Native American Tribe in Florida are Miccosukees not Seminoles

1 Jul

The first slaves of African descent who set foot on what is now the United States of America (USA) was in Florida.

Not the first people of African descent; but the ones who were slaves.

Because men of African descent had earlier visited this country; but they were free men.

Some were sailors and others were soldiers who came with Spanish explorers.

So that story about the first people of African descent coming to the Americas in 1619 to Jamestown Virginia, is false.

The first slaves of African descent went to the Spanish territories; not to the English colonies.

Our history of the USA consistently leave out the history of the Spanish and the French in our country.

Only the history of the English and England is taught in our schools.

The first slaves of African descent in our country went to Florida.

They were slaves of the Spaniards who established the city of St Augustine, in Florida.

St Augustine is the first city, in what is now the United States of America.

It was established in 1565.

Many years before the first English colony was Founded in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

Many of the Spanish slaves ran away from St Augustine.

They went into the interior of Florida. 

Some went to live among the tribal members of the Miccosukee while others built homes in close proximity to the many Miccosukee settlements in the interior of Florida. 

Some intermarried into the tribe and others established African style villages. 

The Spanish called these runaway slaves Cimarron. 

Later the British mispronounced the name of Cimarron and changed the spelling to Seminole.

Say Cim-ah-ron a few times yourself; and notice how it can sounds like Sem-ah-nole 🙂 

Also the English and later the Americans, erroneously started referring to the Native Miccosukees as Seminoles. 

Later when the importation of African slaves was outlawed in the USA ( in 1808) slave traders from the southern USA started raiding Florida and tried to enslaves the descendants of the Cimarrons, who had ran away from the Spanish over 100 years before.

Many members of the Native American Creek Tribe, who were based in Alabama and Georgia; had adopted the ways of the Europeans.

Some of them owned slaves who were of African descent.

In the early 19th century, they began to claim that the Native Americans called Seminoles had been members of their tribe.

They claimed that these Seminoles had run away to Florida, along with some of their African American slaves.

This was a legal scheme concocted by those involved in the business of slavery.

They wanted to raid Florida and try to enslave the descendants of the Cimarrons.

Many of whom had never experienced slavery.

The majority of their ancestors had been free from slavery since the 16th century.

So the Creek along with the Caucasian slavers decided to go to Florida and bring their so-called slaves back.

The Miccosukee warriors fought alongside the descendants of the Cimarrons to repel the slavers and their Creek allies..

The slavers and their Creek allies were driven back to the USA. 

Later on a steady stream of slaves in the southern states of the USA, started running away to freedom in Florida.

The had heard that people who looked like them, were living there free from slavery.

They also knew that the Spanish government in Florida,would not aggressively try to find them, nor to send them back to the USA. 

Then the slave dealers in the USA, along with the slave masters who had recently lost their runaway slaves; began to  put pressure on the US government to send troops into Florida.

Thus began the Seminole wars. 

Spanish Florida became the first foreign territory that the USA invaded after independence from Britain. 

The Miccosukee with their African brethren fought valiantly to repelled the invaders.

In one historic letter written by an American soldier to his family; he stated, “they told us that were came here to fight Indians, but many of the people we are fighting are negroes.”  


Above sketch was said to have been made, by one of the American soldiers who was in the battle.

After three so-called Seminole wars, an agreement was reached and the Miccosukee tribe members and the descendants of the Cimarrons were rounded up and sent out West.

The American government had tried without success to separate the descendants of the Cimarrons from the Miccosukee tribal members.

But the tribal leaders had strongly refused.

It was reported that Chief Osceola’s wife was of African descent.

So the tribal members and the descents of the Cimarrons were rounded up and forced to leave their ancestral homeland. 

But many of them had hidden in the swamps of Florida where they stayed hidden and was never sent out west to Texas and the Oklahoma Territory. 

Later in the West, some of the African (Seminoles) became Indian scouts for the US military against so-called hostile tribes like the Apache. 

Many, many years later it was found that many Miccosukees had not migrated and they had hidden in the swamps undetected for many years. 

Among some of the tribe members today you can still see traces of their African ancestry in their features.


Why are there so many Native American communities now, all across America who are now denying the close relationship many of their ancestors had with people of African descent? 

They want to deny membership of their tribe to people who have a strong appearance of African descent.


A gathering of Algonquin tribal member in RI in 1925

None of these tribes today have any problem accepting the Caucasian looking people who claim to have Native American ancestry.

Many tribal members have now been influenced by racism and the Hollywood depiction of Native Americans.

Usually Caucasian actors portraying Native Americans.

Many US Native Americans, now perceive themselves as looking more like Caucasians than the way their ancestors looked.


Many of these Northern American tribes even refuse to acknowledge the Native Americans from Mexico, Central America or South America as being members of their racial group.

Many of the so-called illegal immigrants coming from those places are Native Americans.

my-irl        kjhh

The Native Americans in the USA, weaken their position by not acknowledging the numerical superiority that they have.

They must embrace their people from the bottom of South America up to Alaska.

Native Americans are still the largest racial group on this continent.

They have been deceived into believing that they are a minority.

In fact they are the majority in the Americas.


From the 17th century there have been intermingling between Africans and Native Tribes.

Especially the Native communities from the Eastern and Southern parts of America.

 kkj  indivisible-02


In many modern publications about the Seminoles, they still perpetuate the lies that were told hundreds of years ago.

These lies that said the Seminoles were originally members of the Creek Indian tribes.

Claims that said the Seminoles were part of the the Creek Nation in Alabama and Georgia; who had “ran away” to Florida.

If they were part of the Creek Nation, why would their migrating to another place, mean that they ran away?

Slaves from the USA escaping to Spanish Florida.

The slaves in America came to know about the existence of African people like themselves living free in Florida.

The majority of these Africans; had been living free lives in Spanish Florida for over 100 years.

Many of the slaves in the southern states of the USA, began running away from America to Florida to be free from slavery.

The Spanish were not interested in rounding up runaway slaves to send back to America.

Also if these runaways, accepted catholicism the Spanish authorities in Florida considered them citizens.

The whole story about the Indians in Florida “running away” from the Creek Nation (who owned African slaves) was just some legal maneuvering used by slave dealers working with some members of the Creek Nation to get permission from the US government to invade the Miccosukee tribes who were intermingled and intermarried with the people of African descent.

The Creeks who owned slaves and the Caucasian slavers claimed that all the people of African descent living in Florida were their runaway slaves

Since the importation of slaves from Africa had been banned in 1808; they needed a new source for getting African slaves.

As said before, the term Seminole was a British mispronunciation of the Spanish term “Cimarron,” which was used for the Spanish slaves of African descent who ran away into the swamp lands and formed a close alliance with the Native Miccosukee tribe of Florida.

For over 100 years these Africans had lived in absolute freedom.

Children of African descent had been born and lived full lives and then died; never knowing any type of enslavement.

So when the slavers came to Florida; they lumped the recently escaped slaves from the southern parts of the United States of America; with these descendants of the Cimarron who had never been enslaved.

The Native Americans of Florida belong to the Miccosukee tribe.

There was never a Seminole tribe until the British and Americans started using the term in the 1700s for the Natives in Florida. 

This was long before Florida was ceded to America from Spain in the early 1800s.



JIM CROW-FEATHER (Racism against ‘black’ Native Americans)
Click below to ‘read’ the article.

Abraham-black-sem_phixr billybowlegs&chiefs 

The drawings above and the one below is of the Seminoles (Miccosukees and Cimarrons) who went to negotiate a peace agreement with the US government. The dark skinned man standing in the middle, was named Abraham. He was there as an interpreter.  

black seminole banner black_seminoles fe2769a11497442a0e0ccb7e868c4family images John_Griffin_Black_Seminole_by_danamorgan john-horse seminole seminole-indians-3 Stranahan_Seminoles,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Engraving from the First Seminole War, 1817-18. The subject is the rescue of Duncan McKrimmon, a white soldier from Georgia who was spare

The above engraving from the First Seminole War, 1817-18. The subject is the rescue of Duncan McKrimmon, a white soldier from Georgia who was spared through the intervention of a chief’s daughter. McKrimmon later.




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