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31 Jul

The “empire building scheme” of European nations (later the United States of America joined that scheme) in the past, is the primary reason why they now have an immigration problem. The…


European and American Imperialism created the present day problem of Immigration

31 Jul

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In the past the “empire building scheme” of European nations (later the United States of America joined in the scheme); is the primary reason why they now have an immigration problem.

They subjugated and financially robbed many nations across the globe.

Many of the lands of the native peoples of the Earth were colonised by Europeans.

Countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas were taken over by Europe.

The people of Europe believe in a ” Divine Manifest Destiny.”

They believe that their fabricated Caucasian god and his son, had given them the right to own the Earth.

The World's Plunderers

1885 — Original caption: The World’s Plunderers. “It’s English you know.” Thomas Nast, 1885. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

If they went to a land where no European had been before; they claim that they were the ‘discoverer’ of that place.

It didn’t matter if other people had been living in these lands for centuries.

If the people living there were not Caucasians; then those lands were up for grabs to the first Caucasians who went there.

The non Caucasian people of those lands, were expendable.

Their lives were not important because they were not Caucasians.

The people of those countries were robbed of everything.

They were robbed of their self-worth as Human Beings.

They were robbed of the natural resources of their lands.


No financial compensation was given to them for it; except as cheap labourers.

Cheap labourers, working to extract the natural resources of their lands; to be sent to Europe or the United States of America.

In many cases their language was replace with the language of their conquerors.

The natives then began speaking Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Dutch etc instead of their own language

They also brain-clogged the “natives” into believing in the superiority of the European (Caucasian) people.

This was done by giving the natives (and those who became slaves) a religion that showed the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth as being an old Caucasian man; who had a Caucasian son, who came to Earth and lived among men (old mythological pagan concepts from Greece and Rome).


This religion of Christianity in many cases were forced on the natives.

A religion that taught them that the people of Europe (Caucasians) were a special race in the eyes of The Creator.

This was a psychological scheme to make non Caucasians believe that Caucasians were members of a divine race.

And if they wanted to please The Creator, then they should be subservient and obey all Caucasians.

They were taught through Christianity to love Europe and Europeans more than anything else in this life.

They were taught to love and have faith in the intellectual and spiritual superiority of Caucasians over their own race.

They were also taught to idolise the countries were their colonisers came from.

They were taught that the ‘mother country;’ whether it was Spain, Portugal, England, France, Holland, Germany, Italy etc, was the greatest country on Earth.


In the Americas the majority of the Native Americans rejected Christianity.

They rejected the idea of worshiping “The Great Spirit” in the image of a Caucasian man.

And because of their rejection; they had to be eliminated or totally subjugated.

The Native Americans of the Americas are still suffering today.


Many of the immigrants coming to the United States of America from Mexico, Central and South America are Native Americans.

They may have Spanish names and speak Spanish; but their physical features shows clearly that they are Native Americans.

Europeans are the ones who started labelling them as “hispanics.”

They are not Hispanics, but Native Americans.

And the population of Native Americans on this continent; is more than the population of people of Caucasian or African ancestry. 

Their ancestors travelled back and forth trading with the various tribes North and South; before Europeans came to the Americas.

They are following ancestral urges in coming to what is now the USA for economic reasons 🙂






Many of the native people around the world, who accepted this Caucasian centered religion; developed a strong desire to one day visit the mother country.

When many of those countries were freed from their colonial masters by becoming independent; nothing really changed.

Independence came, the colonial flags were replace, a new National Anthem was created; but in reality nothing had changed financially. 

Their leaders (many of whom had been educated in Europe); carried on the same financial program put in place by the former European colonial masters.

The wealth of those nations were still going to the same people as it had before.

The people experienced a worse financial crisis after independence.

Now the “natives” in those lands believe that their lives would be better financially if only they can get to the ‘mother country.’

Now, every country on this Earth, where the majority of the inhabitants are Caucasians; have a problem with Immigrants.

The people from their former colonies believe their lives will be much better; if they lived in the mother country.

Windrush immigrats

People are not just coming from their former colonies; but also from other economically troubled countries.

African migrants

The wealth that these European countries and America have accumulated through exploitation of the natural resources of poor countries and through enslavement of Africans; have made them a Mecca for all people world-wide.

Also the turmoil that the foreign policy of America and some of those European countries; have created military conflict in many countries.


Those wars have caused major problems with the mass movement of people fleeing war zones.

People fleeting to those European countries; are a divine retribution; for what those European countries have been doing for the past centuries.

In a sense this is The Creator’s justice.

Their country and people were robbed by those European nations; and now they are coming to the mother countries for economic relief.

Wars and military conflicts in the so-called Middle East, North Africa; instigated by Europe and America; so why shouldn’t the refugees from those war-torn countries go to Europe and America.

The majority of people would prefer to stay in their own countries. But because of exploitation and military conflicts, instigated by European and American powers; makes that impossible.

Divine Retribution is a hell of a thing.

This comment I took from a Facebook post by Fernando Chavarria to the meme below of the original land mass of Mexico before it was stolen by the USA.

Thank you for posting this vitally important yet purposely overlooked bit of history, Sir.

Helps reminds us all that Mexicans didn’t cross the border, the border, in fact, crossed Mexicans.

And thank you for gently reminding us that the “Mexican” (and other brown people up and down this continent) are, in fact, the offspring of the European colonizer, of the European master, and the indigenous folk who were native to this land centuries and millennia before the US was even a germ of concept.

That the indigenous people of this land were, in fact, stripped of their identity, their religion and their clans, and the land was divided, stripped of its riches and resources to fund kingdoms and empires, not unlike what happened in  Africa at the hands of Portugal, France, etc. in this case, it was Spain.

“Mexicans” as we are we are often derisively labeled are neither “foreign,” nor “immigrants,” nor “ illegal,” nor “illegal immigrant criminals.”

We are indigenous, native, born of this land.

To call a Mexican, or another Native Latino, an alien in the Americans; is akin and as insulting and hurtful as calling an African an alien in (their homeland of) Africa. 

Mexican Wall


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south-american-people Uncle tom Cuban immigrants

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