Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail, built the Sacred House in Mecca, Arabia

30 Jun

When the city of Mecca became a settlement, because of the Zam-Zam Well; Abraham would periodically visit his wife Hagar and his son Isma’il there.

 Abraham had traveled to many places in the countries surrounding the city of Mecca, Arabia spreading the Word of The One True *G-D.

The majority of people in those countries where he traveled to were idol worshipers.

They had many statues and shrines that were dedicated to the idols gods that they worshiped.

Abraham vowed that he would one day build a House that would be dedicated to The One True G-D.

Then he would invite all the people from the lands where he had visited; who had accepted the Truth he taught them, to make pilgrimage to this House.

He envisioned that these righteous people who had accepted the Truth that, there was only One True G-D; that they would journey from afar to visit this House dedicated to The One and Only G-D.

But Abraham couldn’t decide where he would build this House.

He prayed to G-D,  asking HIM for help in making this important decision.

On one of his visits to his family in the city (of Mecca); he saw an object (meteorite) falling from the sky.

He went to the spot where it had fallen and he saw a black stone.

He knew then that G-D had answered his prayers concerning, the location where he should build this House dedicated to The One True G-D.

He and his son Ismail, who was now a strong young man; both spiritually and physically, began the building of this House dedicated to the worship of The One G-D.

After it was completed Abraham placed the Black Stone (meteorite) in a special place in one of the outer corner of the House. 

He then established the practice of Pilgrimage to the House (later called the Khaaba) that was dedicated to G-D.

He showed his family and those who believed with him, how to properly performs the rituals in devotion to G-D.

The Merciful G-D revealed in the **Holy Qur’an about HIS House and the practice of Pilgrimage:

With The Name of The One True G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

“Behold! ***WE gave the site, to Abraham, (to build) the (Sacred) House, (saying): “Associate not anything (in worship) with ME; and sanctify MY House for those who compass it round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (thereat in prayer).

“And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men: they will come to you on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways;

“That they may witness the benefits (provided) for them, and celebrate the name of The One G-D, through the Days appointed, over the cattle which HE has provided for them (for sacrifice): then eat you thereof and feed the distressed ones in want.

“Then let them complete the rites prescribed for them, perform their vows, and (again) circumambulate the Ancient House.”

Such (is the Pilgrimage): whoever honours the sacred rites of G-D, for him it is good in the Sight of his Lord-Creator.

(End of Qur’anic Verses)


Many years later after the death of Abraham and Ismail, the people in Mecca and the surrounding countries reverted back to paganism.

They filled the Sacred House of G-D (now called Khaaba) with idol gods, made out of wood, stone and metal.

They knew these man made physical objects were not the G-D of Abraham; but, they believed that these physical symbols; brought them closer to what they called “The Invisible G-D.

Mankind from ancient times, has falsely believed that they needed physical objects that they can see and touch, in order for their worship to be valid.

That is one reason why from ancient times up until the present day; people continually exalth physical Human Beings, as gods or children of gods (i.e. son of god).

For example, the Greeks had Zeus as their god; and  Apollo, Hercules etc. were his children.

Zeus was a god who lived up in the sky who came down to the Earth and had sex with mortal women; who produced these sons of god.

(Does this story of Zeus and his half-god children; sound similar to a major religion, that hundreds of millions of people believe in today)


The pagan in Arabia and those visiting from the surrounded lands; had also corrupted the rituals of Pilgrimage; that had been taught by Abraham centuries before.

The pagans who came on the pilgrimage to honor their idols; committing all kinds of illicit and immoral activities while in Mecca during the pilgrimage.

Whore mongering, drunkenness, gambling, fighting all taking place, during their visit to the ancient House dedicated to The One True G-D.

Many of them also circled the House of G-D completely naked. 

If their clothing was soiled, or torn and dirty; they felt it would be dishonourable to their idol gods; to wear these clothes, while circling the Khaaba.

Abraham knew that this reversion to paganism would happen after him; and he had prayed in advance, asking G-D to deliver the future generations, from their ignorant false worship.

This prayer of Abraham, was also revealed by G-D in the Holy Qur’an.

It follows: 

“Our Guardian-Lord! Make us surrender

ourselves unto YOU, and make out of our

offspring a community that shall surrenders

itself to Your (Will), and show us our ways of

worship; and accept our repentance:  

for, verily, YOU Alone are The Acceptor

of Repentance, the Dispenser of Grace!

“Our Lord-Creator! Raise up from the midst of

our off-spring an Apostle from among them, who

shall convey unto them Your Messages, and

impart unto them Revelation as well as Wisdom,

and cause them to grow in purity: for, verily,

YOU Alone are the All-Mighty, truly Wise.” 

And who turns away from the religion of

Abraham but such as debase their souls with

foolishness?  Him WE chose and rendered pure

in this world: And he will be in the Hereafter

in the ranks of the Righteous.

Behold! His Guardian-Lord said to him:

“Surrender (your self to ME):” He said: “I

surrender (my will) to the Lord-Creator and

Cherisher of the Universe.”

And this was the legacy that Abraham left to  

his sons, and so did Jacob; “Oh my sons!”

“The One True G-D has chosen the Faith for you;

then die not before you have surrendered your    

souls to HIM.”

(End of Qur’anic verses)

The Merciful Creator fulfilled HIS promise to

Abraham when HE sent Revelation (Holy Qur’an) to

Muhammed the son of Abdullah who cleanse G-D’s House

of pagan idols and re-established the purity of worship

and Pilgrimage that Abraham had established  

after building the sacred house in the beginning.


“Remember Abraham prayed:

“O my Guardian-Lord! make this city (Mecca) one of peace and security: and preserve me and my sons from worshipping idols.”

“O my Lord-Creator! they (evildoers) have indeed led astray many among mankind; He then who follows my (advice) is of me, and he that disobeys me,- but YOU are indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

“O our Lord-Creator! I have made some of my offspring (family) to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House (Khaaba); in order, O our Guardian-Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer:”

“So fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks.”

“O our Lord-Creator! truly YOU does know what we hide and what we reveal: for nothing whatever is hidden from The One, True G-D, whether on Earth or in Heaven.”

“All praises be, to The One G-D, Who has granted me in old age, Isma’il and Isaac: for truly my Lord-Creator is HE, The Hearer of Prayers!”

“O my Guardian-Lord! make me one who establishes regular Prayer, and also (raise such) among my offspring, O our Lord-Creator! and accept Thou my Prayer.”

“O our Guardian-Lord! cover (us) with Thy Forgiveness – me, my parents, and (all) Believers (in G-D), on the Day that the Reckoning will be established!”

(End of  Qur’anic verses)

* G-D instead of g o d. When god is spelt backwards it is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a word to be used ireference to The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

**The verses of the Holy Qur’an were revealed to Muhammed the son of Abdullah in Arabia in the 7th century.It was revealed to him over a 23 years time period.

The Revealed Verses came from G-D’s Angel Gabriel.

Muhammed was just like the majority of Arabs at that time; could neither read nor write. 

I will say it again: “Muhammed could not read nor write.”

The Revealed Verses were pressed into his heart and mind by Gabriel. Muhammed then recited the verses to his followers and the majority of them memorised it.

Shortly after Muhammed passed away from this Earth; the Revealed Verses were compiled in the form of a book by his son-in-law Uthman.

Uthman was the third leader of the expanding Muslim community after Muhammed had passed away.

After the Qur’an was completed in the form of a book; Uthman gathered hundreds of the Muslims who had heard and memorised the Revealed Verses as given by Muhammed.

The complete Qur’an was recited to them; and they were asked if the verses were exactly in the same sequence and order as they had heard Prophet Muhammed recite it.

Everyone gathered there agreed.

Many non Muslims may not be aware that the order of the Qur’anic verses are not as they were Revealed to Muhammed.

For instance the First and Last Revealed verses of the Qur’an are in the middle of the Qur’an.

Not at the beginning and nor at the end of the Qur’an.

In fact many of the early Revelations given to Muhammed, are actually at the end of the Qur’an.

Muhammed recited it in the order, as he was instructed to, by the Angel Gabriel.  

Old copy of Qur'an

*** WE, US, OUR are all terms used in the Holy Qur’an as references to all of the forces of power (Angels) under the control of The Creator.

They manage all creation. They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and obeys HIS Commands without question.

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In the Bible Jesus of Nazareth said this about the one that will come after him in John 16:12-13

“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, The Spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all the Truth.

He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

It has been recorded that the enemies of Prophet Muhammed taunted him by saying that he was “all ears.”

They said that Muhammed was only saying what he heard from someone else.

They all knew that Muhammed could neither ‘read nor write‘.

The All-Mighty-Creator of the Heavens and Earth, responded to their taunts by revealing a verse in the Qur’an, saying that Muhammed heard what was best for humanity.

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These beliefs came from his local surroundings as well as the wider society and would have a major effect on his entire life.

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