29 Jun


With The Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

(O Prophet) Say to the people: “Come, I will explain to you what The One G-D has (really) prohibited you from:”

“Join not anything as equal with HIM;”

“Be good to your parents;”

“Kill not your children (born or unborn) on a plea of poverty;- **WE provide sustenance for both you and for them;”

“Come not near to shameful (immoral) deeds; whether, open or secret;”

“Take not life, which G-D has made sacred, except by way of Justice and Law:”

Thus does HE Command you, that you may learn wisdom.

(Verses from The Holy ***Qur’an) 

*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

**WE, US, OUR are references in the Holy Qur’an to all of the forces of power (Angels) under the control of The Creator. They manage all creation. They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and obeys HIS Commands without question.

*** In the 7th century the Prophet Muhammed of Arabia received the Revelation called the Holy Qur’an from the Angel Gabriel over a 23 years time period.

He did not know how to read nor write. He is referred to in the Qur’an as being “unlettered.”

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