28 Jun



The Caucasian man with the long hair in this picture is NOT Jesus of Nazareth.
But the majority of mankind (especially Christians) have been deceived by
that image.
They have imagined that they have seen this image of Caucasian Jesus on toasted bread, pizzas, dirt on glass windows etc. etc.
Every Caucasian man with long hair is said to look like Jesus.
That is why the people in that church were not suspicious of this young man when he came to their prayer service.
Being a Caucasian male, he looked so much like the image of Jesus that their ancestors had been taught during slavery to worship.
They were happy to see him there among them.
They were not afraid of him nor sensed any danger.
Only when he started shooting did they realize the danger they were in.
The All-Mighty Creator is our only Protector.
And for whatever reason HE…

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