Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes is Unhealthy

26 Nov



Effects of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

Wearing skinny and tight clothes might look good on us, but constant wearing of these clothes will eventually put our health at risk.

Wearing these skin tight outfits and zero size jeans will hug your skin throughout the day, and can lead you to suffocate the skin badly.

Here are few ill effects on our health due to tight clothes.

Candida Yeast Infection

Candida Yeast infection has been one of the most common skin infections nowadays.

Yeast infection will lead your body to painful infections and skin diseases if ignored.

This infection occurs on very specific areas of our body, especially on the areas which is more moist (wet) and hot.

Yeast allergies will cause itching and scratchy sensation on our skin and often it is painful and frustrating.

One of the main reasons for this infection is due to skin tight pants, as it prevents circulation of air and leads to the increase in production of yeast.

One should learn how is candida yeast infection caused, and how it can be cured naturally.


Abdominal Pain

Often we wear dresses which stick to our stomach.

These dresses put pressure on our stomach, which in turn puts extreme pressure on our abdomen and causes a lot of pain.

It causes acid reflux which results in severe burning sensation.

These tight outfits will also reduce the digestion process.

So, we should always make that not to wear dresses and belts which put too much pressure on our stomach.

Tingling Thigh Syndrome

Tingling thigh syndrome, also known as Meralgia Paresthetica.

This is one of the most common nerve disorders, and  is caused when we wear skin tight jeans.

These tight jeans will compress a nerve on the thighs, which creates a tingling, numb or burning sensation.

These girly-men clothing below are examples of what not to wear.


kjhh     kjh


Back Pain

Now-a-days, most of us prefer wearing low waist tight jeans.

But wearing these outfits is not good for our back.

These low waist skinny jeans will compress our back muscles and restricts our hip bone movements.

This puts pressure on our spine and back, which causes a lot of pain.


Other Effects of Tight Clothes

These clothes also results in back acne, heartburn, headache and blurred vision.

Being fashionable and trendy is good, but we should also see it to that, this fashion does not spoil our health.

Wearing too tight clothes might look appealing, but it also gives potential risks to our health.

So, always think twice before you choose your clothes.

(Above article came from http://www.thefitindian.com)








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