Marcus Garvey’s Speech: Confession of a Great White Man & and Leader

3 Nov

This is a short speech made by Marcus Garvey in 1923.  

(See Chiniquy’s comment on racism after Garvey’s article below) 

He made comments about a racist speech and article made/written by WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYANT (famous for the Scopes trial in 1925; concerning Darwin’s theory of Evolution being taught in school).  

William J. Bryant also ran for president of the USA as a Democrat.

(I don’t believe that the majority of European Americans still hold these racist views, but there are still too many that thinks the same as Mr Bryant did in 1923) 

The Confession of A Great White man & Leader


“My subject for tonight is ‘The Confession of a Great White Man and Leader.’ 


 Some Sunday nights ago you heard me speak of the speech made by William Jennings Bryan in Washington at a dinner where he was entertained by a large group of his own people. 

We commented on Mr. Bryan’s speech in Liberty Hall, as well as through my front page article in the Negro World.  

Other Negro newspapers commented on the speech of Mr. Bryan, and these various comments led the daily ‘Times’ of New York (I speak of the white ‘Times’) to request of Mr. Bryan to write an article expressing his further opinion on the matter and explain himself for what he said at the dinner in Washington.  

Mr. Bryan repeated everything he said this morning in his article in the daily ‘New York Times’ and adds even more.  

(1) In concluding the article he said this: ‘My views upon the race question do not depend upon my present residence in the South;  

(2) they were formed long before I ever thought of living in the South; they were expressed as the occasion required, and so far as I know do not differ from the views of other white men who have had occasion to express themselves on the fundamental principles involved when these principles would apply to themselves and to their own families.’

In this article of today we have Mr. Bryan repeating himself what he said in his talk in Washington a few weeks ago and adding more as expressing his attitude on the race question.  

He held to his idea of white supremacy and his belief that government should only be in the hands of the white man because white men are best able to interpret the needs of humanity.  

He concludes this article by saying that his views, he feels sure, are the views and opinion of other white people when called upon to give an opinion upon the subject. 

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 The statement of Mr. Bryan confirms the opinion and attitude of the Universal Negro Improvement Assn. of five years and confirms my stand in the matter of the Ku Klux Klan and the misrepresentation that other Negroes tried to make of my interview with that organization and the statement I made after that interview-that all white men in America feel like the Ku Klux Klan, but the only difference is that the Klan is honest enough to give expression to its opinion and carry out its attitude in defiance of any other opposition whilst others are not honest enough to give expression but feel the same way.

Mr. Bryan comes out and says as a leader and statesman that his feeling and his opinion on the race question is that there should be white supremacy and that government should be in the hands of the white race because the white race can best interpret the needs of humanity; that such is the feeling of other white men when called upon to give an opinion on the same subject.  

This should convince us now that the majority of white people in this country feel as the Ku Klux Klan feels and Mr. Bryan feels, and that is that the power of government should rest not with the Negro race in this country, but should rest with the white men.

For that they intend to fight and for that they intend to die.  

Now admitting that is so, and as we know it is so, what is the alternative for the Negro? 

The alternative is to follow in the cause of the Universal Negro Improvement Assn., that of the Negro building for himself. 

Hence the Universal Negro Improvement Assn. wastes no time in trying to explain itself.  

We do not need men like Mr. Bryan or Tillman and Vardaman to tell us that; we understand that well; we know that so long as this difference in numbers between the two opposite races that live in this country exists, the white man is going to carry out a program of white supremacy, and there will be absolutely no chance or opportunity between now and eternity for the colored man in America to take an equal place socially, politically and economically with the race that dominates.” 

(End of Garvey’s article) 

Many Caucasians all around the world still have these racist views. 

They firmly believe that the All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth has given Caucasians the right to rule Humanity. 

Many firmly believe that The Creator favours Caucasians above all the other races of people on this Earth. 

This is confirmed to them by their belief in the so-called Caucasian ‘son of god.’ 

They see The Creator as being ‘one of them.’

They reason that; “if The Creator wasn’t a Caucasian then HE wouldn’t have had a Caucasian son”. 

That is why ‘black’ lives or Arab lives or Native American lives doesn’t matter as much to the average Caucasian; as the lives of Caucasians (whether they are Christian or Jewish).

As long as the person is a Caucasian; then his/her life is more important than any non Caucasian. 

That is the true definition of racism. That is what creates racism among Human beings.

An ignorant belief that The Master-Creator of the Heavens and Earth, has favoured one race above the others.

That this one race has been given the authority by The Creator to be the master of other races. 

That HE has given the Caucasian people more inborn, superiority over the other races.  

For the past few centuries Caucasians called all non Caucasian people on Earth, sub-humans.  

Meaning that the other races were not on the same level mentally, spiritually, emotionally as the Caucasian race. 

That is why Europeans tried to colonise all the nations of non-Caucasian. 

That is the reason, why Caucasians still say that Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas; although there were people already living here when he came. 

The Native people were considered nothing and worthless because; they were not Caucasians. 

Even Caucasians who are not Christians or religious hold the same racist beliefs about the superiority of Caucasians over other races. 

They have been indoctrinated from birth into a culture that quietly preaches the supremacy of Caucasians through movies, television shows, books, Christianity, etc. 

The majority of Caucasians cannot help being racists.

It takes an intense, conscious effort to not give in to racist thinking. 

Our Creator addresses racism in the Holy Qur’an: 

With The Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

O Mankind! **WE created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and races, that you may become acquainted with each other; not for you to (hate and) despise (each other). 
Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of G-D is (the Human Being who is) the most righteous among you. 
And The One G-D has Full Knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). 
(End of Qur’anic verse)
Obedience to G-D’s Commands and righteous behaviour with your fellow Human Beings is the mark of superiority.
The Creator has not given any race any special superiority over the other races.
We will all stand individually, before HIS Judgement Seat and be judged for our behaviour in this Life.
No race will be given any special exemption for their sins.
* G-D instead of god. When god is spelt backwards it is dog. This is not a respectable spelling for a term that is used for the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.
**WE is a reference in the Holy Qur’an to the Angels who are responsible for the management of all of G-D’s creation. They are totally obedient to HIS Commands. They have been created without a will to disobey G-D.

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We can put one nail in the coffin of racism by stop calling people black and white.

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