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What Are The Two Biggest Problems of African Americans

21 Sep

Source: What Are The Two Biggest Problems of African Americans

What are two major problems of the African American people?

21 Sep


Fear and Ignorance are two of our biggest problems. 

Many of our people are afraid of doing anything that they believe will displease Caucasians. 

They fear that Caucasians will not like them, if they do something that they know Caucasians don’t approve of. 

And ignorance of any knowledge or philosophy; other than that which has been taught to them or first approved of by Caucasians.

Many people of African descent, who are Christians; have a psychological need to be love, accepted and appreciated by Caucasians

To be appreciated and loved by Caucasians has been part of our people’s psychology for over a hundred years. 

During the times of slavery; our people were taught in Christianity, to love Caucasians.

No matter how badly they treated us; we were still conditioned by Christian teachings to love them (love thy enemy).

This conditioning began when our ancestors first accepted Christianity.

Our people were taught from an early age, in our Churches to see Caucasian image as being Divine.

To believe that somehow the Caucasian race was closer to god.

We were taught that the so-called son of god; Jesus, was a Caucasian man.

Despite the brutal treatment they received from many Caucasian slave masters and overseers, our slave ancestors knew that there was at least one Caucasian who loved them. 

His name was Jesus.

And they were taught that Jesus was just like them.

They were taught that Jesus had also suffered while he lived on Earth. 

Our people were taught that he was our personal saviour. 

racist Christian drawing of fake JesusDrawing from the past that ridiculed people of African descent. Showing that the Caucasian male looked just like their false ‘man’ god.

This love for Jesus, created a subliminal effect, that made our ancestors look up to ALL Caucasians.

Our love for Jesus made many of our people feel closer to Caucasians.

That is why when many people of African descent; have an opportunity to say something to a wide audience; where many in the audience are Caucasian; they will proclaim their love for ‘Jesus’.

They want the Caucasians who hear them saying that; to love them.

Because they are proclaiming their love for ‘Jesus’. 

Our ancestors, always looked for the good in all Caucasians.

No matter how badly they were treated on a daily basis; our people were always searching for Caucasians who were Christ-like. 

They were quick to forgive any Caucasians for their cruel behaviour.

forgive the cruel by 'blacks'Dylan Roof the murderer of Christian African Americans


negro judge hugging murdererJudge embracing murderer of African American man in his own home.The Judge gave her a Bible 🙂

Because every Caucasian male, looked just like the images they had been shown of Jesus. 


After slavery ended all our people wanted to do, was to prove to Caucasians that we could be just like them. 

They wanted to be the best Christians, the best Americans, etc in order to be fully accepted by Caucasian Americans.

They erroneously believed that they would be fully accepted once Caucasians saw them behaving just like them.

They did not realise that the Christianity that they had been taught in slavery; also promoted a ‘white supremacy belief.’

A belief that promotes the idea, that every Caucasian person was superior to every other race of people.

No matter how much they imitated Caucasians, they would never be seen by Caucasians as their equal.

Caucasians would NEVER fully accepted them as their equals.

Very few of our people tried to think independently of what they had been taught during slavery. 

They didn’t research any other religion besides Christianity.

Because the majority of Caucasians in America were Christians. 


They didn’t research any other political, or economic systems that existed in the world, other than what was being used in America. 

They just tried to imitate whatever was popular among Caucasian Americans.

In the hope that Caucasians would accept them as equal citizens of America. 

They believed the best way to be integrated into the American society was to show Caucasians that we could be exactly like them. 

Imitation of everything Caucasians were doing, was our peoples’ mission in life. 

Many of our women then and even now in 2020 are still trying to imitate the beauty standards of Caucasian women (bleached skin, dyed hair, straight hair weaves and wigs).

negroes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tempestt-bledsoe-bleaching

Whatever new trends Caucasians start, we just followed their lead and imitate them.

The division between ‘upper and lower class Negroes’

If any of our people didn’t follow the program of imitating Caucasians; then they were rejected by Caucasian-minded, African Americans.

These were usually the so-called upper class Negroes.

Those who had mastered to perfection Caucasian behaviour because of education and wealth, were considered upper class Negroes.

Also because some of them had a physical similarity to Caucasians (light skin, straight hair, thin nose and lips); they believed that they were better than other Negroes.

Other Negroes without formal education, wealth, etc. were considered the lower class.

The upper class felt that the lower class was betraying the race by not becoming better imitators of Caucasians.

They didn’t like it that these other Negroes didn’t speak proper English and didn’t give their children proper European names.

They felt that they were setting a bad example of the race to Caucasians.


This has been the behaviour of the majority of our people, since the end of slavery in 1865.


If the new trend among Caucasians was Communism, feminism, homosexuality or Atheism you will find many of our people joining them. 


We are afraid to think ‘outsides of the box.’ 

Inside the box is whatever Caucasian Americans have taught us and approved for us to think and do.

Although being inside the box has not made our people more acceptable to our fellow American citizens; we refuse to change. 


The only true independent thinking that came out of any African American leadership was from:

Marcus Garvey,

Noble Drew Ali,  

Elijah Muhammad and his faithful followers like:

Malcolm X

Minister Louis Farrakhan 

Siraj Wahhaj

And Imam Wallace Deen Mohammed, Elijah Muhammad’s son.

Who was/is the brightest light and the greatest leader, who came out of the Nation Of Islam.

  Imam-With-Pope-John-Paul-II Imam Mohammed with Pope John Paul II,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kjhThis is an artist depiction attached to an article written by Wallace Mohammed


During the 1960s and 1970s some of our people who truly understood the effects of the psychology chains that had enslaved our people; did one of the most courageous thing to break those chains. 

They changed their European names for African or Islamic names. 

African Americans like:

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael)

Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Lew Alcindor Jr.)

Dr Na’im Akbar (Luther Weems Jr.)

Singer Yusuf Hazziez (Joe Tex)

Great Jazz musician Yusef Lateef (William Huddleston)

The great poet Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)

And many, many more, lesser known courageous individuals among our people.

Your name tells your ancestral history.

European last namesWhat is written on this meme is not what these men are laughing about.


If your family name only goes back to your slave ancestors, who received their names from their slave masters (or some other Caucasian); then, what does that say about who you are now? 

These courageous African Americans wanted to show the world with their new names that they were a new people. 

Their new names would be a constant reminder to themselves and also to everyone else; that, they were no longer mentally enslaved to Caucasian supremacy beliefs. 

Those European names had been FORCED on our ancestors during slavery. 

They were not allowed to keep the names given to them by their parents in Africa. 

They had to be given European names that showed that they were no longer free men and women from Africa.

They no longer owned their own bodies.

They were now the property of their Caucasian slave masters. 

Those names were the ‘name brands‘ placed upon our ancestors to show which slave-master they belonged to.

If the slave-master’s name was Baldwin, then they would be known as *Baldwin’s niggers. 

Just like pet owners gives names to their dogs and cats; our ancestors were given their names by their owners. 


By changing their European names to African or Islamic names was courageous and revolutionary; because, our people had been taught to hate Africa and stay away from any other religion besides Christianity. 

Today, our love and attachment to our European names, gives a true picture of where our hearts and minds are. 

The majority of our people still love Europe and European ancestry more than they love Africa and African ancestry. 

There is a psychological feeling of attachment to Caucasians because of the European names that the majority of our people still have. 

The majority of ‘black people’ today have no intention of changing their Europeans names. 

They are extremely proud of their Europeans names.

No matter how radical they talk, they will never give up the names inherited from their slave ancestors.

It is their one remaining proof of their love and fidelity to Caucasians. 

Many upper class ‘blacks’ erroneously believe that unless they have ‘good’ Caucasian names (unlike names like Sheniqua, Tamika, Shemela etc), they will not be successful economically and socially with Caucasian Americans.  

Many also fear they will alienate their Caucasian friends by getting rid of the European names passed down to them from their slave ancestors.

When I first noticed African American women with these unique names like, Laquisha, Sheniqua, Shemire, etc. during the 1980s; I wondered where did those names come from.

I believe that their parents were affected by the TV drama “Roots,” during the 1970s.

They saw how our ancestors were forced to take on European Caucasian names.

They no longer wanted to give their children Caucasian names; but they had no books or guidance on what names to give them.

So many of them created unique names to give to their babies.

I applaud them for their ingenuity. 

They have shown a spark of creativity, by making up these unique names. 


That fear of doing something that our people believe will displease Caucasians; is deeply ingrained in our souls.

To go against the trend of imitating Caucasians, for many of our people; is like doing something against god. 

That is why many did not have the courage to change their names during the 1960s and 1970s.

And the same reason in 2018, why many still hold on to their European names. 

That is why the majority of our people rejected the examples of those courageous brothers and sisters who changed their European names during those times. 

They also rejected our great leaders like Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and Wallace Mohammed; because they were not Christians.

Because Al-Islam and the love of our ancestral homeland Africa; was not what Caucasian Americans had taught and approved for them. 

Even now, most African Americans don’t know anything about the religion of Al-Islam other than what they have heard in the Caucasian controlled media. 

The majority have not taken the time to do their own independent research and investigation of Islam.

They may encounter ignorant Arabs, who claim to be Muslims, behaving badly towards them; so they dismiss Islam as being irrelevant. 

If Caucasians say that Islam is bad for them or it is a terrorist religion, then they will believe it wholeheartedly. 

They will not give what was said to them a second thought. 

Look at the recent comment by Ben Carson about Muslims and Islam. 

He was a brilliant surgeon but, his thinking shows that he is still mentally enslaved.

He is just parroting what he has heard from Caucasians.

He has not done any kind of research on what Al-Islam is.

His behaviour is just like a slave wanting to please his master; by saying what he knows the master likes to hear. 


As I said before, most African Americans would never even think of getting rid of their European names. 

Their European names are their main attachment with Europe and Europeans; and they will not give it up. 

African Americans with names from Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain etc.

And they are exceedingly proud of their European names. 

They erroneously believe that their Caucasian ‘friends’ and every Caucasian in America would reject them if they discarded these European names. 

They believe that Caucasians in big corporations would not employ them; if they didn’t have nice Caucasian names. 

They believe that without good Caucasian names they would be less successful in America. 

The subliminal lesson taught in the television show Roots; when Kunta Kinte was whipped into accepting the name “tobey” has been fully received by the majority of African Americans.

Good Caucasian names equal better treatment from Caucasians.

Caucasians will love you if you have a name similar to theirs. 

It has been over 150 years since the end of American slavery; but African Americans are still afraid to embrace a name from their African or Islamic ancestry. 

Although many immigrants, with non European names from Africa, Asia and many other parts of the world have achieved great success in the United States of America. 

We are still behaving  like slaves, who will not do anything unless their masters (i.e. Caucasians) first give it a stamp of approval. 

African Americans are till afraid to do their own investigation of anything, that has not been first introduced to them, or approved of for them, by Caucasians. 

people are quick to say that slavery has ended but ..............What has really changed in the thinking and behaviour for the majority of African Americans since the end of slavery?

To become truly free we must rid ourselves of these invisible shackles that are holding us back from fulfilling the great responsibility that The Master-Creator has given us. 

We have been conditioned by our people’s 500 years struggles in the Americas to be the saviours of Mankind. 

But, we cannot save Humanity while still behaving and believing, that we are inferior to other Human Beings.


*There is an excellent video called Baldwin’s Nigger that featured both James Baldwin and Dick Gregory. It was filmed in England during the 1970s.

Baldwin's nigger


,,,,,,malcolm ,,,,,baldwin ,,,,,Marcus

The following is another foolish comment attributed to Dr Ben Carson. This ignorant man doesn’t realise that many Africans (especially in Ethiopian) already knew about Christianity. In fact the early images in Christianity of Jesus and his mother were of a dark skinned people.




Old Confessions cover

This is the story of one man’s journey to self-discovery.

Like so many others, Mujahid Abdullah learned behaviors and acquired beliefs of denigration about his culture, ethnicity, and physical appearance.

These beliefs came from his local surroundings as well as the wider society and would have a major effect on his entire life.

Within the pages of this book, not only do we see these effects, but we see how he was able to move beyond the messages that were so deeply ingrained from childhood.

This is an eye-opening story of cultural practices and family beliefs that others may keep hidden.



Why Children’s Belief in Satan Clause Will Undermine Their Spiritual Development?

2 Sep


Why are so many people who were raised as

Christians, turning away from belief in The

Supreme Being?


Lately, it seems like there has been an explosion of

Atheism (especially on the Internet) in Europe and

the United States of America.


Most of these Atheists are behaving like religious

or political zealots.


Many of them are not just satisfied with just their own

rejection of religious beliefs; they want the whole

world to reject religion as well.


I believe, that the cause of this sudden rise in

Atheism among so many people is because of the

fantasy stories, told to them, when they were children.


They were told that there was a jolly fat man called

Santa Clause (or as I prefer to call this

satanic creation, Satan’s Claws). 


The images drawn of him, usually shows a Caucasian

man with long white hair and a thick white beard. 


He wore a bright red suit with a black belt and

black boots.


Santa lived in the highest place on earth. 


He lived way up there, in the North Pole. 


He had helpers called Elves, who made toys during

the  year. 


He could see everything that children were doing

all throughout the year. 


He knew if they were good or bad; so they

had better be good for goodness sake 🙂 


If they were good they would received toys and

other gifts on a special day in December

(the same day as Jesus Christ’s birth). 


And if they were bad they would receive no toys

or gifts.


Children were also told about another mysterious



They were told about god. 


They were told that god lived in heaven.


Heaven was way up there in the sky. 


He also had helpers like Santa; but god’s

helpers were called Angels.


When I was a child; it was not unusual to see in

many publications drawings of this god who lived

in the sky. 


These drawings of god looked exactly like the
pictures of Santa.
These imaged looked the same as the images 
of  god, drawn by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

They drew him as an old Caucasian man with

long white hair and a thick white beard.


This god who lived in the sky, knew everything that

everyone on Earth were doing.


He knew if you were good or bad. 


If you did good things you would be rewarded by

Him after you died by going to Heaven. 


If you did bad things you would get punished by

being sent to a place called Hell. 


This god loved the world so much, that he sent

his only  begotten son to Earth. 


This son was sent to Earth in order for him to 

save the world.

But most of the people rejected him and he was killed. 


His death was to be the salvation for all those who

believe in him.


This son was born on the 25 December the same

day that Santa delivered his gifts. 


So there was always a very close link between Santa

Claus and Christianity in the minds of Christian



Children were also taught about Easter Eggs and

the Easter Bunny. 


The Easter Eggs festivities is done during the same

time period, when this son of the white bearded

Caucasian god was killed. 


Here again is another close link between

Christianity and a fantasy tale about rabbits

and Easter eggs.


In addition, children were told about the Tooth

Fairy, who gave them a coin for placing their

old tooth under their pillow at night. 


Children trust their parents. 


They sincerely believe everything that their

parents tell them. 


What these parents, who have been telling these

little lies to their children don’t realise is that;

not every parent have been telling these lies

to their children. 


These other children who were not raised to believe in

these fantasies stories, will ridicules the children

who sincerely believe in Santa Claus, the Easter

Bunny and the tooth fairy.

They will makes them feel very foolish for ever

believing these stories.


Eventually, when these children who believe in

Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy

finally realise that they have been lied to; many

of them will begin to question and doubt

everything that their parents have ever told them.


In time they will begin to have serious doubts

about that god, who lives in the sky. 


These lies about Santa Claus, Easter Bunnies
and Easter eggs all closely related to very important
dates in the Christian calendar.
Christmas and Easter are very significant in Christian belief.
But along with these significant Christian traditions
are these fantasy stories about Easter eggs, Easter
rabbits and Santa Claus.
These fantasy stories of Santa Claus and Easter eggs
has caused harm to the spiritual development of 
young Christians.


Every since this Satan story….. I mean Santa story,

have gain popularity it has cause havoc among


This fable about Santa Claus has only gain popularity

among Christians in the past 150 years or so.

In the past century, when these children became

adults, many stopped having a sincere belief in

the god in the sky.

But, they, kept these religion doubts to themselves. 


Despite their doubts, many of them continued to

tell the same stories about Santa, and the god in the

sky to their own children.


They said to themselves, “I was told the same

story when I was a child and I turned out okay.”

“It is nothing but harmless fun for the kids to

believe in Santa.”


But in fact, these fantasy stories are not okay.

And it is not harmless fun. 


Many Christian adult had been turned into

religious hypocrites.

They still went to their Churches.

Still participated in religious activities.

They still professed belief in The Creator and Christianity.
But their obedience to the moral and spiritual commands
of Christianity taught had been considerably weakened.
They began to accept many things in their lives,
that were in direct contradiction to the Commands
of The Creator.
Their respect for the moral teachings of their religion had
been weakened. 
Many were now telling lies, committing fornication,
adultery, having abortions, and other evil; without
any thought of there consequences.
They paid lip service to religious beliefs, while
secretly behaving like non religious heathens.
They discriminated against others,
cheated on their spouses, stole, lied, abused drugs and
alcohol, committed homosexual acts etc. 
Eventually some got tired of the hypocrisy and
openly began to admit,that they no longer believed in 
All because parents think it is harmless to tell
their children that Santa Claus is real.
Telling lies to young, impressionable children,
has serious consequences.
Telling them about Santa, may seem like an
innocent and harmless thing, but it is not. 
A lie, is a lie, is a lie. No matter how you look at
it, it is still a lie.
The majority of argument used by Atheists against
religious beliefs is nothing more than an argument
against what they were taught as children in
They erroneously assume that the teachings of
Judaism and Al-Islam are the same as what is
taught in Christianity. 
They normally say things like religion is a ‘fairy tale’
and god is the ‘magic man in the sky.’
All related to the fantasy tales they were taught
about Christianity during their childhood.
Their arguments against religion seems to be
anger at the fantasies that they once believed in.
The majority of them never studied the intelligent
teachings of Christianity. 
Many of them were just ‘Jesus Christ’
Everything in Christianity to them was all
about Jesus Christ. 
Or I should say, those fake pictures of a Caucasian
Jesus of Nazareth that was first painted centuries
ago in Europe.
To the majority of them;  Christianity was, “accept
Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour or go to hell.”
They had a fixation on the image of a Caucasian
Many of them are the ones who see images of a
Caucasian Jesus on water marks on billboards,
in the dirt on windows, the topping of pizzas,
cloud formations, stains on walls, etc. etc.
Once they became knowledgeable and more
enlightened on the scientific principles of the
world; they felt ashamed that they ever believed
in those things. 
Now they have become fervent Atheists. 
They claim that Life after Death doesn’t exist
because it cannot be proven. 
No one who dies can come back and tell us that
there is  Life after Death.
We who believe; knows it exist because of what
has been Revealed to us by our Creator. 
In the Revelations that came to Moses,
Jesus, Muhammed and all the Prophets;
*G-D tells humanity that there is Life after 
our earthly death.
These Revelations tells Mankind things that
we would never have discovered by our own
human intelligence. 
We and everything else in creation was created by
the Master-Creator. 
We belong to HIM. 
HE has placed something in every Human Being
that causes us to respond to HIS Truth whenever
we hear it. 
It is called our soul. 
And our souls always recognize our Master’s
This is why those of us who believe in the Hereafter
knows for certain that it does exist.
Our life in this world is meaningless without a
Final Day of Accountability. 
A Judgment Day to settle our accounts.
A Day when we will received punishment or
rewards for our behaviour in this Life. 
There has to be a consequence for humans
who commit all types of evil against their
fellow human beings.
G-D has Revealed that everything we do;
small or big is being recorded by Angels.
Every human being has at lease two Angels with us at
all times.
One records all the good things we do. The other
records all the bad things we do.
There is nothing that we do, that is not being
On the day of Judgment we pray that our good deeds outweigh our bad deeds.
Here are a few verses of the final Revelation given
to Humanity from our Guardian-Lord Creator.
With the Name of The One True *G-D, The
Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
Woe to man! What has made him stubbornly reject

The One G-D.

(Does man ever consider) out of what material

(G-D) created him?

From a sperm-drop: HE has created him, and then

shapes him in due proportions;

Then does HE make his path (in life) smooth for


Then HE causes him to die, and puts him in his


Then, when it is HIS Will, HE will raise him up


By no means has he fulfilled what G-D has

commanded him.

Then let man then consider (the sources of) his

food, (and how **WE provide it):

For that WE pour forth water in abundance,
And WE open the Earth in fragments,
And produce therein corn,
And Grapes and nutritious plants,
And Olives and Dates,
And enclosed Gardens, thick with lofty trees,
And fruits and herbage,-
For use and convenience to you and your cattle.
At length, when there comes the Deafening

Noise (of Resurrection),-

That Day (of Judgment) a man shall run

from his own brother,

And from his mother and his father,
And from his wife and his children.
Each one of them, that Day, will have enough

concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to

the others.

Some faces that Day will be beaming, with


Laughing, rejoicing at the good news
And other faces that Day will be dust-stained,
Darkness will cover them: Such will be the

Rejectors of The  One True G-D, the doers

of wickedness

(Verses from the Holy ***Qur’an)

*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards
is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term
to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of
the Heavens and Earth. The English spelling
of god was created by the same minds
who invented santa claus
**WE, US, OUR are references in the Holy Qur’an
to all of the forces of power (Angels) under the
control of The Creator. They manage all creation.
They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D,
and obeys HIS Commands without question.
*** In the 7th century the Prophet Muhammed of
Arabia received the Revelation called the Holy
Qur’an from the Angel Gabriel over a 23 years
time period.
He did not know how to read or write. He
is referred to in the Qur’an as being “unlettered.” ; /


6855709255_a7d20b81df_b santa_as_satan