What Are Two Major Problems of The African American People?

21 Sep
Fear and Ignorance are two of our biggest problems. 
Many of our people are afraid of doing anything that they believe will displease Caucasians. 
And ignorance of any knowledge or philosophy; other than that which has been first approved of, by Caucasians. 
Undying love to be accepted and appreciated by Caucasians
To be appreciated and loved by Caucasians has been part of our people’s psychology for over a hundred years. 
During the times of slavery; our people were taught in Christianity, to love Caucasians. 
No matter how badly they treated us; we were still conditioned to love them. 
This conditioning began when our ancestors first accepted Christianity. 
Our people were taught from an early age, in our Churches to see Caucasian image as being Divine.  
We were taught that the son of god, Jesus; was a Caucasian man. 
Despite the brutal treatment they received from many Caucasian slave masters and overseers, our slave ancestors knew that there was at least one Caucasian who loved us. 
His name was Jesus. 
And they were taught that he was just like us; Jesus had also suffered while he lived on Earth. 
Our people were taught that he was our personal saviour. 
This love for Jesus, created a subliminal effect, that made our ancestors look up to ALL Caucasians. 
Our ancestors, always looked for the good in all Caucasians.
Not the bad behaviour, that they experienced daily from many of them.
Our people were always searching for Caucasians who were Christ-like. 
They were quick to forgive any Caucasians for their cruel behaviour.
Because every Caucasian male, looked just like the images they had been shown of Jesus. 
After slavery ended all our people wanted to do, was to prove to Caucasians that we could be just like them. 
They wanted to be the best Christians, the best Americans, etc in order to be fully accepted by Caucasian Americans.
They erroneously believed that they would be fully accepted once Caucasians saw us behaving just like them.
They did not realise that the Christianity that they had been taught in slavery; also promoted a ‘white supremacy belief.’
Caucasians would NEVER fully accepted them as their equals.
Very few of our people tried to think independently of what they had been taught during slavery. 
They didn’t research any other religion besides Christianity.
Because the majority of Caucasians in America were Christians.  
They didn’t research any other political, or economic systems that existed in the world, other than what was being used in America.  
They just tried to imitate whatever was popular among Caucasian Americans.
In the hope that Caucasians would accept them as equal citizens of America. 
They believed the best way to be integrated into the American society was to show Caucasians that we could be exactly like them. 
Imitation of everything Caucasians were doing, was our peoples’ mission in life. 
Many of our women then and even now in 2017 are still trying to imitate the beauty standards (dyed hair, straight hair weaves and wigs) of Caucasian women. 
Whatever new trends Caucasians start, we just followed their lead and imitate them.
Upper and lower class Negroes
If any of our people didn’t follow the program of imitating Caucasians; then they were rejected by Caucasian-minded, African Americans.
Those who had mastered to perfection Caucasian behaviour because of education and wealth (and many times physical similarity to Caucasians); were considered upper class Negroes.
Other Negroes without formal education, wealth, etc. were considered the lower class.
The upper class felt that the lower class were betraying the race by not becoming better imitators of Caucasians.
They didn’t like it that they didn’t speak proper English and didn’t give their children proper European names. 
This has been the behaviour of the majority of our people, since the end of slavery in 1865.  
If the new trend among Caucasians was Communism, feminism, homosexuality or Atheism you will find many of our people joining them. 
We are afraid to think ‘outsides of the box.’ 
Inside the box is whatever Caucasian Americans have taught us and approved for us to think and do.  
The only true independent thinking that came out of any African American leadership was from Marcus Garvey,
Noble Drew Ali,  
Elijah Muhammad
and his faithful followers like:
Malcolm X
Minister Louis Farrakhan,
Siraj Wahhaj,
Clarence 13X (the founder of the five-percenters).
Also Elijah Muhammad’s son Wallace Mohammed who was/is the brightest light and the greatest leader, who came out of the Nation Of Islam.  

Imam-With-Pope-John-Paul-II ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kjh

This is an artist depiction attached to an article written by Wallace Mohammed

During the 1960s and 1970s some of our people who truly understood the effects of the psychology chains that had enslaved our people; did one of the most courageous thing to break those chains. 
They changed their European names for African or Islamic names. 
African Americans like Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael), Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown), Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Lew Alcindor Jr.), Dr Na’im Akbar (Luther Weems Jr.) the singer Yusuf Hazziez (Joe Tex), the great Jazz musician Yusef Lateef (William Huddleston), the great poet Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones); and many, many more, lesser known courageous individuals among our people.
Your name tells your ancestral history.
If your family name only goes back to your slave ancestors, who received their names from their slave masters (or some other Caucasian); then, what does that say about who you are now? 
These courageous African Americans wanted to show the world with their new names that they were a new people. 
Their new names would be a constant reminder to themselves and also to everyone else; that, they were no longer mentally enslaved to Caucasian supremacy beliefs. 
Those European names had been FORCED on our ancestors during slavery. 
They were not allowed to keep the names given to them by their parents in Africa. 
They had to be given European names that showed that they were no longer free men and women from Africa. 
They were now the property of their Caucasian slavemasters. 
Those names were the ‘name brands’ placed upon our ancestors to show which slave-master they belonged to.  
If the slave-master’s name was Baldwin, then they would be known as *Baldwin’s niggers. 
Just like pet owners gives names to their dogs and cats; our ancestors were given their names by their owners. 
By changing their European names to African or Islamic names was courageous; because, our people had been taught to hate Africa and stay away from any other religion besides Christianity. 
Our love and attachment to our European names gives a true picture of where our hearts and minds are.  
The majority of our people still love Europe and European ancestry more than they love Africa and African ancestry. 
There is a psychological feeling of attachment to Caucasians because of the European names that the majority of our people still have. 
The majority of ‘blacks’ have no intention of changing their Europeans names. 
They are extremely proud of their Europeans names. 
It is their one remaining proof of their love and fidelity to Caucasians.  
Many upper class ‘blacks’ erroneously believe that unless they have ‘good’ Caucasian names (unlike names like Sheniqua, Tamika, Shemela etc), they will not be successful economically and socially with Caucasian Americans.  
Many also fear they will alienate their Caucasian friends by getting rid of the European names passed down to them from their slave ancestors.
When I first noticed African American women with these unique names like Laquisha, Sheniqua, Shemire, etc.
I wondered where did those names come from.
I believe that their parents were affected by the TV drama “Roots.” They saw how our ancestors were forced to take on European Caucasian names.
They didn’t want to give their children Caucasian names; but they had no books or guidance of what names to give them.
So many of them created unique names to give to their babies.
I for one, applaud them for their ingenuity. 
The have shown a spark of creativity, by making up these names. 
That fear of doing something that our people believe will displease Caucasians; is deeply ingrained in our souls. 
To go against the trend of imitating Caucasians, for many of our people; is like doing something against god. 
That is why many did not have the courage to change their names during the 1960s and 1970s.
And the same reason in 2016, why many still hold on to their European names. 
That is why the majority of our people rejected the examples of those courageous brothers and sisters who changed their European names during those times. 
They also rejected our great leaders like Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and Wallace Mohamed.
Because Islam and the love of our ancestral homeland Africa; was not what Caucasian Americans had taught and approved for them. 
Even now, most African Americans don’t know anything about the religion of Islam other than what they have heard in the Caucasian controlled media. 
The majority have not taken the time to do their own research and investigation of Islam. 
If Caucasians say that Islam is bad for them or it is a terrorist religion, then they will believe it wholeheartedly. 
They will not give what was said to them a second thought. 
Look at the recent comment by Ben Carson about Muslims and Islam. 
He is a brilliant surgeon but, his thinking shows that he is still mentally enslaved.
He is just parroting what he has heard from Caucasians.
He has not done any kind of research on what Al-Islam is.
His behaviour is just like a slave wanting to please his master; by saying what he knows the master likes to hear. 
Also, as I said before, most African Americans would never even think of getting rid of their European names. 
Their European names are their main attachment with Europe and Europeans; and they will not give it up. 
African Americans with names from Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain etc.
And they are exceedingly proud of those European names. 
They erroneously believe that their Caucasian ‘friends’ and every Caucasian in America would reject them if they discarded these European names. 
They believe that Caucasians in big corporations would not employ them; if they didn’t have nice Caucasian names. 
They believe that without good Caucasian names they would be less successful in America. 
The subliminal lesson taught in the television show Roots; when Kunta Kinte was whipped into accepting the name “tobey” has been fully received by the majority of African Americans. 
Good Caucasian names equal better treatment from Caucasians.
Caucasians will love you if you have a name similar to theirs. 
It has been 150 years since the end of American slavery; but African Americans are still afraid to embrace a name from their African or Islamic ancestry. 
Although many immigrants, with non European names from Africa, Asia and many other parts of the world have achieved great success in the United States of America. 
We are still behaving  like slaves, who will not do anything unless their masters (i.e. Caucasians) first give it a stamp of approval. 
African Americans are till afraid to do their own investigation of anything, that has not been first introduced to them, or approved of for them, by Caucasians. 
To become truly free we must rid ourselves of these invisible shackles that are holding us back from fulfilling the great responsibility that The Master-Creator has given us. 
We have been conditioned by our people’s 500 years struggles in the Americas to be the saviours of Mankind. 
But, we cannot save Humanity while still behaving and believing, that we are inferior to other Human Beings. 
*There is an excellent video called Baldwin’s Nigger that featured both James Baldwin and Dick Gregory. It was filmed in England during the 1970s.
,,,,,,malcolm ,,,,,baldwin ,,,,,Marcus
The following is another foolish comment attributed to Dr Ben Carson. This ignorant man doesn’t realise that many Africans (especially in Ethiopian) already knew about Christianity. In fact the early images in Christianity of Jesus and his mother were of a dark skinned people.



3 Responses to “What Are Two Major Problems of The African American People?”

  1. Cassandra Hunt November 17, 2016 at 10:32 pm #

    Islam? Really? The Arabs were just as brutal slavers as the Europeans. So many African Americans don’t want to be associated with Africa because they are clueless about Africa. First off, since Africa, being a continent, made up of so many different nations, is a challenge to African Americans to know where they are from. One cannot just pick a country. What we need to push for is free DNA for every African American. This is one way we would be able to learn which country or people group we are from in Africa. I disagree that turning to Islam is the answer for African Americans. Islam was not our religion for we all did not descend from Haggai or Ishmael. It was another religion put upon us by a people group attempting to dominate us, just like Europeans. Look at the Lemba and the Igbo. They resist Islam and for good reason–they are Israelites! Notice I did not say Jews. They descend from Abraham and Isaac and they have the DNA to prove it. They are rejected by current rabbinical Israeli Jews because of racism. Many of them are Messianic, not because they converted to Christianity but because they recognized the Messiah of Israel (who, by the way was brown-skinned and no, I am NOT a Hebrew Israelite!) as Yeshua, and not a blue eyed, blond haired false Christ made up by racist Europeans.


    • chiniquy November 18, 2016 at 3:04 pm #

      Religion is not racial. Arabs are anyone whose daily language is Arabic. When the religion began only the people who lived in Arabia spoke Arabic. Syrians, the people of North Africa, Palestinians, Sudanese, etc none of them spoke Arabic. The people who are now called Arabs are of many ethnic groups. From light skinned, yellow hair to very dark skinned and thick nappy hair are all Arabs.


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