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For too many religious people, it is now; “in guns we trust” instead of “in God we trust”?

23 Aug


Religious people who claim that they believe in The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth; but, says that they NEED guns in order to protect themselves from bad people; shows a lack of faith and trust in The Creator.  

The Master-Creator is the best Protector

In the Divinely Revealed Scriptures (Torah, Gospel, Qur’an), HE tells us that HE Alone has control over our lives and death.

We do not live in a war zone in the United States of America.

There is no war taking place in our country; where large numbers of our citizens are killed everyday.

When Dylan Roof murdered those worshipers in the church in South Carolina; some members of the African American clergy, were saying that guns should be allowed in churches.

They were saying in their hearts, but not with their mouths;”that Jesus cannot protect them while they are in their churches.”

What they are saying in essence is that The Creator cannot protect us while we are in our houses of worship.


Did Jesus of Nazareth tells his followers to arm themselves with weapons for protection against the Romans or others? 

Have Christians forgotten the Lord’s Prayer from the Bible, in Psalms 23? 

“The Lord-Creator is my shepherd; I shall not want. 

HE maketh me to lie down in green pastures:  

HE leadeth me beside the still waters. 

HE restoreth my soul:  

HE leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for HIS Name’s sake. 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:  

For Thou art with me; THY Rod and THY Staff, they comfort me. 

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:  

Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:  

And I will dwell in the House of the Lord-Creator for ever.” 

(End of Psalms verses) 

As I said before; we don’t live in a war zone.  

The citizens of the United States of America, are not at war with each other. 

Despite what some media outlets like FOX News; have been saying.

They want their viewers (who are primarily Caucasians); to believe that people of African descent hate them and want to kill them.

They highlight every racial incident in the country.  

They have been spreading paranoia and fear, that has made many weak minded Americans very fearful.

When you walk-by these people in public, who have been programmed with a steady diet of fear from the media; you can see the look of fear in their eyes.

I have lived in the USA for almost 50 years; and I had never encountered so many fearful looking Caucasian people, as I now see, almost on a daily basis.

Even during the era of the black Panthers and black militants groups of the late 1960s, and early 1970; when there was a lot of talk about racial war; Caucasians were not so fearful as they are now.

Buying weapons out of fear.

Many of these fearful people have been buying an arsenal of weapons in preparation for a coming racial war in America.

A racial war that will NEVER happen! 

Many of these fanatical gun collectors, usually end up using their guns to kill their wives, husbands, children, friends, neighbours, co-workers, innocents strangers at the mall, students at colleges or universities, elementary school children or to kill themselves.

Their weapons are rarely used against the people whom they claim they need protection from.


Gun mentality

Many people who have guns; have a strong desire to use them.

They are just itching for the opportunity to use their guns.

They put themselves in situations, where if they didn’t have their guns with them; they would fear to tread. 

They will initiate confrontations with strangers; so that they will then be able to shoot someone.

Then they will claim that they feared for their lives.

They were the ones carrying the guns; but they were afraid of someone else, who didn’t have a gun.

George Zimmerman would not have followed Trayvon Martin that night, if he didn’t have his gun with him.

He was bold and brave against a harmless teenager; because he had a gun on him.

When the teenager asked him, why he was following him and then bested him in a physical scuffle; the coward shot him.

Cowards with guns

Most of these gun owners are really cowards without their guns.

They would never confront anyone; unless they have a gun on them. 

In their minds, the image that they have of themselves; is always one with a gun in their hands. 

In their homes they will most likely have photos or videos of themselves with their guns.

They imagine themselves as their favourite action actors, in movie scenes, with  guns in their hands.

They picture themselves shooting people.

Having guns makes them feel invincible. 

They no longer behave like normal Human Beings.

These gun fanatics have developed a gun mentality. 

They believe every argument can be solved with a gun. 

No matter what the problem is, to them the solution is always to use their guns.

idiots with guns

Who is our true protector in this life?

True believers in the All-Mighty knows that protection only comes from our Lord-Creator.

Some people may have an arsenal of weapons; but, when it is their time to die nothing will save them from death.

Some people believe they should teach their children how to use guns.

There have been many, many incidents of children shooting their siblings or friends or using guns to kill their parents.

Do you remember the news story about the man who taught others how to handle and shoot guns at a gun range?

He was accidentally killed by a little girl with an Uzi he was showing her how to use.

And many other incidents that show the fallacy of teaching children how to use guns. 

The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth controls both our lives and death. 

There is a saying I remember from the past that goes:

“He who fears to lose his life, will lose his life.”  

Which means, if you keep worrying about something bad happening to you, then it will happen to you. 

People of Faith should stop worrying about their death. 

We have no control over the time or place that it will happen. 

And, nothing will happen to anyone in their lives, unless The Master-Creator of the Heavens and Earth allows it to happen. 

Death is not a punishment.

 It is part of the process of our existence.

So keep calm, and continue to do the best that you can in this life.

Don’t worry about things, that you have absolutely no control over. 


In our world today, we find many people who claim to be religious; with an overwhelming fear of death. 

I don’t know why this is so. 

Since the majority of the followers of the 3 monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Al-Islam, claim that they believe in a Life after Death.  

They all believe that they will meet The Master-Creator in the Next Life.

Christians especially believe that they will be welcomed into the bosom of Jesus Christ, in the After-Life. 

There they will then, receive their rewards for their belief and for the good and righteous deeds that they did while living on Earth. 

So why, do they have this overwhelming fear of death?  

Could it be that the majority of religious people on Earth; don’t really believe in what their religion teaches? 

Or could it be, that quite possibly; many Jews, Christians and Muslims are really hypocritical to the teachings of their own faith group? 

And they fear that the evil and immoral things that they have been doing, in this life will land them in Hell and not in Heaven. 


Our existence from the moment the sperm entered the egg, within the wombs of our mothers, have been nothing but life and death.  

We die to one phase of our existence to come alive to another phase.

We die as sperm to come alive as a fetus growing in the bodies of our mothers.

We then die as a fetus to come alive as babies; when we leave the bodies of our mothers.

When we die in this physical world we come to life in another world.

This Next-Life, quite possibly is a Spiritual World.

Our Creator has Revealed in Scriptures, that this life in the Hereafter is the final phase of our existence. 

This is what The Master-Creator has Revealed in the Qur’an about our stages of life and death: 

With The Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer 

O mankind! if you have a doubt about Resurrection (after your death):  

Then (Consider this), **WE have created you out of dirt, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that WE may manifest (G-D’s power) to you: 

And WE cause whom WE will to rest in the wombs (of their mothers) until  an appointed time; then do WE bring you out as babies, then (nurtured you) that you may reach your age of full strength:

And some of you are called to an early death, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing (senile) after having known (so much):

And (further), you see the Earth barren and lifeless, but when WE pour down rain (water) on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs). 

This is so, because The One G-D is The Reality: it is HE WHO gives life to the dead, and it is HE WHO has power over all things. 

(End of verses from The Holy ***Qur’an) 



We must put our complete faith and trust in the All-Mighty Creator.  

Nothing happens to us good or bad in this life unless HE allows it.  

We can have an arsenal of weapons; and still get killed.  

surrounded by guns

When it is our time to die then we will die. 

None can protect like HIM.

The more we put our faith and trust in HIM for everything, the more HE will help us.


A weak faith in your Creator, will lead to a hypocritical religious behaviour in your life.  

Only people who don’t believe in The Creator, and in Life after Death, should fear death. 

They believe this life is more important than anything else. 

They wish that they could live for hundreds of years. 

They will do everything they can, to prolong their life in this world. 

They see death as emptiness. They believe death is the end of our existence. 

Those who truly believe in The All-Mighty, knows that nothing will happen to us unless HE allows it to happen. 

So to get guns in preparation for what MAY happens shows a lack of trust in our Creator. 

*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth. 

**WE, US, OUR are references in the Holy Qur’an to all of the forces of power (Angels) under the control of The Creator. They manage all creation. They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and obeys HIS Commands without question.

*** The verses of the Holy Qur’an were revealed to Muhammed

the son of Abdullah in Arabia in the 7th century.

It was revealed to him over a 23 years time period.

The Revealed Verses came from G-D’s Angel Gabriel.

Muhammed just like the majority of Arabs at that time;

could neither read nor write. 

The Revealed Verses were pressed into his heart and mind by

the Angel, Gabriel.

Muhammed then recited the verses to his followers and the

majority of them memorised it.

Shortly after Muhammed passed away from this Earth;

the Revealed Verses were compiled in the form of a book

by his son-in-law Uthman.

Uthman was the third leader of the Muslim community

after Muhammed had passed away.

After the Qur’an was completed in the form of a book;

Uthman gathered hundreds of the Muslims who had heard

and memorised the Revealed Verses as given by Muhammed.

The complete Qur’an was recited to them; and they were asked

if the verses were exactly in the same sequence and

order as they had heard Prophet Muhammed recite it.

Everyone of them agreed.

Many non Muslims may not be aware that the order of

the Qur’anic verses are not as they were Revealed to Muhammed.

For instance the First and Last Revealed verses of the Qur’an

are in the middle of the Qur’an.

Not at the beginning and nor at the end of the Qur’an.

In fact many of the early Revelations given to Muhammed,

are actually at the end of the Qur’an.

Muhammed recited it in the order, as he was instructed to,

by the Angel Gabriel.


The Psychological Harm in Imitating Caucasian Beauty

22 Aug
There is a major problem that exist among people of African descent, that we pretend doesn’t exist. 
The legacy of slavery is still affecting the descendants of the former slaves. 
We are no longer physical slaves, but the majority of our people are still mentally enslaved. 
Our male ancestors’ manhood was almost totally destroyed by our former slave masters.
The male slaves had no ability to protect their wives and children.
Some of our female ancestors willingly had sex with Caucasian males as a strategy to protect themselves and their children.
They knew that there was safety and protection in being with any Caucasian male, rather than a male from their own race. 
Also another major tool for keeping our ancestors under control was/is the psychological enslavement that came from worshipping a Caucasian image that was supposed to be the ‘son of god’. 
This cemented in their minds, the Caucasian supremacy idea that the Caucasian male, was the ideal man. 
Look at how our women have been aping Caucasian women for over 100 years. 
It has become a normal thing to see the majority of our women wearing straight hair weaves or wigs, chemically straightening their hair, dyeing their hair yellow, red, brown in imitating Caucasian women’s hair.  
Many are also using bleaching creams to lighten their skin. 
In the past a great African American leader stated “our women don’t belong to us, they belong to Caucasian men.”  
Our women were following the beauty standard that was accepted and desired by Caucasian males for their women. 
They are not trying to please men of African descent, by what they are doing to their skin and hair.  
Subconsciously they are trying to please Caucasian men (Jesus). 
Currently one of the most popular TV shows, which is loved by many of women of African descent is “Scandal.” 
In the first season a major part of the  show was about a rich and powerful Caucasian male; who was secretly having an adulterous relationship with one of his slaves……er, I mean a ‘black’ woman who worked for him. 
What is the difference in this scenario from what took place many, many times during the days of slavery? 
I have heard women of African descent complain numerous times about how “black” men are always chasing “white” women. 
Who taught young “black” boys to idolise and worship Caucasian beauty? 
From an early age, boys of African descent were taught that a Caucasian man was the ‘son of god’. 
Then later they saw their mothers, sisters, aunts and every other woman of African descent that they knew; imitating the beauty standards of Caucasian women; by straightening their hair. 
So, when they came of age, sexually; why shouldn’t they strive to get one of the women, of this special race of people? 
Why shouldn’t they try to get one of these Caucasian women; whom the women of their own race, have wasted so much time, money and effort trying to imitate. 
If women of African descent knew the mental harm that they are causing to their young children by their slavish imitation of Caucasian beauty standards they would: 
People of African descent will NEVER get the respect of other races until they learn to appreciate and love the natural beauty that the Lord-Creator has given them. 
Some Caucasians in America have been subtly hinting this to us for many years.  
They see our collective behaviour as little children who have not learned to take on adult responsibilities. 
They want us to behave as adults and not like children; who, just dress up and imitate the behaviour of their parents. 
A recent example of this was when they fell overly in love with Lupita Nyong’O the actress from “12 Years A Slave.” 
Lupita is a very dark skinned woman who wears her hair natural. 
Also she is very proud of her African ancestry. 
Her pictures were plastered in magazines and on web sites that normally doesn’t feature women of African descent. 
They were trying to send us a message saying: “We don’t hate people of African descent just because they are dark skinned and they look different from us.”  
“We just cannot respect and treat imitators, as our equal.”
Can an imitation be equal to the original? 
An imitation will always be second place, to the original.
Our quest to imitate Caucasians, is one reason why Caucasians will never treat our people as equals.
Sisters please give the world an image of yourselves that we can be proud of.
An image of a woman proud of her dark skin, thick lips, broad nose and natural thick curly hair (if you were born with it) 
Not an image of a woman trying to see how close she can look and behave like Caucasian women. 
Brothers show your appreciation for our women who have made the courageous decision to go natural.  
Whether they shave all their hair off or grow dreadlocks.  
They are all equally beautiful.
And my beloved sisters, please stop trying to out-slut the behaviour of immoral Caucasian women.
Stop appearing in public, semi-nude or wearing tight fitting clothes; that reveal the shapes of your beautiful bodies.
And stop wearing those ridiculous looking, high heeled shoes.  
The picture of the monkey with the blonde wig, is what many people think about; when they see women of African descent make a monkey of themselves; imitating Caucasian women
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The psychological chain of slavery is our biggest obstacle.                                              

A Glance at The Qur’an

22 Aug

To those uninformed about the Islamic faith and the Holy Qur’an:

In The Holy Qur’an can be found these names and title:

Allah or *G-D – 2,069 times. 

Despite what many Muslims believe; Allah is not The Name of The Creator. 

Allah is a title that means: The One True Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

In many places in the Qur’an, Allah says that HE has the Most Beautiful Names.

And HE encourages all Human Beings, to call on HIM by those Names.

Names such as (in English): 

The Most Merciful

The Most Compassionate 

The Protector 

The Forgiver

The Subduer

The Watcher

The Mighty

The Source of Peace

The All-Knowing

The All-Seeing

The Judge

The Resurrector

The Most High

And 86 other Names of our Creator, as Revealed in the Holy Qur’an. 


Also in the Qur’an are these names; phrases, and the number of times they are mentioned:

Adam – 25 times

Prophet Noah – 47 times

Prophet Abraham – 69 times

Prophet Lot – 28 times

Prophet David – 16 times

Prophet Solomon – 19 times

Prophet Moses – 167 times

Prophet Aaron – 24 times

Mary the mother of Jesus – 32 times

Jesus the son of Mary – 28 times

Christ – 26 times

Prophet Mohammed – 4 times

Children of Israel – 43 times

Jews and Jewish – 14

Christians – 13

People of the Book (followers of the Torah and Gospel) – 31


Prophet Muhammed name is mentioned less times for a very specific reason.

Many non Muslims who have never studied Al-Islam or the Holy Qur’an erroneously believe that Muhammed wrote the Qur’an.

One important reason why this is not true is:

Muhammed just like the majority of Arabs at that time; could neither read nor write.

He is referred to in many verses of the Qur’an as being “unlettered.”

The Qur’an describes him as, “an unlettered prophet, sent to an unlettered people”.

If indeed Muhammed did write the Qur’an; then he would certainly have put his name in it more than 4 times.

Surely more times than any other Prophet.

The Merciful Creator knew that over the centuries, some people would erroneously claim, that Muhammed was the author of the Qur’an.

So quite possibly, that may have been the reason was Muhammed’s name is rarely mentioned in the verses of the Qur’an.

Also in many places in the Qur’an, Muhammed is reprimanded by Allah, for errors and mistakes in judgement, that Muhammed made.

Muhammed had said and done things that was not approved of by G-D.

Why would a person write a book that reveals his embarrassing errors and mistakes?

If Muhammed had written the Quran, none of his mistakes would have been included.

Any intelligent person among the Christians, and Jews who truly believes in the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth; should want to read this Revelation from G-D for themselves.

Also those who sincerely believe in Atheism, Buddhism etc. should also study the Holy Qur’an.

They should not just parrot the negative things that they have heard the media or others who hate Islam and Muslims; say or write about the Holy Qur’an.


The hidden secret circles (rings), who have been controlling the hearts and minds of the people of Europe and the Americas for centuries; don’t want their dupes to study the Qur’an for themselves.

They have been promoting a negative concepts about Al-Islam, Muslims and the Qur’an.

They know that their dupes would wake up, if they seriously studied the Qur’an and Islam.

Their ‘sheep’ would wake up overnight, if they studied the Qur’an.

The sheep herders, also know that if the people they control and manipulate started to study the Qur’an; they would see for themselves that the majority of Muslims are not really following the Qur’an.

They would see that many Muslim’s daily behaviour, does not represent the religion they claim to follow.

Quite possibly, the sheep may become better followers of what is taught in the Qur’an, than the present day Muslims 🙂

There is a quote that I heard many year ago, that was attributed to Sir George Bernard Shaw.

He said, “the most beautiful thing that he has ever encountered in his life, was the Holy Qur’an. And the ugliest thing that he has ever encountered in his life, were people who claimed to be Muslims.”

The majority of Muslims worldwide are so far away from the real message of Al-Islam, it is like night and day.


*god spelt backwards is dog. Not a respectful spelling of a word to be associated with The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

** The Qur’an was revealed to Muhammed ibn (the son of) Abdullah in the 7th century. He received this revelation over a 23 years time period from the Angel Gabriel.

Just like the majority of Arabs at that time, he could not read nor write. He is referred to in the Qur’an as being unlettered.

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This picture is of the House called the Khaaba in Mecca, Arabia; that was built by Abraham and his son Isma’il centuries ago. It was dedicated to The One True G-D of the Heavens and Earth.


Bossy Controlling Women

22 Aug


My life experience has taught me that women who are “bossy” or controlling are usually the ones who were molested sexually or abused, when they were younger.

They usually never told anyone about the abuse and never received any type of psychotherapy for it.

As they grew older, this secret that they kept hidden had a negative effect on their ability to have a good relationship with any male.

Because they were taken advantage of; and they were not able to prevent it; subconsciously they feel the need to be the controller, in whatever relationship they are in.

During the early stage of any relationship they are in; they can be quite timid. But the longer the relationship last; their controlling behaviour becomes more apparent.

After they get married; that is when the romance ends.

"Stop interrupting me when I'm trying to choose your best man for the wedding!"

They have some desire for sex but it must be the way they want it.

They will decide the time and place for sex.

Also they will decide what will or will not be done during sexual intercourse.

Most likely during the sex act, they will be emotionless.

They behave like a child being taken advantage of by an adult male.

They don’t like to be kissed, and most likely they will never initiate sex.

And frequently they don’t like to be touched.

They usually sleep with their backs towards their husbands.

Every time they have sex with their husbands; they behave as if they are doing him a favour.

And that he should feel privileged that she has consented to shared her body with him.

Many times she will decide to have sex because of some interaction (conversation, argument, etc.) she has had with some other man that day.

She then decides that tonight she will have sex with her husband.

But, as soon as it is over, she doesn’t wants him to touch her anymore.

When their husbands voice any type of dissatisfaction with the state of the marriage, their behavior will then become worse.

They will start finding fault with everything their husbands do.

They will never have anything positive to say to or about their husbands.

In time, due to their negative thoughts about their husbands; many of them will transfer their affection to some other man (or woman).

Most likely a friend from work, or school or worse one of their female friend’s husband or boyfriend.

They will pour out their hearts to this other person; complaining about their husbands

Then when they eventually commit adultery with this person; they will then firmly believe as gospel truth that it was the husband’s fault.

They will say, if it wasn’t because of his behaviour towards her; she would not have committed adultery.

They will never see themselves as being at fault.

They truly believe that they are the victims and their husbands (just like the person who molested them as a child) are the guilty ones.

After or during the adulterous affair their dislike for their husbands will become more intense.

They are filled with rage against everything he does.

Sometimes during argument she will threaten to kill him or become violent.

intimate terrorist

In many crimes cases on record this is what has happened.

Many women who were committing adultery; finally decided to kill their husbands rather than get a divorce.

Eventually, the men they are with end up divorcing them or being unfaithful to them.

That is the reason why so many marriages end.

As I said at the beginning of this article; this primarily applies to women who were sexually abused when they were younger.

Young girls who never told anyone about the abuse nor received treatment for the abuse.

This bossy behaviour does not apply to all women.

'You're Daddy's boss?... But I thought, Mummy was Daddy's boss!'

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Prophet Muhammed is the Returned Christ (study his life)

22 Aug


In the Bible Jesus of Nazareth said this about the one that will come after him in John 16:12-13

“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

Below is a quote by Sir George Bernard Shaw about the Prophet:

“The medieval ecclesiastics, either through ignorance or bigotry, painted Mohammedanism in the darkest colors. 

They were in fact trained both to hate the man Mohammed and his religion.  

To them Mohammed was Anti-Christ. I have studied him — the wonderful man, and in my opinion far from being an Anti-Christ he must be called the Savior of Humanity.”

(End of Quote) 

Muhammed Ibn Abdullah was born in Mecca, Arabia in 570 AD.

His father’s name was Abdullah and his mother’s name was Aminah.

His father was a member of the tribe of Quraish. This was the leading tribe of the city.

The city of Mecca was founded by Prophet Abraham’s African wife Hagar and his son Isma’il.

Many centuries before Muhammed was born, the Prophet Abraham took his second wife Hagar and his infant son Isma’il to a deserted location in the southern part of Arabia.

There was nothing there but sand. No trees for shade, nor any water.

He informed Hagar that he had to leave them there alone.

She asked him why was he leaving them there.

He said that G-D had revealed to him that he must do so.

She replied, “If this is what G-D has ordained then I will do as HE commands.”

After being there for some time; all her provisions of food and water were exhausted.

With her baby crying and nothing in her breast to nourish him, she left him sitting in the sand and walked to a nearby hill (later called As-Safa); looking for any travelers on the horizon.

Seeing no one; she then walked to another nearby hill (later called Al-Marwa) that was in the opposite direction.

She still saw no one. She then retraced her steps to the first hill.

Still no one in sight.

She walked and sometimes ran, back and forth between these hills several times.

Imagine the anguish of this desperate mother!

Leaving her crying child sitting in the sand, while she goes back and forth walking and sometimes running between these two hills. Praying to G-D the whole time, asking HIM to please let someone come to their aid.

The child Ismail, is also distraught. Tears running down his face while he cries loudly.

Why has his mother left him alone sitting on the sand while she goes back and forth?  

Why is his mother no stopping to comfort him in her arms?

He is frustrated and while he cries he digs his heels into the sand where he sits.

After the seventh time walking and running between the hills; with tears in her eyes she looks at her crying child.

She notices moisture where he has been digging his heels into the sands.

She walks over to him and starts to dig out the sand where the moisture is.

Out comes a spring bubbling with clear water (later called the well of ZamZam).

The Merciful G-D had answered her prayers and provided water from a source that she could not have envisioned.

Later travelers came who provided them with food.

This location became a rest spot for travelers because it was now a place where water was available.

Others decided to settle there permanently and thus began the city of Mecca.

And now many centuries after this event the Well of ZamZam is still producing water.

Other wells have been dug in Mecca, during these past centuries and they all have dried up.

Only the well of ZamZam is still producing water.

Later Abraham and her son Ismail built in Mecca, the First House of worship dedicated to The One True G-D.


That House is called the Khaaba.

Abraham prayed after it’s completion, that this House would be a place of Pilgrimage for all people who believed in The One True G-D.

Many years later after the death of Abraham and Ismail, the people in Mecca and the surrounding countries reverted back to paganism.

They filled the Sacred House of G-D with idols gods made out of wood, stone and metal.

They knew these man made objects were not the G-D of Abraham; but, they believed these physical idols brought them closer to what they called “The Invisible G-D.”

Mankind from ancient times, has falsely believed that they needed physical objects that they can see and touch in order for their worship to be valid.

These pagans also corrupted the rituals of Pilgrimage taught by Abraham centuries before.

The pagans who came on the pilgrimage to honor their idols; committing all kinds of illicit and immoral activities while in Mecca.

Whore mongering, drunkenness, gambling, fighting all done during their worship of their idols.

Many of them also circled the House of G-D completely nude. If their clothing was soiled, or torn and dirty; they felt it would be dishonorable to wear them while circling the Khaaba.

This was the situation in the city of Mecca when Muhammed was born.

Shortly before Muhammed was born his father Abdullah died.

When he was still a toddler he was sent to live with an Arab family in the desert.

According to ancient Arab tradition, children of city dwellers who could afford it sent their baby boys to live with Bedouin families (desert dwellers).

They believed it was healthier for young boys. It was supposed to make them grow up into sturdier and healthy.

His mother travelled to the city of Medina to get him when he was about six years old.

She died on the journey back to Mecca.

He then lived with his paternal grandfather.

Two years later his grandfather died.

He then went to live with one of his uncle.

All these tragedies happened early in his life; because that was what The Creator had ordained.

These losses made him a thoughtful person from an early age. This cultivated a soul within him, that was kind and compassionate to all animals and Human Beings.

He grew into the kind of person that was needed to deliver G-D’s Message to his people.

As a teenager, he went on caravan travels with his uncle to Syria.

Syria at that time included what is now known as Palestine, Lebanon, and Israel.

Muhammed was impress with the behaviour of the Christians he encountered in Syria.

Although the Christians of Syria had their own internal problems; Muhammed saw their behaviour as being much more civilised than the people of Arabia.

The typical Arab male in Mecca was arrogant and barbaric. To show any kind of human kindness was considered a weakness.

They had tribal wars that lasted generations. Many times these wars began because of some small trifling matter.

Their tribal honoured meant everything to them. If someone insulted their tribe then violence always followed the insult. The strong tribes took advantage of the weaker tribes.

The women of the weaker tribes were prey for the men of stronger tribe.

It became so bad for women that many fathers buried their infant daughters alive in the sand.

They feared that if they grew up to become attractive women; they may cause shame to their fathers and their tribes if they were abused or raped.

Women were viewed only as sex objects and the bearers of children.

When a woman no longer appealed to her husband sexually; he would say to her, “you are now like my mother. I no longer desire you sexually.”

Muhammed was nothing like them. He was always concern about the less fortunate people in Mecca. He along with his friend Abu Bakr had established a group to help impoverished visitors to Mecca.

This is what says about this time in his life, before he received the Revelation from G-D:

“Above all, his earlier life was marked by that rare characteristic, rarest of all in Arabia at the time, love of the poor, the orphan, the widow, the weak, the helpless and the slave. Before he had affluence of means, he was one of the members who took an oath to stand by the oppressed and formed themselves into a league as champions of the injured.”

(End of quote)

When he was still a young man, he developed a reputation for honesty. He was given the nickname of “Al Amin;” which meant the honest and trustworthy one.

Whenever his neighbours left Mecca, they would entrust their valuables to him for safekeeping, until they returned.

Muhammed was a kindhearted, gentle, and compassionate Human Being.

In a society filled with coal he was a diamond.

In contrast to the average male Arab at that time he was a virgin when he got married at 25 years old. The woman he married was a widow past 40 years old.

Her name was Khadijah. Unlike the typical Arab woman; she had inherited wealth from her dead husband.

She continued her dead husband’s business.

She had heard about Muhammad’s honesty and hired him to conduct business for her on a caravan journey to Syria.

On his return he gave her the profit for the business transactions he had made on her behalf.

She was surprised by the large amount of money he gave her.

She had hired others to do the same for her in the past and never received even a half of what Muhammed gave her. Obviously they had been cheating her because she was a woman.

Khadijah was so impressed with Muhammed; that she later asked her maid to ask Muhammed a question.

The maid was instructed to ask Muhammed if he would be willing to marry her mistress Khadijah.

He accepted her proposal of marriage.

So at the age of 25 years old he married the 40 year old widow Khadijah.

In contrast to the typical Arab male with multiple wives, he never had another wife until after her death 25 years later.

When Muhammed was 40 years old he went to a cave above the city of Mecca to meditate. His people had over the years become more barbaric and brutal in their treatment of each other.


He wanted to meditate on what he could do to help change his barbaric people.

He had never prayed to the idols gods of his people.

He had sensed within his soul that there must exist a greater power. A power that our physical eyes could not see.

After all his father’s name was Abdullah; which meant the slave/servant of The One True G-D.

At that time Abdullah was an unusual name. Very few Arabs if any were called Abdullah.

The Arabs at that time believe that Allah was the invisible god that was very far away from Human Beings.

They believed this invisible god was out of touch with their everyday lives.

They created idol gods from wood, metal and stones that would answer their prayers rather than some invisible god that they couldn’t see.

So Muhammed was seeking help in order to help his people. And that is when the Angel Gabriel revealed the first Revelation of what would later be called the Holy Qur’an.

Muhammed heard a loud voice that said to him, “Read.”

Muhammed replied, “I don’t know how to read.”

Gabriel once again said, “Read.”

Muhammed again replied, “I don’t know how to read.”

Then as Muhammed later described it to his companions, “I felt like my chest being gripped by some powerful invisible force, that prevented me from

breathing, then I heard a booming voice say:”

“Read (or proclaim)! With the Name of your Guardian-Lord and Protector who has created-”

“Created mankind, out of a mere lump of congealed cells:”

“Read (or proclaim)! And your Lord-Creator is The Most Bountiful One,-”

“HE Who has taught (mankind) the use of the pen -”

“Taught Mankind what they knew not.”

(End of first Revelation to Muhammed)

He then relayed to his companions, that the strong gripping force he felt stopped.

He then ran down the hill to his home.

Khadijah saw him entering their home, frightened and trembling.

She asked him what was the matter.

He told her what had happened in the cave and that he felt something bad was happening to him.

He repeated to her the words that he had heard in the cave. She comforted him and assured him that it may not be something that was bad.

She reminded him of his goodness and consideration for the welfare of others.

She said that what had happened to him; could be explained by someone who had knowledge of these kinds of things.

She had a cousin who was one of a few Christians in Arabia.

His name was Waraqa Ibn Nawfal. He had been trying in vain, all of his life to teach Christianity to his fellow Arabs.

They had laughed and ridiculed him.

They taunted him about the Christian’s belief that Jesus was the son of god.

They asked him if he could prove that Jesus was better than their idol gods.

So Khadijah visited her cousin and told him what had happened to her husband, Muhammed.

This is what wrote about Waraqa’s reply:

He cried out: “Holy! Holy! This is the Namus (The Holy Spirit) who came to Moses.

He will be the Prophet of his people.  Tell him this and bid him be brave of heart.”  

Some time later, when he met the Holy Prophet he again confirmed the truth declared by Torah and Gospel : “I swear by Him (G-D) in whose hand Waraqa’s life is, G-D has chosen you to be the Prophet of this people.  

They will call you a liar, they will persecute you, they will banish you, they will fight against you.  Oh, that I could live to those days. I would fight for you.”

(End of quote)

As he was very old, he died soon thereafter.

What he predicted would happen to Muhammed is exactly what happened.

But 23 years later he was successful in converting the majority of his people in Arabia to Al-Islam.

The first 13 years were spent appealing to his neighbours and relatives in Mecca.

The pagan leadership of Mecca tried everything they could to squash this new religion that condemned their idol gods.

Many of the early followers came from the poor and those who were slaves in the city.

Because they lacked wealth and social status they suffered more than anyone else when they accepted this new religion.

Many were tortured and some were killed.

They couldn’t kill Muhammed because he was protected by his uncle; who was one of the leading and most respected men in Mecca.

But they did everything else to Muhammed.

Once an uncle of the Prophet, named Abu Lahab, placed the bloody intestines of a slaughtered animal over his back while he was prostrate in prayer.

One man every day would curse and throw garbage on the Prophet, as he walked past his house.

One day he wasn’t there as usual. The Prophet knocked on his door and asked the reason why he was absent that day.

The man’s wife said that he was confined to his bed due to illness. The Prophet wished him well and wished him a speedy recovery.

When the man heard about the Prophet’s concern for him; he never cursed or threw garbage on him again.

The pagans also led an economic boycott against the Muslims that lasted for 3 years.

Due to the hardship of the boycott, Muhammed’s wife Khadijah died. They had been married for 25 years.

While Muhammed and the Muslims were suffering in Mecca, their Guardian-Lord, unbeknownst to them, was preparing an opening for them.

In the city of Medina, the Arabs there had heard about Muhammed.

In Medina their city were a few Jewish tribes. The Jews there always spoke about their prophets; especially Prophet Moses.

So when the Arabs in Medina heard that a fellow Arab in Mecca was claiming to be a prophet; they wanted to know more.

They sent a delegation to Mecca to find out about this prophet.

What they reported on their return was favourable about the Prophet.

They then decided to invite him and his followers to come and live in Medina.

The proposal was made to Muhammed and he agreed.

The Muslims in Mecca had to keep their plans for emigration to Medina a secret.

They left in small numbers so that the pagans wouldn’t detect their departure.

After a sizeable number had left it was the Prophet’s turn to leave.

He chose his close friend Abu Bakr to travel with him.

The Meccan pagans soon learned of his departure and went looking for him.

The Prophet and his companion’s journey to Medina took longer than usual; because they had to hide from the pagans searching for them.

When they finally arrived in Medina; they were greeted by the whole city.

They made him the leader of the city much to the displeasure of the Jewish tribes. They had been manipulating the non Jewish Arabs in Medina and they wanted to continue controlling them.

Later they sign an agreement with the Prophet that their tribes would come to the defence of Medina if it was under attack. In return their religion would be respected and no Muslim would try to forcibly convert them to Al-Islam.

Later the leaders of the Jewish tribes secretly contacted the Meccan pagans; and agreed to betray the Muslims in Medina. Their plot fail and they were banished from the city.

The physical features of these Jews were more like the Jews in Ethiopia than the Caucasian looking Jews that we see today.

The Meccan pagans were not happy that this new religion would be allowed to spread to other parts of Arabia. The led many military expeditions to Medina in order to crush the Muslims there. The majority of those military expeditions failed miserably.

The religion began to spread all over Arabia.

After 10 years in Medina the Muslims marched back to the city of Mecca.

There were 10,000 Muslim soldiers on the expedition to Mecca.

The Prophet had instructed them not to attack anyone in the city.

He had been ordered by G-D to do this; because there were many people in the city who had embraced the religion secretly but had never emigrated to Medina.

The night before they entered the city he had used a psychological ploy to frighten the pagans in the city. He had instructed every soldier to light a campfire.

From a distance it looked like there were more than 10,000 Muslims soldiers coming to the city.

Many of the pagans in Mecca ran and hid in the hills above Mecca as the Muslims entered the city.

The Prophet went to the Khaaba and with his own hands took out the idol gods from inside the Khaaba.

The idols were then destroyed.

Then the Prophet recited the following verse from the Quran:“Say, the Truth has come and falsehood gone. Verily falsehood is bound to vanish.”

Then Bilal climbed to the top of the Khaaba and made the call to prayer:

“The One True G-D, is Greater than anything or anyone” (said 4 times).

“I bear witness that there is no g-d but The One True G-D” (said twice).

“I bear witness that Muhammed is the Messenger of The One True G-D” (said twice).

“Come to prayer” (said twice).

“Come to successful cultivation of your soul” (said twice).

“The One True G-D, is Greater than anything or anyone” (said twice).

“There is no g-d, but The One True G-D” (said once).

After the Muslim prayed; the pagan leaders and the people of Mecca assembled before the Prophet.

Then Muhammed addressed them saying:

“O Quraish, what do you think of the treatment that I should accord you?”

And they said, “Mercy, O Prophet of The One True G-D. We expect nothing but good from you.”

Thereupon Muhammed declared:

“I speak to you in the same words as Yūsuf spoke to his brothers. This day there is no reproof against you; Go your way, for you are free.”

Muhammed’s prestige grew after the surrender of the Meccans. Emissaries from all over Arabia came to Medina to accept him.

He also declared according to

“The One True G-D, has made Mecca a sanctuary since the day HE created the Heavens and the Earth, and it will remain a sanctuary by virtue of the sanctity G-d has bestowed on it until the Day of Resurrection.

It (fighting in it) was not made lawful to anyone before me. Nor will it be made lawful to anyone after me, and it was not made lawful for me except for a short period of time.

Its animals (that can be hunted) should not be chased, nor should its trees be cut, nor its vegetation or grass uprooted, nor its Luqata (most things) picked up except by one who makes a public announcement about it.”

He left Mecca the city of his birth and returned to live out the last days of his life in the city of Medina.

He passed away a few months after the conquest of Mecca.

There are a few well known persons among us today and some who have passed away, who exemplifies the kind of person that Muhammed was.

Some examples are: Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II, President Jimmy Carter, Joel Osteen, Reverend Billy Graham, 14th Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Chiara Lubich, Wallace D. Muhammed, Charles Chiniquy, President George Washington, St Francis of Assisi, and Martin Luther the Reformer.

Any Human Being who loves his Creator and want to become a better Human Being; should study the life of this wonderful Human Being.

They should not be deterred from becoming acquainted with him; because of what hate mongers say about him.

The doubter and deniers of the Revelation called the Holy Qur’an had charged that the Prophet Muhammed had fabricated it.

They claimed then (and even now) that he had copied from the Torah and the Gospel.

The problem with that story is that Muhammed could neither read nor write.

In Arabia during the 7th century men and women who could read and write were very few.

The Arabs then were very good at memorizing long poetic stories; but the majority of them were not literate.

There are many verses in the Qur’an that refer to Muhammed as being ‘unlettered.’

He received the Revelation from the Angel Gabriel over a 23 years time period.

In many verses in the Qur’an the Angels had to give him instructions on what to say to questions asked of him by the people.

He was a very humble and kind hearted Human Being; who at first was afraid to speak openly against the idol worshipping of his people.

He was admonished by one of the verses in the Qur’an to give G-D’s Message openly in the public.

And there are many other verses in the Qur’an where he was admonished by G-D for mistakes and errors in judgment that he made.

If a person fabricates a something that would be recorded for history: would they leave in it a retelling of their own personal errors and mistakes.

It is very hurtful for those of us who have some knowledge of the life of the noble Prophet of Islam and the Islamic religion to read the negative words and comment made by those who know nothing about him or Al-Islam.

He was the most kind hearted, and gentle person among all the Arab men.

Before his prophethood, his kindness and compassion for others was considered a weakness for an Arab male.

After the religion of Al-Islam became established, every Arab male strived to emulate the the kind and compassionate behaviour of the Prophet Muhammed.

Later when the religion spread outside of Arabia, the people who knew of the behaviour of the Prophet relayed that information about him, to the new converts to Islam.

They in turn started to emulate the Prophet’s humble and kind hearted behaviour.

Later the behaviour and sayings of the Prophet was compiled in books. These books about the sayings and behaviour of the Prophet were called, “Hadiths.”

Over the centuries since that time many Muslim leaders all over the world, were chosen because of their knowledge of the Holy Qur’an and how close their behaviour and mannerism were to that of Prophet Muhammed.

So if people who call themselves Muslims today are behaving in a barbaric and savage way; then they are not sincere followers of the Noble prophet of Al-Islam.

Racism is child’s play for deceived people

22 Aug


Whenever adults are trying to do something serious and children are present; they usually give the children something to occupy their attention.

Give them something to play with.

This is done so that they will not interfere with the “grown-ups.”

Usually they are given toys or colored pencils and paper.

That is what the secret manipulators of the Caucasian and the people of African descent, have done.

They have given us colors as our racial identification to dominate our thinking and attention.

These manipulators consider themselves adults and they consider their deceived dupes (Gentiles/Genies) as children.

When you hear their dupes talk about racial matters, they sound just like children.

Black people, black people, black people; white people, white people, white people.

Yak yak yak.

Look at how some persons with PhDs from among African Americans and European American constantly talk about “white” people and “black” people.

They have PhDs but they conversations on race sounds so infantile.

They are just as deceived as the person of average intelligence.

Because of circumstances, we now find Human Beings of various races, living together in the USA and many European countries.

And racial animosity dominate the people in those countries.

When did the people of the world start referring to various ethnic groups of the Human Family by colors?

It began when the secret Masters of the Gentiles started the European people on the path of “conquest.”

The Caucasian race had to be deceived into seeing themselves as superior to all the other racial groups they would encounter in the countries around the world.

They had to be deceived into believing they had a ‘divine destiny‘ to rule the world based on who they were.

This was done by making the Europeans believe that they were a “divine race.”

They were taught through Christianity that; The All-Mighty Creator had a Caucasian son who looked just like the typical European.

They were taught in Christianity, that this Caucasian god had created them ‘in his own image and likeness.’

They had no doubt that their race was godly and divine.

Those paintings of a Caucasian Creator and his son, and all the Creator’s prophets painted as Caucasians helped tremendously to instill this falsehood.

These pictures cemented their belief that they were godly and other dark races were of the devil. DARK DEVIL AND LIGHT ANGEL

Although in the early history of Christianity all the images of Jesus and his mother were of dark skinned people.

Many of these statues and images are still in existence.

Especially in the Vatican.

ae1b8-blackmaryjesusReal Jesus II

The color of these images of Jesus and his mother had to be changed to ‘white’ in order to manipulate the people of Europe. 

The people of Europe were deceive into believing that the Caucasian race was the masters of all the other races.

Their hidden masters, invented the color scheme and claimed that ‘white’ race was the dominant race.

That ancient racial scheme is still in effect today.

the son of god

A person with insight and intelligence will see clearly that all this black and white talk is a tool of division that is being used to keep us all racially divided and under under control.

Now some African Americans, the media and politicians are talking about financial *reparation’ for slavery; to be paid to the descendant of the slaves: 

This issue is being promoted by our secret masters to further divide the races.

This reparation talk is just another plaything for the children, to keep them busy playing 🙂

All this talk about “white man” being marginalized or “black man” being  discriminated against is all child’s play. 

This racial division in our country will ensure that our secret manipulators will continue to control us; using their ‘divide and rule’ strategy.

We are Human Beings facing serious problems that we must work together to solve.

We are being bombarded daily into accepting the perverted sexual behaviour, that was practised by the ancient people of Sodom and Gomorrah as natural.

Atheism is promoted in the media thru TV programs and movies everyday.

The economic classes are rigidly divided.

All the children of the poor are receiving substandard education.

Etc. etc. etc.

We must stop behaving like children.

This racial division is a distraction.

It prevents us from seeing our true enemies.

The ones who have been controlling and manipulation, the people of Europe and the Americas for centuries.


Men and women of goodwill from all ethnic groups must work together to solve our country’s problems.

Racial division among the Human Family; serves the purpose of the **Clan of Satan.

It gives them control through a ‘divide and control scheme.

So many colors in our world.






Neither Rosa Parks Nor Claudette Colvin Were The First

12 Aug

Neither Rosa Parks Nor Claudette Colvin Were The First.