Racism Among Many Caucasian Members of the Police Force

24 Sep



I believe that the majority of Caucasian police officers nationwide hold racist views about people of African descent.


They most likely are not members of the KKK or any other racist organizations, but they have similar racist views about so-called minorities.


That is why there are so many cases of African American being killed for no reason other than asking the police why are they being arrested or refusing to be handcuffed.


The majority of Caucasian police personnel are afraid/hate non Caucasians.

They will shoot first without any kind of hesitation.

Not all the victims of police murders have argued or fought with them.

In many police departments they use pictures of African Americans as bullseye when they practise shooting at targets.

MANY of them are itching for any excuse to shoot to kill people of African descent.

In my over 45 years of awareness of police violence…

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