30 May



Recently I visited a large city in Ohio.

I was surprised to see so many African American men wearing their pants with their underwear showing.

When I was a child I remember seeing babies wearing cloth diapers.
When they had poop in their diapers it looks exactly the way these men look with their pants sagging.

I had read in the past, that some cities and towns had passed laws against men wearing their pants like this. 

I am 100% against making laws telling people what they can or can’t wear.

But I am also 100% against young men walking around with their pants hanging down revealing their underwear.

Having to pass laws to stop this trend, points to the weakness within our communities.

We cannot reason with our own young men and tell them how infantile and ridiculous they look dressing like that, without resorting to passing laws against it.

I know that these…

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