The Psychological Harm in Imitating Caucasian Beauty

22 Aug


There is a major problem that exist among people of African descent, that we pretend doesn’t exist. 

The legacy of slavery is still affecting the descendants of the former slaves. 

We are no longer physical slaves, but the majority of our people are still mentally enslaved. 

Our male ancestors’ manhood was almost totally destroyed by our former slave masters.

The male slaves had no ability to protect their wives and children.

Some of our female ancestors willingly had sex with Caucasian males as a strategy to protect themselves and their children.

They knew that there was safety and protection in being with any Caucasian male, rather than a male from their own race. 

Also another major tool for keeping our ancestors under control was/is the psychological enslavement that came from worshipping a Caucasian image that was supposed to be the ‘son of god’. 

This cemented in their minds, the Caucasian supremacy idea that the Caucasian male, was the ideal man. 

Look at how our women have been aping Caucasian women for over 100 years. 

It has become a normal thing to see the majority of our women wearing straight hair weaves or wigs, chemically straightening their hair, dyeing their hair yellow, red, brown in imitating Caucasian women’s hair.  

Many are also using bleaching creams to lighten their skin. 

In the past a great African American leader stated “our women don’t belong to us, they belong to Caucasian men.”  

Our women were following the beauty standard that was accepted and desired by Caucasian males for their women. 

They are not trying to please men of African descent, by what they are doing to their skin and hair.  

Subconsciously they are trying to please Caucasian men (Jesus). 

Currently one of the most popular TV shows, which is loved by many of women of African descent is “Scandal.” 

In the first season a major part of the  show was about a rich and powerful Caucasian male; who was secretly having an adulterous relationship with one of his slaves……er, I mean a ‘black’ woman who worked for him. 

What is the difference in this scenario from what took place many, many times during the days of slavery? 

I have heard women of African descent complain numerous times about how “black” men are always chasing “white” women. 

Who taught young “black” boys to idolise and worship Caucasian beauty? 


From an early age, boys of African descent were taught that a Caucasian man was the ‘son of god’. 

Then later they saw their mothers, sisters, aunts and every other woman of African descent that they knew; imitating the beauty standards of Caucasian women; by straightening their hair. 

So, when they came of age, sexually; why shouldn’t they strive to get one of the women, of this special race of people? 

Why shouldn’t they try to get one of these Caucasian women; whom the women of their own race, have wasted so much time, money and effort trying to imitate. 

If women of African descent knew the mental harm that they are causing to their young children by their slavish imitation of Caucasian beauty standards they would: 


People of African descent will NEVER get the respect of other races until they learn to appreciate and love the natural beauty that the Lord-Creator has given them. 

Some Caucasians in America have been subtly hinting this to us for many years.  

They see our collective behaviour as little children who have not learned to take on adult responsibilities. 

They want us to behave as adults and not like children; who, just dress up and imitate the behaviour of their parents. 

A recent example of this was when they fell overly in love with Lupita Nyong’O the actress from “12 Years A Slave.” 

Lupita is a very dark skinned woman who wears her hair natural. 

Also she is very proud of her African ancestry. 

Her pictures were plastered in magazines and on web sites that normally doesn’t feature women of African descent. 

They were trying to send us a message saying: “We don’t hate people of African descent just because they are dark skinned and they look different from us.”  

“We just cannot respect and treat imitators, as our equal.”

Can an imitation be equal to the original? 


An imitation will always be second place, to the original.

Our quest to imitate Caucasians, is one reason why Caucasians will never treat our people as equals.

Sisters please give the world an image of yourselves that we can be proud of.

An image of a woman proud of her dark skin, thick lips, broad nose and natural thick curly hair (if you were born with it) 

Not an image of a woman trying to see how close she can look and behave like Caucasian women. 

Brothers show your appreciation for our women who have made the courageous decision to go natural.  

Whether they shave all their hair off or grow dreadlocks.  

They are all equally beautiful.

And my beloved sisters, please stop trying to out-slut the behaviour of immoral Caucasian women.

Stop appearing in public, semi-nude or wearing tight fitting clothes; that reveal the shapes of your beautiful bodies.

And stop wearing those ridiculous looking, high heeled shoes.  



The picture of the monkey with the blonde wig, is what many people think about; when they see women of African descent make a monkey of themselves; imitating Caucasian women

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