Symbolism in Religion by W.D. Mohamed

19 May

(Posted on Fb by M.g. Mahdi)


The Red Sea

Pharaoh’s army in chariots pursued Moses and his people.

The Scripture says Pharaoh’s army drowned in the red sea. Symbolically the chariot represents a principle or method of controlling human drives and behavior (horses).

The horses repre­sent human drives, human motivations and human behavior that are blind. Blinders are put over horses’ eyes.

Pharaoh was pursuing Moses and his people with human science, he was trying to control their behavior, their human drives and aspirations.

Moses’ raising the rod to heaven and stretching his hand over the red sea, refers to the great blessing that he received from on high. Raising the rod means that he was using the higher knowledge that he received from Allah (The One True *G-d) near the burning bush.

Stretching out his hand over the red sea means he passed that knowledge on, he didn’t keep it secret. He appealed to the people with higher knowledge of G-d.

According to Scripture Pharaoh had a small concept of the Creator. He thought he was G-d.

Moses appealed to the red sea (the masses). Red symbolizes anger, activity and life. Blood is red and it is the life of the body.

The sea or water alludes to morality and communication. Therefore, red sea symbolizes active, expressive moral life.

Moses communicated to these morally active people and they allowed Moses and his people to walk across on dry ground, solid foundation.

It is further reported that Pharaoh’s army, because they did not have the higher knowledge, were drawn or overtaken by the people.

Pharaoh’s concept of G-d and human behavior could not be universally applied. It was too narrow. It was good for Egypt and some surrounding cities, but it was not accepted universally.

It was part truth, not whole truth. Modern man should take a lesson from this great event. As long as the leaders of this world try to appeal to the world of man with narrow, extreme nationalist ideas they stand to be toppled.

The universal appeal, respect for the Creator, high principles, and human worth can be accepted by all men.


It says in the Qur’an that “this Book is allegorical and basic.”

This means that it has language that has to be interpreted, that has one appearance on the surface and when it is understood, you dismiss the surface and see everything.

It is allegorical and mystical and metaphorical.

It also says, “Those in whose heart is a corruption, they prefer the allegorical over the basic.” They prefer the mystifying language over the common sense language.

G-d says: “And take the best thereof.”

If you are not innocent, you are not going to get it. If you are deceitful, you are going to be deceived. G-d says: “And deceive not, and you will not be deceived.”

The way is open, but you have to enter it correctly. “Enter the door humbly.” not proud, not wanting to be a dictator, not wanting to be a master with all men serving you.

A person with that mind will find something to destroy himself with, when he takes up the Qur’an or the Bible. And those who follow him will be taken to destruction with him.

Isn’t that what we are seeing in the world today and in the world of yesterday?

Men claiming to be believers in G-d and in the scriptures and in their own warped minds, they are being honest and believe in what they are saying.

But they are blinded, because they did not have the right disposition to start with. They are taking themselves and their followers to hell in this life and in the Hereafter.

Lets look at how the masses of people are being robbed of real scriptural teaching.

Genesis says, “Let there be light.” The church will not tell you that this scripture means, “Let there be knowledge in the heads of the people.”

They teach you to think that G-d’s first order was that man should strive for spiritualism, when it really means that man should strive for knowledge.

The first commandment of G-d is to let the brain grow in intelligence and to let the head be lit with light.

This is the first commandment because if there is no light in the head, what can we expect from the body ?

The head has to rule over the body.


Another mistake people make when they see something different is that they forget to consider the condition or the situation in which they live.

When people think of religion as complicated and” deep,” they are forgetting how complicated and deep the world is in which they live.

Believe me, the” deepest” knowledge is religious knowledge. You should not expect to achieve the understanding of such a great knowledge without thinking.

We have been trained to believe that we can understand religious knowledge without thinking.

Most religious teachers direct themselves to your feelings instead of to your mind.

In order to arouse your sentiments to make you begin to love G-d, they begin to tell you how much Jesus loves you and how many sacrifices he has made for you.

You begin to feel a kind of communication with “heavenly” ideas, but you are not given the knowledge to know very much.

The teachings of Jesus in the New Testament have been translated, interpreted, and interpolated but you can still see that he was not appealing to the sentiments (emotions) of the people as much as he was appealing to their good senses and to their intelligence.

If you go to school or college, you must meet the challenge of higher mathematics, such as trigonometry and calculus. A person who has only progressed as far as elementary school will not know about these complicated theories and concepts of higher mathematics.

Should he say that these concepts are false and that they do not exist simply because they seem difficult to him and he cannot relate to them?

The fact is, the higher concepts do exist and they run the higher world.


Even though higher knowledge runs the higher world, how many common people can understand and readily grasp the language of higher knowledge?

When we talk about “G-d” and” His truth,” most of the people mistakenly think that these subjects should be so simple that they do not have to think.

G-d’s truth is the greatest truth and the deepest truth, but He knows how to put His truth in such simple language that the lowest of the people in intelligence can understand it, if they would only think.

Nowhere in the scriptures does it say that you can close up your ears and get the divine message. If you cannot see and hear, you are” dead.”

You need more than just teaching, you need a rebirth (a resurrection).

Because most of the people in our world are actually “dead,” they have to be reborn.

We must spend time working on you, teaching you, giving you the word of God, trying to get your ear to come alive because it is dead to simple truth.


Understanding the language of scripture will help you to see the world in which you live.

It will show you how your world is made, it will help you to understand your own life and to see yourself, and it will help you properly relate to the world.

No other knowledge can put creation back in its proper order but spiritual, knowledge (divine knowledge).

Civilizations come into existence and they live for a period of time, then they run into trouble and either destroy themselves or they are destroyed by some greater force.

The cycle of civilization is usually described as something like the birth, the growth of life to maturity, and the death of the human being.

Seldom has any civilization been able to reach its maturity, recognize the forces of death working in it, and give itself a rebirth.

Only divine truth can give rebirth to society

Imam W.D. Mohammed

*G-d instead of God.

God spelt backwards is dog.

This is not a respectful spelling for the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.







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