Child’s Play For Deceived People

22 Aug


Whenever adults are trying to do something serious and children are present; they usually give the children something to occupy their attention.

Give them something to play with.

This is done so that they will not interfere with the “grown-ups.”

Usually they are given toys or colored pencils and paper.

That is what the secret manipulators of the Caucasian and the people of African descent, have done.

They have given us colors as our racial identification to dominate our attention.

These manipulators consider themselves adults and they consider their dupes (Gentiles/Genies) as children.

When you hear these dupes talk about racial matters, they sound like children.

Black, black, black and white, white white.

Look at how some persons with PHDs from among African Americans and European American constantly talk about “white” people and “black” people.

They have PHDs but they are just as deceived as the person of average intelligence.

In the USA and many European countries; Human Beings of various races, because of circumstances are now living together.

And racial animosity dominate the people in those countries.

When did the people of the world start referring to various ethnic groups of the Human Family by colors?

It began when the secret Masters of the Gentiles started the European people on the path of “conquest.”

The Europeans had to be made to see themselves as superior to all the other ethnic groups they would encounter in the countries of the world.

They had to be deceived into believing they had a ‘divine destiny’ to rule the world based on who they were.

This was done by making the Europeans believe that they were a “divine race.”

They were taught through Christianity that; The All-Mighty Creator had a Caucasian son who looked just like the typical European.

Those paintings of a Caucasian Creator and his son, and all the Creator’s prophets painted as Caucasians helped tremendously to instill this falsehood.

Although in the early history of Christianity all the images of Jesus and his mother were of dark skinned people.

Many of these statues and images are still in existence.

Especially in the Vatican.


The color of these images of Jesus and his mother had to be changed to white in order to manipulate the people of Europe. 

They were deceive into believing that the Caucasian race was the masters of all the other races.

They invented the color scheme and claimed that white was the dominant color.

That ancient racial scheme is still in effect today.

A person with insight and intelligence will see clearly that all this black and white talk is a tool of division that is being used to keep us all under control.

All this talk about “white man” being marginalized or “black man” being  discriminated against is all child’s play.

This racial division in our country will ensure that our secret manipulators will continue to control us; using their ‘divide and rule’ strategy.

We are Human Beings facing serious problems that we must work together to solve.

We are being bombarded daily into accepting the perverted sexual behaviour, that was practised by the ancient people of Sodom and Gomorrah as natural.

Atheism is promoted in the media thru TV programs and movies everyday.

The economic classes are rigidly divided.

All the children of the poor are receiving substandard education.

Etc. etc. etc.

We must stop behaving like children.

This racial division is a distraction.

It prevents us from seeing our true enemies.

The ones who have been controlling and manipulation, the people of Europe and the Americas for centuries.


Men and women of goodwill from all ethnic groups must work together to solve our country’s problems.

Racial division among the Human Family; serves the purpose of the Clan of Satan.

It gives them control through a ‘divide and control scheme.



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