This is the Reason Why America, and some European Countries Believe that they are Entitled to Rule and Control the World

1 Jul


A Caucasian son of god was created centuries ago, in order

to manipulate and control the Caucasian people of Europe. 

The people of Europe’s egos were fed with a concept that said, that the Caucasian race was superior to all other races. 

A concept that promoted the idea, that god had chosen Caucasians to be the rulers of the Earth. 

They were secretly being controlled and manipulated by a very powerful, secret group (circle/ring) among the Jewish community in Europe.

Not all the Jewish people were involved; just a secret unholy group, hiding amongst the sincere followers of Judaism. 

These secret manipulators, constantly stroked the egos of the Christians of Europe.

They fed them a constant diet, of lies about the superiority of the Caucasian (white) race.

They reinforce that superiority belief through artistic paintings that were supposed to be of god, the angels, the prophets in the Bible etc. all painted in Caucasian images.

They constantly manipulate them into believing that the Caucasian race was more intelligent, more spiritually enlightened, more beautiful etc. than any other race on Earth.

They fed them the lie, that only the Caucasian race had the ‘spark of divinity’ within them.

That their god was also a Caucasian, and this god had created them in his ‘own image and likeness’.

And that Christianity was the only true religion.

The national flags of some European countries, still have the Christian cross on them.

The people of Europe, were taught that all other religions, including Judaism and Al-Islam; were beneath Christianity.

Only Christianity was accepted by their Caucasian god and his son.


The Caucasian people of Europe were tricked into believing, that they were the best people in the world.

But their secret manipulators were the ones who truly benefited from the Caucasian races’, arrogant conceit of themselves.

When people are filled with false pride, they are, oh so easy, to be manipulated.

They become so consumed by their feelings of racial superiority, and racial pride; that they cannot see that they are being controlled and manipulated.

The European people, had become puppets in the hands of skillful puppeteers.


This false Caucasian son of god scheme, is the main cause of the Caucasian race’s, historical arrogance and pride.

The secret manipulators of the Caucasian race; reaped major financial rewards; and gained a firm psychological control over the people of Europe; whom they called Gentiles (Genies).


The term Gentile does not only mean, a non-Jew.

It has always been a private joke among these secret devils, hiding within the Jewish community.

This is how they view Gentiles:

Gentiles are people who are dominated by their emotions rather than intelligence.

They are ruled by their physical desires (i.e. food, sex, fun and play); not by intelligent thinking.

They are wild and unruly; unless they are under the control of a master.

Gentiles are only productive when they are under the control of intelligent people.

Wise men (and women) who can guide these unruly Gentiles into doing something productive.


This false teachings associated with Christianity, is the root cause of racism and many other problems in the world today.   

Jesus of Nazareth was a man who received Divine Inspiration from The All-Mighty Creator.  

He was not  the Creator (nor the ‘son of The Creator’).  

To worship a physical flesh and blood Human Being as The Creator, shown in a Caucasian racial image or any racial image for that matter will (and has) caused racial divisions among the Human Family.

The one race who see themselves as being in the image of god; will try to lord it over other races.    

The Merciful *G-D has not given us permission to make any physical likeness to HIM.  

To say that The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth has a physical son is one of the most blasphemous thing any Human Being can say.   

Christians have been deceived by the ancient secretive Clan of Satan into worshiping The Creator in the image of a man (Jesus). 


The majority of Christians are not really worshiping The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth. 

They are in fact, worshiping an image, that has been deceitfully inserted into their faith well over 1,000 years ago. 

Christians are in essence worshiping a man as god.

They have been deceived into seeing a physical flesh and blood man as their god. 


Pagan beliefs from Egypt, India, Greece and Rome were inserted into the teachings of Christianity. 

The stories about Zeus or Jupiter, the pagan gods of ancient Greece and Rome whom the people believed lived in the sky; who periodically, came down to the Earth and had sex with mortal women and produced children. 

Children of these gods were: Apollo, Heracles, Hercules, Hermes, Mercury, Aphrodite, Venus etc.   

All of these pagan gods from Greece and Rome were shown in Caucasian imagery. 

And so likewise all the heroes of Christianity were shown as Caucasians. 

Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses all the Prophets were painted as being Caucasians. 

The symbolic message of these Caucasian images, were clear: only Caucasian people were favoured by G-D. 

This deception led the Caucasian people of Europe to believe that they were a special race. 

A race that was G-D’s favourite. 


Later the non Caucasian people of the world who accepted Christianity, were doubly deceived by this deception. 

Once they accepted the belief that The Creator, had  a Caucasian son; this led them to place the Caucasian race on a pedestal. 

A pedestal that proclaimed that Caucasians were above all the other races of people on Earth. 

Which meant that if you were not a member of the Caucasian race; then you belonged to one of the inferior races. 

And the only way to please G-D was to become an imitator of Caucasians. 

If your skin was dark then you should try to lighten it.


If your hair was thick and curly, then you should try to straighten it, to look like the hair of Caucasians.

Many Christians of African descent all over the world are  suffering from low self-esteem.

They are not happy with their physical appearance. They all want to look like Caucasians.

Now even non Christians people, in many parts of the world have been affected, by Caucasian supremacy belief.

Many people in China, India, Japan etc. are trying to imitate the physical appearance of Caucasians.

Many of them have been bleaching their skin and getting cosmetic surgeries, to make themselves look like Caucasians.

They are not satisfied with their own physical features that they were born with. 

Related image

This is what our Creator has Revealed in the **Holy Qur’an about the falsehood of a son of god belief:

With The Name of The One True G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer 

The Jews call ‘Uzair a son of G-D, and the Christians call Christ the son of G-D.

That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say.

G-D’s curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!

They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of The One True G-D, and (they take as their Lord-Creator) Christ the son of Mary;

Yet they were commanded to worship but One G-D, there is no god but HE.

Praise and glory to HIM: (Far is HE) from having the partners they associate (with HIM).

They willingly try to extinguish The One G-D’s Light with their mouths, but  G-D will not allow but that HIS Light should be perfected, even though the Ungodly (and hypocrites) may detest (it).

It is HE WHO has sent HIS Messenger (Muhammed) with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim (its’ Truth) over all religion, even though the Pagans (and religious hypocrites) may detest (it).

O you who believe (sincere believers of all faiths)!

There are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the wealth of men and hinder (them) from the way of The One True G-D.

And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of G-D. Announce unto them, a most grievous penalty-

On the Day (of Judgment) when heat will be produced out of that (wealth) in the fire of Hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs.-

“This is the (treasure) which ye buried for yourselves: taste ye, then, the (treasures) ye buried!”


Scroll down past the hacked empty spaces
No one knows what Jesus of Nazareth looked like because there were no pictures drawn of him when he was alive.  
The historical pictures painted in Europe that were supposed to be of him were drawn over a 1,000 years after he left this world.  
As a matter of fact the earliest images of Jesus and his mother were statues of a dark skinned woman holding a dark skinned child.
In many places in Europe, many of these ‘Black Madonna and Child’ statues and paintings still exist.  
ae1b8-blackmaryjesus          pope-john-paul-ii-honors-the-black-madonna-and-child-in-czestochowa-poland1russia_-_icon_czestochowa

 It was only in the later centuries that the painters in Rome started painting images of Jesus and his mother as Caucasians.



The Caucasian make-over of Jesus was necessary in order to manipulate and control the European Caucasian Christians.  

Their secret manipulators wanted them to travel thousands of miles away from their homes on “holy crusades” to free Jerusalem, from dark skinned Muslims.   

There had to be a strong psychological grip on the hearts and minds of the European Christians; in order for them to be convinced to go on such long and dangerous journeys.  

The belief that Jesus of Nazareth was a member of their own Caucasian race; and that his homeland was now in the hands of dark skinned ‘infidels’ was a strong enough reason.




This was the first major efforts of the Gentiles’ masters; using them, to try and destroy the growing influence of Islam.
The religion was spreading like wildfire all over the so-called Middle East.
Many Christians and some Jews were accepting Islam. 
These secret devils, knew that the study of the Holy Qur’an, would free their Gentiles from the psychological control they had over them.
In the past centuries, and right up to today; they have done everything that they can to deter their Gentiles from studying Islam.
And with the help of many Muslims who have become ignorant to the ‘real’ message of their own religion; they have been succeeding.
They are making their Gentiles hate Muslims and Islam for no intelligent reason.
Unfortunately many Muslims around the world are ignorant of this satanic scheme and have become unwitting participants of the clan of satan.
That is why there have been so many terrorist acts committed by these ignorant so-called Muslims.
They are not following the excellent Human example of the Prophet Muhammed.
All throughout his life, he displayed love for all Human Beings.
He was kind and compassionate to everyone.
His Humanity was not just for Muslims; but also towards Jews, Christians and his people who were pagans.
The people of Europe were given a false sense of their racial worth in order to use them as tools (Genies or Gentiles) to conquer the Muslims (and later the non Caucasian peoples’) lands.
Their egos were fed with the belief that their race was superior to all other races.
Their manipulators knew that by telling them that The Creator was a Caucasian with a Caucasian son; that, they would be so full of racial pride and a belief in their racial superiority; that, they would never realise that they were/are being controlled.
(It is still the same today)
The easiest way to manipulate someone is to feed their egotistical views of themself.
Keep on telling them how great they are. Tell them that they are a special.
Make them believe that they are more important than anyone else.
The Caucasians of Europe, had to be tricked into believing that the Creator (and his so-called son) was a part of their race. 
And that their race was special and they were superior to all other races.
The term Gentiles given to them by their secret manipulators was a sly reference to the Genie (Jinns) of the Arabian Night Tales.   
The Genies in these tales were always depicted as big, dumb, playful, brutes.
They served no useful purpose; unless they were always under the command of a master. 

The Genie (Gentile) is always locked in a bottle, until his master rubs the bottle and the Genie (Gentile) comes out to do his master’s biddings.

Because of the Genie’s strength he had to be locked up in a bottle because; if he was free to think for himself he would be a danger to his master. 

Being in a bottle means being in the dark (ignorance). 

To be away from light (knowledge). 

Or to be kept in a state of ignorance (darkness).

The Gentiles are all ‘bottled up’ (restrained, kept under check).


The Gentiles of Europe has always been kept in the dark.

Whenever anyone came with the light (knowledge) that would help them out of their ignorance; their secret masters who were hiding in the shadows; told them not to pay any attention to these troublemakers. 

Troublemakers like Martin Luther the Reformer in the 16th century. 

They opposed him at first because; what he was teaching was interfering, with their scheme against the Gentiles of Europe. 

But later after he had passed away; they manage to corrupt the thinking of the leaders and followers of the Protestant movement. 

The Protestant movement was brought back in line with their secret masters’ original scheme.

Martin Luther had written a book, in which he identified who these schemers and manipulators, of the people of Europe were. 

He wrote especially about their fondness for telling lies. 


The initial strength and vigor of the Protestation movement after Martin Luther’s death, came to an end. 

Once again the Genies (Gentiles) were placed back into their bottles. 

Waiting for their masters’ next call upon them. 


By the master rubbing the Genie’s bottle; it brings out the Genie to fulfill his master’s wish.  

Rubbing the Gentiles in the past and also in the present is achieved by stirring up their emotions.

Stir up their racial, religious or patriotic emotions 

Get them highly emotional about whatever it is that their manipulators want them to do. 

Usually it is to fight in a war. 

A war is very useful for the masters if; the Gentiles’ population have grown too large and has become unruly.

Their masters cannot allow them to become too restive.

The Gentiles may eventually go into a state of rebellion, against their mental enslavement.

The masters must then ‘cull the herd.’

The best way to do this is by creating a war.


Hundreds of thousands of people get killed in these wars.

Or as the recent World Wars has shown; millions of people die in these senseless wars. 

Or another reason for stirring up the Gentiles’ emotions is because; there is an enemy that is threatening the Gentiles’ masters interests. 


Whatever may be the reason; the Gentiles only purpose is to serve their masters wishes.

In addition, the wealth of the Genie (Gentiles) belong to their masters.

They are constantly being tricked and deceived out of their wealth.  

In the past in America there was a saying “you’re rubbing me the wrong way.”
This implied that you are making me angry at you.   
I guess the right way to rub them is to get them angry at someone else  🙂 
The Gentiles must be rubbed and stroked in order to
make them do what the masters want them to do.

Here is a quote from a book by the author, Umberto Eco:


“The plans revealed are more or less the same as described a few years earlier, in 1880, by the Revue des Etudes Juives, which published two letters attributed to Jews of the fifteenth century.


The Jews of Arles ask the help of the Jews of Constantinople, because in France they are being persecuted, and the latter reply:


“Well beloved brothers in Moses, if the King of France forces you to become Christian, do so, because you cannot do otherwise, but preserve the law of Moses in your hearts.

If they strip you of your possessions, raise your sons to be merchants, so that eventually they can strip the Christians of their possessions.

If they threaten your lives, raise your sons to be physicians and pharmacists, so that they can take the lives of Christians.

If they destroy your synagogues, raise your sons to be canons and clerics, so that they can destroy the churches of the Christians.

If they inflict other tribulations on you, raise your sons to be lawyers and notaries and have them mingle in the business of every state, so that putting the Christians under your yoke, you will rule the world and can then take your revenge.” 

As I wrote above, racists were created out of the deceived Gentiles of Europe; by the promotion of the idea that The Creator
was a Caucasian who had a Caucasian son.
The European people’s egos were fed with the belief that they were a superior race of people on Earth.
That god had created Caucasians superior to every other race.
They were deceived into believing that their race was superior to all other races.The people of Europe were told, that their race had the ‘spark of divinity’.
Which meant that they had a kinship with their Caucasian god.
The European people, now filled with racial pride, went all around the Earth; conquering the races in other countries 
The Caucasian race believed in a ‘Manifest Destiny.’  
They believed that the All-Mighty Creator had given them the mandate, to rule and control the world.
Because they were far superior to all the other races on Earth.
That is the reason why the USA and Europe feel that they have the right to tell North Korea and Iran not to test fire missiles.
Although both the USA and Europe test fire missiles and other weapons.

Everywhere the Gentile Christians went; their secret manipulators were always among them. 

Hiding in the shadows. 

Guiding and controlling the colonial behaviour of their Gentiles.  

The members of the Jewish community have historically claimed; that they have also been victims of Caucasian Christians bigotry.

That they are just like the innocent people of the world, who have been mistreated by Caucasian supremacy beliefs.

They have historically used this ploy; to befriend the non Caucasian people all over the world.

Pretending to be helpless victims of Caucasian supremacy.

While the roots causes of Caucasian supremacy beliefs, was created by ungodly people within the Jewish people.


The majority of people in the world can’t tell the physical difference between Caucasian Christians and Caucasian Jews.

Two thousand years ago, the majority of the members of Judaism were dark skinned.

(That is why the early images of Jesus and his mother in Christianity;were dark skinned)

As they spread over Europe, through intermarriages; their physical appearance became lighter.

They were able to blend among the people of Europe.

The secret manipulators, hiding in the Jewish communities all over Europe; reaped the major financial rewards from the African slavery; and later from colonialism.

And they were able to do it without any historical condemnation for the Jewish community; amongst whom they were well hidden.

The poor deceived and deluded Caucasian Gentiles from Europe; received all the blame and condemnation.

Even to this day, the Caucasian European Gentiles, are still receiving all the condemnation for slavery; colonial wars against the native populations around the world; racism; discrimination etc.

They are still being vilified as being the number one problem in the world for non-Caucasian people. 


No one seems to understand, that the Caucasian race, have been (and still are) puppets in the hands of ‘master craftsmen’ (and sometimes craftswomen). 

Ever since their ancestors accepted the false teachings associated with Christianity; the people of Europe have been putty in the hands of this ancient secret society; within the Jewish community.

Wherever their is a strong presence of Caucasian racism; then there is a strong presence of these secret manipulators.


Not all the Jewish people are part of this evil scheme. 

Just a secret, hidden, ungodly circle (ring), hiding among the sincere followers of Judaism. 

These disbelieving, hypocritical devils inherited their disbelief from the disobedient Jews, who rebelled against the Prophets Moses and Aaron.

 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shaitan thoughts 

In time these rebels had gained control of the religious leadership among the Jews and corrupted the Message that Moses had received from G-D. 

Then, they began to substituted their lies, in order to deceive the sincere followers of Judaism.  

This same evil clan among the Jews, were the primary ones who stirred up opposition to Jesus of Nazareth, among the Jewish people.  

In the time of Jesus, they had ceased to be sincere believers in G-D and were now following a satanic scheme they had inherited from the past.

An evil scheme, to prove to The Creator, that Human Beings were weak.

That they would easily give in to temptations; and turn away from obedience to G-D’s Commands.


They first deceived the sincere Jews into an arrogant idea of their worth, as Human Beings.

They had lied to them and told them that they were ‘G-D’s special people’.

G-D had instructed the Jewish people to be an example of obedience to The Creator.

They were to show kindness, compassion, charity to all Human Beings. 

But the evil ones among them; began to tell them that, G-D would still love them no matter how much sins they committed.

They were told that they were the ‘apple in god’s eyes.

They were HIS chosen people.

Even if they disobeyed G-D’s Commands HE would still love them.

That they could lie and deceived the Gentiles; because G-D would still love them.

No matter what they did good or bad; it did not matter because they were G-D’s ‘special people’. 

Since that time up until today; this evil group have passed down this evil, ungodly scheme. 

They have been filled with arrogance and pride; because of their success in manipulating the people of Europe.


They wish they could show and tell the world, just how clever they are.

How they and their evil predecessors have been controlling the Christians in Europe and the Americas. 

They would love to openly boast about their controlling and manipulating of the Gentiles of the world. 

But, in fact they have been telling the world for centuries, how clever they are! 

These secret manipulators have been telling the world, exactly what they have been doing to their Gentiles. 

In hidden codes, and secret messages; they have been boasting about their cleverness. 

They have placed hidden messages in the ancient Arts, Literature (Shakespeare), nursery rhymes (i.e. Mary had a little lamb, 3 blind mice etc.) and even secret coded messages have been inserted into the Bible. 

Great works of Art and books from centuries ago containing secret messages. 

These secret coded messages can only be read by those who belong to this secret circle (or ring). 

Those among them; who had been taught from an early age to decipher things.

Those who know how to unlock the clues to these hidden messages.

(The author Dan Brown has been sharing this type of info in his books)

Now, the present members of this satanic clan are putting hidden messages in the lyrics of popular songs, in movies, advertisements, television commercials etc. 

They have been joking and boasting about their control and manipulation of America, Europe and many other (mainly Christian majority) countries around the world. 

They now believe that they have firm control over the majority of Gentiles (especially the Christians) all over the Earth.

The movie Men In Black is a prime example of them telling the world what they are doing.

In the movie it talk about a hidden secret group who consider themselves, ‘the protectors of Mankind.”

They are responsible for keeping certain knowledge from the masses, because the people’s simple minded brains can’t handle the truth.

Whenever any knowledge comes to the people, that reveals the truth; these secret heart and mind manipulators will convince  the people who were exposed to the truth; to disbelieve what they found out.

In one scene of the movie the actor Tommy Lee Jones looks straight into the camera and says, boy you people are so gullible.”

Did you think what he said was for the character he was talking to in the movie?

No, that quote was meant for the audience watching the movie.

The gullible dupes in America and Europe.

In another scene one of the men in black, said “people are dumb, panicky and dangerous animals.”

gullible folks


The above is a 19th century painting, depicting Mephistopheles with Faust. Mephistopheles is the Devil’s advocate who “served” the collected souls to the Devil.

Note the similarity of Mephistopheles’ clothes and Ronald McDonald’s costume.

In the movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp; that wasn’t a joke about the big M. That was a clue to a hidden message. 


Ronald McDonald is a modern version of Mephistopheles. 

The big M is not a reference to the name, Mcdonald.

It is a symbolic reference to Mephistopheles.

This secret clan have been corrupting people all over the Earth.

The Gentiles’ souls, are being served to the devil.

How many billions of people around the world, has McDonald’s “served”?



They make sure that their Gentiles never pay attention to any different knowledge or philosophy other than what they have given them. 

They frighten the Gentiles away from studying the Holy Qur’an; because they fear it will loosen the iron grip that they have upon their hearts and minds. 

They have created all kinds of beliefs and  philosophies to occupy the hearts and minds of their deceived subjects.

 Anything that will keep their Gentile dupes busy in the ‘playpen’.

 They have provided all types of sports and entertainment to keep their minds focused on silly, unimportant things. 

They have turned their Gentiles ‘every which way but loose.’

 As long as Caucasians see their race as being a superior creation, to all the other members of the Human family; they will

NEVER free themselves from their secret manipulators. 

Their secret masters don’t want Caucasians to see themselves as just ordinary members of the Human Family. 
They will have control over them as long they believe that they are superior to all other races.
They are continually feeding them a Caucasian  supremacy diet with these movies of superhuman Caucasians like, Thor, Iron-man, Spider-man, Batman, Superman, James Bond etc.
And for the Christians an occasional movie of a Caucasian Noah, Jesus and Moses.

(Incidentally all of these superheroes are played by Jewish actors and actresses)

That is the reason why action stars like Jackie Chan or even Bruce Lee were never allowed to become too popular.

No Asian or non Caucasian male action actors, became too popular.

If they become too popular; then something would happen to them, to remove them from sight:

Bruce Lee died mysteriously.                                    

Brandon Lee his son, was accidentally killed while filming a movie.

After making three very successful Blade films, Wesley Snipes was imprisoned for 5 years on a very ridiculous tax charge.        

etc. etc.

They only wanted their Gentiles to see, Caucasians as action stars as their film heroes.

People like Chuck Norris in the 1980s and now Jason Statham.

They don’t want their Gentiles to see any other race in a heroic manner.

That would go against what they have been promoting for centuries.

That Caucasian males (like Jesus) are the only saviours for the world.

These movies serves their scheme well, by keeping Caucasians believing that they are superior to other races. 

That is why it is necessary to keep Caucasian racism alive and well.
These secret manipulators can only keep control as long as racism is still strong in the world.
That is why they supported Donald Trump.
He stirred up their Gentiles with reminders of the days of Caucasian supremacy.
That is why there have been so many incidents recently of racial and religious outbursts by ordinary Caucasians.
They have erroneously believed that by Trump becoming the president; the days of Caucasian supremacy have returned.
Yes, make America great again.
The secret manipulators’ centuries old grip on the heart and minds of the Caucasian Gentiles; is now, just as tight as it ever was in the past. 
Now they are turning many of their Gentiles  into Atheists and homosexuals. 
It is time for the people of the world (especially Caucasians) to wake up from this ancient satanic scheme.
It is time to free ourselves of the invisible shackles on our hearts and minds.

Here are a few more verses from the Qur’an:

And behold! G-D will say: “O Jesus the son of Mary!

Did you say unto the people, ‘worship me and my mother

as gods’ to detract (mankind) from worshiping The One G-D?”   

He will say: “Glory to YOU! never could I say what I had no right (to say).”  

“Had I said such a thing, YOU would indeed have known it.”  

“YOU knows what is in my essence, though I  know not what is in Yours.

For YOU Alone, knows in full all that is hidden.” 

“Never said I to them anything except what YOU did command me to say, which was, ‘worship The One G-D, my Guardian-Lord and your Guardian-Lord.’”   

“And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them; when YOU did take me away (from them), YOU were the Watcher over them, and YOU are The Witness to all things.”

“If YOU do punish them, they are YOUR servants: If YOU do forgive them, YOU are The Exalted in Power, The Wise.”  

(End of Quranic verses)

*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a word used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

Also this English spelling of g o d, was a sly joke on the English speaking Christians.

Their manipulator were saying that the Christians were like dogs on a leash.

And the leash was in the hands of their secret masters.

They could only go in the direction that their masters allowed them to go.

In later centuries, others invented the ‘dog collar’

shirts worn by priests. 

The collars were buttoned in the back; just like a dog’s collar.

Cementing the message that Christianity and Christians were being controlled by a master(s).


**In the 7th century the Prophet Muhammed

of Arabia received the Revelation called

the Holy Qur’an from the Angel Gabriel over

a 23 years time period.

He did not know how to read nor write.

He is referred to in the Qur’an as being


He could not write the Qur’an as claimed by

some; because he was not literate.

He recited what was Revealed to him from

the Angel Gabriel and many of his followers

memorised what Muhammed recited to them.  

***WE, US, OUR are references in the

Holy Qur’an to all of the forces of power

(Angels) under the control of The Creator.

They manage all creation. They are totally

obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and obeys

HIS Commands without question.





Judaism is used by them as a screen to hide

their ungodly behaviour.

They were deceived centuries ago by the evil ones

among them into believing that they were superior

to all other Human Beings.”




Imam Wallace Mohammed from the United States of America, greets Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.


“..Work to “help people, not to “convert” them to your thinking or to convert them to your way.

Work to “help people.”

“Leave them with their own minds. Leave them with their own religious choices. Just work to help them with their lives, because the world is filled with Satan leading them and they don’t know that they are being led by Satan.”

I am not talking about a mystery. I’m talking about a “living force” that doesn’t know that it is Satan.”

“Now, if you study Satan in scripture, you’ll see that when Satan was exposed by G-D, Satan never recognized that he was Satan.”

“Satan thought that he was a servant of G-d. Well, that mentality is still existing; they want to “dominate” the world, and they get it by “amassing wealth” and controlling most of the wealth in the human family.”

“That’s how they got their power and they think that they are not Satan.They think they are angels, “archangels” managing the world for G_d.”

“And they are actually “sowing” all kind of problems for families, for Human families, for Human families.”

And they still think that they are archangels for G_d.”

“Isn’t that where Satan begins in scripture, in “heaven” with the angels?
G_ d said; “Get ye (you) down from here, Oh Lucifer!!”

That is brighter than the moon and star. Thank you very much…”


The above meme is not true. The Oscar Award Ceremony is more a gathering of Caucasian Jews. There are only a few token Gentiles among them 🙂









Trump cannot be their ‘white saviour’ because he is just another Genie, like the members of his race. No matter how much money he has; he has no real intelligence or insight.





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