The Danger Of Using Black and White As Racial Identifications

16 Feb


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During the 1960s the Nation Of Islam under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad was the primary promoter of the term ‘black’ instead of negro as a racial identification for people of African descent.
Before the mid 1960s no television, radio, or newspapers ever referred to African Americans as ‘blacks.’
The acceptable name for our race then was Negro.
Elijah Muhammad said that Negro was a term for integrationist minded black people.
He said black was a much better term for our people than Negro.
During the 1960s he published his book, “Message To The Blackman.”  
Elijah Muhammad had a wonderful and articulate spokesman named, Malcolm X Shabazz who did an admirable job of denigrating the term ‘Negro’ and promoting the term ‘Black,’ as a racial identification.
Malcolm on many occasions ridiculed the term negro. He said only ‘uncle toms’ liked being called negroes.
He said only ‘house negroes’ like…

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