ISIL (ISIS) and The KKK (Updated)

22 Mar

“ISIL (ISIS) and their fanatical supporters in Europe, America or anywhere else in the world; who are bombing and shooting innocent civilians, will end up in Hell-fire.

They are the enemies of Humanity.

They don’t represent the religion of Al-Islam.”

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ISIL is not about the religion of Al-Islam.

Just like the KKK was not about true Christianity.

ISIL was formed with the sole purpose of terrorising and killing Muslims who didn’t practise the religion the way they do.

Also to force any non Muslims living in Muslim populated countries into accepting Islam.

If you don’t follow and adhere to the fanatical concepts that they have about Al-Islam; then, you are their enemy.

They were formed by certain element in Saudi Arabia, Israel and individuals within the Intelligence Services of certain European countries and the CIA.

Their main aim is to attack Iran. But first they must neutralize all the leadership of the countries where Iran has a strong support.

Countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and also Yemen after the Houthis took control. 

ISIL believe that one Muslim leader should be the leader of the one billion plus, Muslims all over…

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