Prophet Abraham Builds a House Dedicated to The Creator in Mecca

4 Mar



When the city of Mecca became a settlement, because of the Zam-Zam Well; Abraham would periodically visit his wife Hagar and his son Ismail there.

 Abraham had traveled to many places in the countries surrounding the city of Mecca, Arabia spreading the Word of The One True *G-D.

The majority of people in those countries where he traveled to were idol worshipers.

They had many statues and shrines that were dedicated to the idols gods that they worshiped.

Abraham vowed that he would one day build a House that would be dedicated to The One True G-D.

Then he would invite all the people from the lands where he had visited; who had accepted the Truth he taught them, to make pilgrimage to this House.

He envisioned that these righteous people who had accepted the Truth that, there was only One True G-D; that they would journey from afar to visit this…

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