2 Jul


Many Muslims have become hypocritical to their religion; but they are not aware that they have become hypocrites. 

The definition of hypocrisy is:

The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behaviour doesn’t conform; one who put on a pretense. 

Some of the synonyms for hypocrisy is:

false virtue, empty talk, insincerity, dishonesty, pretense, duplicity, sanctimoniousness, piousness. 

Many non Muslims in America and Europe are aware that Muslims pray five times a day and fast for 29 or 30 days during the Islamic month of Ramadan and that millions of Muslims make a Pilgrimage to Mecca yearly.

Besides these 3 things they know little else about Muslims’ beliefs.

They know even less about the responsibility placed on Muslims by our Creator.

In fairness, I have to say that it seems that the majority of Muslims don’t know themselves what those responsibilities are.

Muslims have been tasked to follow the example of the beloved Prophet Muhammed (may peace and blessings from *G-D be upon him).

Muslims are supposed to emulate the excellent behaviour, that he showed during his lifetime.

Many Muslims believe that means that they should dress exactly as he dressed, walk the way that they believed he walked, eat as he ate, pray as he prayed etc.

What many missed in their study of the Prophet; was his love, compassion and kindness for all people.

Not just the people who became Muslims, but for everyone; especially the ones who were pagans. 

He was known even before receiving the Revelation from the Angel Gabriel; as a man who was concerned about the welfare of even the poorest person in Mecca.

He treated everyone with kindness.

He was fair whenever he conducted business transactions. He never tried to cheat anyone.

He was known as a trustworthy person.

He was given the nickname of “Al Ameen,” by the townspeople of Mecca.

This nickname meant ‘the honest and trustworthy one’.

When he received the first Revelation from the Angel Jibril (Gabriel), he had gone to a hill above Mecca to meditate. 

He was seeking (from the Invisible Power that he felt instinctively, existed) knowledge on how to change his barbaric and pagan people, from their cruel and savage behaviour.

He was desperate to find a way to help change the ignorant behaviour of his people; but, The All-Mighty Creator gave him a Message that would be a blessing for all Humanity.

In many verses of the Holy Qur’an he was admonished by G-D, to stop worrying and “fretting himself to death” over his pagan people; because, they were rejecting G-D’s Message, given to him.

G-D also Revealed in Qur’an that Muhammed was “ardently anxious” over them and worried about what would happened to them; because of their rejection of The One G-D’s Guidance.

His primary example, both before and after receiving the Revelation of the Qur’an, from The Creator; was of a very kind hearted man.

Unlike the typical arrogant, boastful Arab male.

So, if Muslims are truly following the example of the Prophet; then Muslims must be ardently anxious about the state of the world today.

Everywhere Muslims live; they are supposed to be concerned about the welfare of their fellow citizens’ well being.

Not just about the welfare of other Muslims; but the welfare of everyone in their community.

Muslims must be doing everything they can, to lessen the burden of their fellow citizens.

Whether that burden is ignorance, poverty, hunger, drug and alcohol dependency, sexual perversions, racism, class superiority, lack of knowledge about G-D, misunderstanding of religion etc.


Many non Muslims in America interacts with Immigrant Muslims on a daily basis.

Whether it is in the colleges or universities, or the workplace or the small stores and gas stations owned by Muslims all over the country.

Many people are not even aware that they are Muslims.

These Muslims don’t want to be known as being Muslims, because they may be doing things that are not in accord with the teachings of Al-Islam.


Many owners of small stores and gas stations are selling things in their store that their religions forbids. 

Things like alcohol, synthetic marijuana, drug paraphernalia, pornographic magazines etc.

About a years ago some young Muslims of African descent, went to various stores in a certain part of the country and asked the owners; why they were selling products harmful to the health of their customers. 

muslim-owned-liquor-store   8502-beer-and-wine




anti-alcohol rally

Instead of supporting what they were doing; some foreign born Muslims and their children criticised them on social media.

This was a response that I wrote on FaceBook; to those Muslims who were criticising them because they belonged to “the wrong Muslim group.” 

The wrong Muslims group because these young men; may have belonged to Minister Farrakhan’s community. 

“What they did should have been done many, many many years ago.  

Hypocritical Muslims who are smearing the religion of Al -Islam by their lack of concern for their fellow Human Beings, who need the Guidance of Al-Islam.  

They are only concerned with making profit off the ignorance of their customers. 

What are these Muslim store owners doing to alleviate the ignorance of their customers?  

Do they provide Islamic pamphlets to help their customer change their lives for the better? 

Hell no!  

They want to see them stay ignorant so they can continue to financially exploit them.

They are doing the same thing, as the Jews who immigrated to America during the last century.  

During the early 20th century; when many Jews immigrated to the United States of America (USA). 

Some members of the Jewish community set up night clubs, and stores etc. where they provided entertainment and products that were against Jewish Laws. 

African Americans provided the entertainment at these club, and African Americans were the primary customers at their stores. 

Now many Muslims who have immigrated to the USA are following the same example of the Jews who immigrated to the USA in the 20th century. 

Many of their stores they have established, are located in African American communities. 

They sell alcohol, pork products, drug paraphernalia and other products forbidden by Al-Islam.  

They have no concern for the harm these things are causing to their customers.

They are not concerned with helping their customers to become better Human Beings; they just want to make money off their ignorance. 

I am sure many of them go home at night and laugh about the ignorance of their customers.  

Anyone saying that it is wrong for exposing these hypocrites on social media, are really just saying:

“let them keep on doing what they have been doing. Leave them in their pursuit of exploiting these orphans.” 

(They are orphans because they don’t have good and sincere leadership)

The reason for these Muslims’ lack of concern is because too many immigrant Muslims from Arab countries and from India/Pakistan and their children born here are racists towards people of African descent.

In fact, many of them are more racist towards African Americans, than the typical Caucasian American racist is.

I was once told by some Muslim African American children, who had attended integrated schools with Caucasian Christian and Jewish classmates, from an early age.

They said that the first time they were ever called by a derogatory racial name, was when they attended Islamic classes with immigrant Muslims’ children.

Many immigrant Muslims like to pat themselves on the back, claiming that there is no racism in Islam.

But in fact they exhibit more racist behaviour than many Jews and Christians.

There is no racism in the teachings of Islam; but there is plenty of racism among the people who claim to be Muslims.

Anyone who visits an African American or mixed race Christian church, would find more welcome and friendliness; than attending a Masjid (mosque), of immigrant Muslims.

On many occasians when Muslim Americans of African descent, visit a Masjid (mosque); where the majority of the members are immigrant Muslims; their reaction to their visit, is the same as one would expect on visiting a gathering of **Ku Klux Klan members.

No friendliness, no warm welcome; just unfriendly stares.

You will find many mixed marriages between Caucasian Americans and African Americans; but it is a rarity to find a mixed marriage between an African American Muslim and an immigrant Muslim or marriage to the children of foreign born Muslims.

Whereas there are many mixed marriages of Caucasian American Muslims with immigrant, or with the children of immigrant Muslims.

This un-Islamic behaviour of many immigrant Muslims is a picture of how Muslims from their former homelands think and behave.

True Islam is not in their souls.

They don’t seem to understand that the reason why so many bad things are happening in their ancestral homelands is; because of the un Islamic mentality they all share. 

Their behavior is no different than what has been revealed in the Qur’an about the behavior of the Children of Israel.  

They are now making the exact same mistakes as the followers of  Judaism did in the past.  

Judaism say that you can only be a “proper Jew” through blood linage.  

Many Muslims now erroneous believe that you have to learn Arabic and adopt the dress and customs of Arabs or Pakistanis, to be a proper Muslim.  

They won’t say it out of their mouths but their attitude and behaviour shows that this is what they believe.   

They believe if you are a Muslim convert you are not a real Muslim.

Many think that The Creator has made all Arabic speaking Muslims superior to Muslims, who don’t speak Arabic.

They believe that The Creator only give knowledge and insight to people who speak Arabic.

That somehow Arabs are G-D’s favourites.

That HE loves Arabs more than any other Muslims.

Just like Jews believe that they are the favourites of G-D.

(That is why there is a continuous problem between Jews and Arabs in the so-called middle east. They both are being punished)

The majority of immigrant Muslims and many of their American born children, have no respect for Muslim converts especially those of African descent.  

They are more respectful of Caucasian Muslims converts; because they have been influenced by Caucasian racism, to see Caucasians as being more important than any other ethnic group.  

But Muslims of African descent are treated with disrespect. They are treated as inferiors.

Not just in America but in many other countries around the world.

In Africa, you will find many Arab and Indian/Pakistan/Bangladesh immigrants mistreating dark skinned Africans.  

Most of the foreign born Muslims and their children don’t care about what these stores are selling because their primary customer are of African descent.  

I say that the terrible things happening to Muslims worldwide will NEVER get better until Muslims in America and Europe start behaving like true Muslims.  

Muslims all claim to be following the Sunnah of the Prophet when in reality they are very far away from it. 

Muslims seem to have forgotten, that the Prophet Muhammed; earnestly prayed for his pagan people to change for the better. 

 It grieved his heart that they were rejecting G-D’s Guidance. 

How many Muslims are praying, for a change from the ignorance that they see daily in America? 

Does it hurt their hearts to see the people of this country behave so ignorantly? 

What are they doing to help the people of this country make a change for the better? 

No, most of them just want to laugh at them and make a profit off their ignorance.  

Next time you or one of your relatives sell alcohol or synthetic marijuana or rak pipes or pork products, to ignorant Americans just remember you are contributing to the terrible reputation of Muslims worldwide.  

Your selling of haram (forbidden) products to orphans (people without guidance or good leadership), will ensure that all Muslims worldwide; will continue to suffer.  

So I applaud these young men and I encourage other Muslims across America to expose these errant Muslims.”

In summary:

Muslims have not been behaving as Muslims for the past few centuries. 

Muslims have lost the true essence of their religion. They are like hollow pieces of timber.

The true essence of Al-Islam is not in their hearts and minds.

The Qur’an and the life of our Creator’s noble Prophet Muhammed is the Light of the world. But those, who call themselves Muslims, have no light to shine on this dark world.

Muslims in the world today, do not exemplify the Qur’an nor the life of the Prophet Muhammed, with their behaviour. 

Many of them have become greedy, selfish, monkish, racists, cowards who do nothing to solve the problems of the world.

I say ‘monkish’ because they have withdrawn from the world. They behave like monks.

Many are just concerned about saying their daily prayers, fasting, pilgrimage etc; but care nothing about changing the bad conditions of their city, or changing the bad situation in the country where live in.

All that matters to them is self-purification. 

Making sure that they will go to Heaven by their daily religious rituals.

Non Muslims don’t see Muslims as being helpful in fighting the serious problems in the world. 

They just know that Muslims pray daily, fast during Ramadan and make pilgrimage to Mecca.

Just consumed by their religious rituals like monks do.

Maybe that is the reason why so many young Muslims are committing terrorist acts.

They reject the monkish behaviour of their elders and erroneously believe that they should physically fight to make the world aware of Islam.

They erroneously believe that, The Creator loves them more than anyone else; so it is okay to kill people for not embracing Islam.

Now almost everyday we read about another brutal and senseless terrorist act committed by people who claim to be Muslims. 

Their hearts are filled with hatred for Humanity. There is no room in their hearts for love and compassion for Humanity. 

Look at how the Saudis are bombing men, women and children in Yemen. 

To kill another Muslim in Al-Islam, is one of the greatest sins.

What did the women and children of Yemen do that justifies them being blown to bits by bombs? 

The Saudis and any other so-called Muslims who take innocent life will have to answer for it on The Day of Judgment. 

This is the reason why so many bad things are happening to Muslims all over the Earth.

The majority of the Muslims’ hearts and minds, have deviated away from the kindhearted and loving example of the noble Prophet Muhammed. 

These bad things happening to Muslims, are Signs that The One and Only G-D is not happy with Muslims’ behaviour.

HE is trying to wake Muslims up.

HE wants them to come back to the true Message of Al-Islam.

Muslims must fulfill their responsibilities to help mankind.

*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

**The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is an American, racist Caucasian organization who believe in Caucasian supremacy. Historically they have claimed to be good Christians. raist-kkk-jesus-saves




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