The Current Sad Situation of The people of African Descent

9 Sep


The people of African descent in America (and many other nations around the world where there are large populations of our people) will never solve their present problems (poverty, ignorance, crimes, low self esteem etc.) until they dig up the roots of their self hatred.


Christianity as it has been preached for the last 600 years has been arm in arm with Caucasian supremacy. Once the conquered and enslaved non Caucasians accepted Christianity it was part of the package that they also had to accepted the idea that Caucasians are superior human beings. 

They were given an image of the Creator (and his so-called son) as Caucasians; thus, reinforcing the message that the Caucasian people are part of the family of The Creator.

That somehow Caucasians were *G-D’s representatives on Earth. 

The subliminal messages of Christianity as taught by the colonizing European nations were: Caucasians are more…

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