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I have been living in a small city in Florida for the past several years.

Recently I visited a large city in Ohio.

I was surprised to see so many African American men wearing their pants with their underwear showing.

When I was a child I remember seeing babies wearing cloth diapers.  

When they had poop in their diapers it looks exactly the way these men look with their pants sagging.


 I had read in the past, that some cities and towns had passed laws against men wearing their pants like this. 

 I am 100% against making laws telling people what they can or can’t wear.

But I am also 100% against young men walking around with their pants hanging down revealing their underwear.

Having to pass laws to stop this trend, points to the weakness within our communities.

 We cannot have a reasoned discussion with our young men and tell them how infantile and ridiculous they look dressing like that, without resorting to passing laws against it.

I know that these men may be doing it as an expressing of their individuality.

That it is a kind of rebellion against what is considered normal in the society.

But what may be a person’s expression of rebellion may make that person look stupid in the eyes of other people.

The majority of leading members of our communities (ministers, Imams, City Council members etc.) don’t have any kind of rapport with our young people.

They have no kind of rapport with many of our young men outside of their circle of influence.

So, they feel that the best solution is to pass laws against sagging pants.They are just following the same trend as what was taught to them during slavery.

The master (government) had all the solutions to their problems.

(Just like what our people have been doing since the end of American slavery: looking to the government to solve our problem.) 

It may not be as hard as we think it is to change this sagging trend.

We don’t have to convince each person one at a time to stop doing it.

The way to stop this silliness is to find individuals whom these young men admire.

They could be sports figures, actors, or musicians and have them record public service announcements criticizing the wearing of pants like that.

The message should not be too harsh, but a gentle, comical, ridiculing of sagging pants.

The message should stay clear of belittling those who wear these drooping butt pants.

It should come across as  someone who truly has their concern and well being at heart.

Or another way is to write a script and make a movie with actors whom they love.

The movie should ridicule the practice of saggy butt pants.

Remember, in the 1990s a few movies made by Eddie Murphy, Robert Townsend and the Wayans brothers, completely ridiculed the ‘Jerri Curls’ hairstyle.

Almost overnight many of our people who had Jeri Curls, got rid of it.

I believe that this would be the best way to stop this foolish sagging butt pants trend.

In addition we should use the media to help make positive changes within our community. 

We have to find creative ways to educate the majority of our young about our great heroes of the past. 

We cannot just encourage reading books because; maybe, many of them are not inclined to read.

Too many of us are waiting for ‘others’ to make movies about our heroes.

And when they do we find fault with the actors and actresses they chose to play the rolls.

We behave like little children waiting for adults (the masters) to do everything for us.

We should feel insulted when someone from another ethnic group decide to make movies about our heroes.

Because in most cases they will not stress the very important part of our heroes lives.

So we must make movies to encourage our young people to strive to be successful at whatever they choose to do in life.

To show them how our ancestors struggled against all odds in a society that was totally against them succeeding.

We have more opportunities now to succeed in America; than, at any other time in our history.

Our educational and financial strength as a people are greater now, than it has ever been.

We should stop behaving like children and take full responsibility for the development of our people and our communities. 


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