Marcus Garvey’s Speech: Confession of a Great White Man & and Leader

16 Oct


This is a short speech made by Marcus Garvey in 1923.  
He made comments about a racist speech and article made/written by WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYANT (famous for the Scopes trial in 1925; concerning Darwin’s theory of Evolution being taught in school). 

William J. Bryant also ran for president of the USA as a Democrat.

(I don’t believe that the majority of European Americans still hold these racist views, but there are still too many that thinks the same as Mr Bryant did in 1923)

The Confession of A Great White man & Leader


My subject for tonight is ‘The Confession of a Great White Man and Leader.’ 


 Some Sunday nights ago you heard me speak of the speech made by William Jennings Bryan in Washington at a dinner where he was entertained by a large group of…

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