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The Caucasian man with the long hair in this picture is NOT Jesus of Nazareth.

But the majority of mankind (especially Christians) have been deceived by that image.

An image of a long haired Caucasian male, nailed to a cross, or surrounded by his Caucasian disciples.

That image has been so ingrained on their minds that they see it everywhere.

They have imagined that they have seen this image of Caucasian Jesus on toasted bread, pizzas, dirt on glass windows, cloud formations, water stain on paper etc. etc.

Every Caucasian man with long hair is said to look like Jesus.

It has been over a year now since the massacre in South Carolina; and there is never any reports in the media about the murderer or the victims in this tragedy.

For whatever reason; those who control the media want us to forget about it.

A few weeks after it had happened the media switched the focus of the story.

It was no longer about a massacre of African American Christians in their church; but about a flag.

It became an issue of the Confederate flag.

All the media was concerned about was the removal of the Confederate flag.

They didn’t want the American public; especially African Americans, to think too deeply about the circumstances of this brutal terrorist act.

African Americans had been taught during and after slavery to worship the image of a Caucasian man called Jesus as god.

This in turn made African American Christians look up to and respect all Caucasian men.

No matter how historically brutal and cruel Caucasian American Christians have been towards African American Christians.

The teachings of Christianity had made our people very forgiving towards Caucasian Americans.

We looked past their bad behaviour, and prayed that in time they would love us as much as we loved them.

We prayed that they would behaved like the Caucasian Jesus; whom we had been taught to love.


That is why the people in that church were not suspicious of this young man when he came to their prayer service.

Being a Caucasian male, he looked so much like the image of Jesus that they and their ancestors had been taught to worship.

They were not suspicious of him nor did they feel any sense of danger.

They were happy to see him there among them.

They felt by his presence that somehow, Jesus himself was among them.

Only when he started shooting did they realize the danger they were in.

The All-Mighty Creator Alone, is our Protector.

And for whatever reason HE allowed this brutal massacre to take place.

There is a powerful Message that we are supposed to learn from this.

Maybe, the Message is: our people must immediately stop worshiping The Creator in the image of a man.

We have been deceived into worshiping The All-Mighty Creator in the physical image of a man. 

And that false image of The Creator that we were given was of a Caucasian man.

We were shown pictures during slavery and told that they were of Jesus the so-called ‘son of god.’

So if this ‘son of god’ was a Caucasian man then his father, who is god, must also be a Caucasian.

If both god and son of god were Caucasians; then that meant that Caucasians were related to this god.

We were being taught to be subservient to all Caucasian because they were the people of ‘god.’

Those among the slaves, who accepted this became more docile and easily controlled by their slave masters.

Many of our people now believe in 2016, that we have overcome this subservient behaviour towards Caucasians; but that is not true.

Many times I have personally observed women of African descent ignore greetings (good morning, hello etc) from men of African descent whom they don’t know.

They assume that these men are trying to flirt with them.

But if a Caucasian male stranger, no matter how untidy and shabbily he may be dressed, greets them; they always respond with big smiles.

We have been subliminally programmed to love all Caucasians.

And no matter how badly they treat us we will be quick to tell them that we forgive them.

When we see people of African descent running up to Caucasian politicians with the signs saying ‘black lives matter,’ it is proof that we are still craving their love and affection.

We want them to publicly acknowledge, that we are important and worthy of their kindness and consideration.

And we want these famous Caucasian personalities to please do something to stop other Caucasians from hurting us.

It is time for us to stop seeing The All-Mighty Creator in a physical image.

HE is not part of the creation, HE is The Creator.

There is something that HE requires that the people of African descent whose ancestors were enslaved to do.

Our centuries of experience as slaves and ex-slaves have conditioned us to do great things for Mankind.

But we cannot do these things while still mentally enslaved to false concepts of our Creator, that was taught to our ancestors during slavery.

We cannot help Humanity; while still worshiping a false image of The All-Mighty, Creator of the Heavens and Earth.











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