lost ones.


    • chiniquy June 26, 2015 at 10:16 pm #

      Thanks. May The Merciful Creator bless our people to wake up from their mental enslavement.


  2. Abdur Rahim Shaheed June 23, 2015 at 10:05 am #

    Remove all racial images from divine

    Liked by 1 person

    • chiniquy June 26, 2015 at 10:18 pm #

      If more of our people had followed WD Mohamed back in the 1970s then we would not be having the same problem of self-hatred now.


  3. m June 23, 2015 at 5:30 pm #

    Some of the the oldest christian churches in the world are in Ethiopia and Egypt where the actively depict darkskinned jesus, apostles, Mary and other biblical figures.

    Some of those celebrities you show actually tanned to look that dark ( beyonce, ciara and not pictured but true raven Simone).

    Modern photography washes out our color. A problem resulting from the fact that early photographers ignored people of color. Good examples of this are lil kim, india arie and sevyn streeter,

    I am against skin bleaching, but we can’t blame it on Christianity. If that were the case you wouldn’t see it in Asia and you do. Blame it on capitalism and institutionalized racism


    • chiniquy June 26, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

      Maybe you are not aware MDawson that Christianity was used as a tool to justify the enslavement of Africans in the Americas. During the 17, 18, and 19th century, Caucasian Christian preachers quoted Bible verses and interpreted them to say that The All-Mighty Creator had ordained that people of African descent should be slaves to the superior race (Caucasians). Caucasian supremacy went hand in hand with the spread of Christianity to dark skinned people all over the Earth. If the natives submitted then they just lost their freedom and lands. If they rejected Christianity then they lost their lives and their lands.


  4. chiniquy June 28, 2015 at 5:33 pm #

    Reblogged this on chiniquy.


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