Donald Trump, The Rabble-Rouser

11 May


The definition of a Rabble-Rouser is: 

“A person who speaks with the intention of inflaming the emotions of a crowd of people, typically for political reasons.”

The synonyms  for a Rabble-Rouser are:

“Agitator, troublemaker, instigator, demagogue, firebrand, revolutionary, insurgent.”

Those synonyms best describes the Rouser, but what is the definition of the Rabble?

The definition of the term Rabble is:

” A disorderly crowd, a mob.”

Also another definition is:

“ordinary people, especially when regarded as socially inferior or uncouth.”

Some of the the synonyms for Rabble are: 

“gang, horde, pack, crowd, throng, swarm, group.”

Rabble-Rouser is a term that is not often used now, but in the past in both America and Europe it was used frequently to describe certain type of agitators who tried to stir up the emotions of the people (rubbing the Genie’s bottle).

The Rabble-Rouser is not trying to appeal to his follower’s intelligence; but only to their emotions.

The term Rabble is actual an insult to the people who listen to and follow a Rabble Rouser.

The term Rabble as it was used by the rich and upper class; meant people who are too stupid to realise that they are being conned.

We only have to look at a typical gathering of Donald Trump and his supporters to see a clear example of a Rabble-Rouser and his followers.

The problem with Donald Trump’s speeches is that he himself doesn’t believe the majority of things he is saying.

He is only saying it because he knows the people who support him , want to hear those things.

The Donald has even himself, alluded to the blind support of his followers.

Donald Trump once said, that his followers would still follow him even if he was to shoot someone.

But the majority of his followers didn’t even realise that their intelligence was being insulted when he said that.

Donald Trump is a man with an extremely large ego. He is only concerned about himself.

He is the perfect example of a megalomaniac.

“A person who is obsessed with their own power.

Also a megalomania is a person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance.” 

He is saying what he know the rabble wants to hear.

This all started in the Republican Party in 2008  with Sarah Palin.

She was the first to stir up the rabble.

Her primary appeal was among  a certain class of Caucasians in the Republican Party.

She attracted the most ignorant and racist, elements among Caucasians to her political rallies.

John McCain lost the election because the more intelligent and enlightened members of the Republican Party could not accept Sarah Palin as Vice President of the USA.

Then when Obama was elected; the leadership of the Republican Party allowed vile, racist and disrespectful things said and written about the President to go unchallenged.

The same type of people who cheered on Sarah Palin were allowed to voice their hatred against Obama for almost 8 years.

For political reasons the Republicans allowed the cesspool of racism, bigotry to dominate the Republican Party.

All for political gain. Which they have now achieved.

They now dominate the US Congress and Senate and Donald Trump has been chosen as the new President of the USA.

And Donald Trump’s minions will not tolerate any kind of condemnation of their leader.

Just like the followers of Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolph Hitler in Germany during the last century; Donald Trump’s followers will threaten with violence any one who dares to criticise him.

This Pied-Piper is leading them somewhere, but the majority of them know not where.

He is telling them what they want to hear so they will follow him anywhere. 

In the Divine Scripture it says that when the end comes, ‘The Trumpet will be blown and then from their graves the dead will rise”

The Trump(et) is being blown and the mentally, and spiritually dead are rising up.

Not rising from the dead to become enlightened; but to spread their message of religious and racial hatred, bigotry, and discrimination all over the land.

My study of history tells me that this is how societies end up destroying themselves.

They chose megalomaniacs as their leader; who end up leading them to destruction.

As Adolph Hitler, and Benito Mussolini did in Germany and Italy.

In the past, when The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth decides to destroy a nation; he gives them a fool for a leader.


The followers of Donald Trump will see for themselves when he becomes President of the USA; that he had been deceiving them all along.

Will they become angry at him or continue to behave as obedient and submissive supporters?

The end of the USA as we know it (Land of the Free, home of the brave etc.) may be coming to an end.

Has the time finally arrived for our nation to receive Divine Punishment for:

The near genocide and present day mistreatment of the Native Americans?

For the 400 years of enslavement, brutality, violence and discrimination against African Americans?

For the hundreds of years of certain members of the wealthy elite; who have been exploiting and taking advantage of the poor and so-called middle class of all races?

They have duped them into believing that they share the same interests.

The class of people whom Hillary Clinton called “the deplorables.”

For the corporations that have been polluting the springs, rivers, lands, and air that we have been blessed with?

For poisoning the food and claiming that it is healthy?

If that is the case then we are doomed as a nation.

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