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Why are so Many Young Muslims Turning to Terrorism?

30 Aug

Source: Why are so Many Young Muslims Turning to Terrorism?

Why are so Many Young Muslims Turning to Terrorism?

29 Aug

Source: Why are so Many Young Muslims Turning to Terrorism?

What is causing so many young Muslims to become terrorists?

29 Aug


For the last 20 years or so; we have experienced the rise of young Muslim men committing brutal acts against civilians in Europe and the USA.

Why has this been happening?

Many people in the USA and Europe who have not taken the time to read any ‘authentic’ literature about Al-Islam; because they truly believe that Al-Islam is a violent religion.

There are over one billion Muslims all over the world.

If Al-Islam was really a religion of violence; the world would be on fire.

No one in the world would be safe.

But the reality is the opposite.

Despite what the critics of Islam claim; the majority of Muslims all over the world; are peaceful people.

They prefer to live in peace with each other and their non Muslim neighbours.

Look how many centuries (before the creation of Israel), Muslims have lived in peace with their Jewish and Christian neighbours in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, etc without any kind of problems.

Nevertheless today, there are too many brutal, random acts of terrorism committed by young men (and sometimes women) who claim to be Muslims.

The majority of times people who knew them before they committed these barbaric acts; says that they never would believe that, their friend/neighbour/co-worker, would commit such a terrible act.

They say that before, they had behaved like ordinary, normal people.

So what was in their hearts and minds that led them to become terrorist?


I believe that the ways many foreign born Muslims, have been taught and how they perceive the religion of Al-Islam; is the cause of the problem.

They have heard all their lives that:

Islam is the best religion;

Muhammed is the best and greatest among all the Prophets;

That Muslims are the only people that The Creator really loves;

That Al-Islam is the only religion that The Creator will accept on Judgement Day;

That Muslims will have a higher place in Heaven, than  Jews and Christians: that is according to their thinking; if any of the Jews and Christians make it to Heaven 🙂 ;

etc. etc. etc.

They have been taught to see non Muslims as being on the wrong path in religion and that Muslims alone are on the right path of religion.

The Muslim Imams (ministers/preachers) of this view of Islam; are not even aware that they are contributing to a self-righteous, holier-than-thou mentality among Muslims.

They are contributing to the creation of a mentality, that may lead some Muslims into committing terrorist acts.

I have even heard some Muslims preachers say, that the best Christian or Jew, is not on the same level as a bad Muslim.

Because the bad Muslim at least know who The Creator is and acknowledges that there is only One Creator.

In essence the majority of Muslims have now, the same erroneous concept of themselves as many members of the Jewish community have.

They believe that they are The Creator chosen people.


The Jewish community claims that they are “the favourites of The Creator.”

That they are “god’s chosen people.” That god loves them more than any other people in the world.

Muslims don’t use the same phrases; but their thinking is exactly the same.

A large segment of the Muslim population believe that; Muslims are The Creator’s favourites.

But even among the various Muslim groups there are divisions.


Some Muslims believe that they are more favoured in The eyes of The Creator, than other Muslims.

The Arabs believe that they are the best Muslims.

And the Muslims of India/Pakistan believe that they are right up under the Arabs.

Many Indian/Pakistani Muslims, will do everything they can, to get the Arabs to accept them as their equals.

The Arabs believe, that The Creator loves Arabs more than any other Muslims.

The majority of Arabs believe that The Creator will not give you knowledge or insight; unless you speak Arabic.

They seriously believe, that people who speak Arabic will be in a higher place in Heaven, than any other Muslim.

They believe that the language spoken in Heaven will only be Arabic.

That The Creator will not accept your prayers, unless you say it in Arabic.

So if you don’t speak Arabic; then The Creator will not even acknowledge your call upon HIM.

They believe that, no non Arabic speaking Muslim has any greater knowledge or insight above any Arabic speaking Muslim.

You may gather from this information, the reason why the majority of terrorist acts committed by so-called Muslims; have been committed by Arabic speaking Muslims.

Also many non Arabic speaking Muslims, with low-esteem; believe that Arab Muslims are superior Muslims.

So they strive to be accepted by Arabs or Pakistanis.

They will dress as they dress in their countries and adopt the same erroneous belief about the superiority of Muslims over all others. 

So if Arabs are committing terrorist acts and joining groups like ISIL (ISIS); then they will follow their example and commit terrorist acts.

These misguided people, with their false sense of superiority against non Muslims; makes them immune to the barbaric, and brutal acts committed against innocent people in Europe and the USA.

They erroneously believe, that The Creator has given them the right to decide who lives and who dies.

And they also believe that any Muslim who doesn’t believe as they do, then it is okay for them to kill these Muslim.

So if they believe it is okay to kill other Muslims if they don’t agree with their warp concept of Al-Islam; then you can see why they don’t even think twice about the killing of non Muslims.

Their knowledge of Al-Islam is on the elementary level.

They have no true understanding of the true essence and value of Al-Islam.

Their arrogant conceit of themselves have made them hard-hearted.

They have no love for Humanity.


Muslim have failed to take warning against self-righteousness and a superiority complex; as The Creator has Revealed in the Qur’an.

These are a few of the verses in the Qur’an that warns against becoming conceited:

With The Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer.  

“O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and fulfill your covenant with ME as I fulfill My Covenant with you, and fear none but ME.

And believe in what I (now) reveal, confirming the Revelation (Torah) which is already with you, and be not the first to reject Faith therein (the Qur’an), nor sell MY Messages for a small price; and be conscious of ME, and ME Alone.

And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when you know (what it is).

And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship).

Do you enjoin right conduct on the people, and forget (to practise it) yourselves, and yet you study the Scripture? Will you not understand?

No, seek (The One True Creator’s) help with patient perseverance and prayer:

It is indeed hard, except to those who bring a lowly spirit,

Who bear in mind the certainty that they are to meet their Guardian-Lord, and that they are to return to HIM.

Children of Israel! Call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other (for MY Message).

Then guard yourselves against a Day, when one soul shall not avail another nor shall intercession be accepted for her, nor shall compensation be taken from her, nor shall anyone be helped (from outside).

(End of Qur’anic verses)

Many Muslims are not aware that the many verses in the **Qur’an that speaks about the Children of Israel are warnings.

The Creators tells us that the Children of Israel were missioned by HIM to help the world.

They were HIS special people because of the mission given to them.

Instead they became arrogant and conceited; and used the Revelations given to them by The Creator (thru the many Prophets HE sent to them) to manipulate and exploit Humanity.

They started to believe that they were a special race of people; because of what they had received from The Creator; and not because of righteous behaviour.

They erroneously believe that The Creator would still be pleased with them; although they had abandoned the mission HE had given them.

They stopped invited people to accept Judaism and claimed that you can only be a Jew through blood relations.

(Many Arabs have the exact same mentality today)

Jesus came to help them back on the right path; but they rejected him and the Message he gave them from The Creator.


With all the arrogant ideas that have been put into their heads about the superiority of Islam; many young Muslims (Arabs especially) cannot understand why the people of the world are not rushing to become Muslims.

They want the people of the world to accept the superiority of Islam (and the superiority of Arabs).

Because they have no true understanding of the teachings of Al-Islam; they become enraged at non Muslims.

They can’t understand why people living in non Muslim nations in Europe and the United States of America; are so prosperous and seems to be happy.

They wonder why The Creator is not punishing these non Muslims nations; for what they see as their immoral and wicked lifestyle. 

These Muslims also become overly sensitised to the suffering of Muslims all over the world.

They pay no attention to the **Qur’an verses that says about bad things happening to people; 

“(O mankind) whatever good happens to you is from The Creator; and whatever evil befalls you is from yourself.”

Many of the bad things happening to Muslims world-wide is because the majority of Muslims, have abandoned the Mission given to them by The Creator.

Muslims are no longer a factor for good in the world.

Muslims today are not concerned about making the world a better place for all of Humanity.

So, with all this arrogant conceit of themselves and their religion; they become enraged when non Muslims don’t accept their superiority.

They want the world to accept them and their religion as being greater than all other religions.

If the world doesn’t; then they believe that the people of the world, deserve whatever bad happens to them.

Their twisted concept of Islam; makes them believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong.


The Muslims in the world today, are not following the excellent example shown by the Prophet Muhammed during his lifetime; so why should the world see anything good about Al-Islam or Muslims.

Even before becoming a prophet; Muhammed lived the life of an excellent Human Being.

He was considered as an ‘odd-ball’ by the other Arab men.

They though he was odd, because he was kind to everyone.

He greeted everyone with a smile.

He treated women and children with respect.

Even before receiving The Revelation from The Creator, he was concerned about making his city a better place.

He wanted his fellow citizens to behave better towards each other.


While he was still a young man, due to his honesty and fair dealings with all people as a merchant, he became known as Al-Sadiq (the truthful) and Al-Amin (the trustworthy).

He was nothing like the arrogant, cocky Arab male (like many of them now are).

Also, unlike the typical Arab; at the age of 25 he was still a virgin.

A widowed woman of 40 years old named Khadijah, proposed marriage to him; he accepted her proposal.

She remained his only wife until her death 25 years later.

She was the one who consoled and comforted him, when he received the first Revelation sent to him by The Creator; in the fifteenth year of their marriage.

He was sweating profusely and trembling with fear when he ran home to her. He feared that something terrible was happening to him.

She consoled him by reminding him that he was the kindest and gentlest man among all the Arabs; why would anything bad happen to him.

She sought the advice of a cousin who was a Christian, and he told her that he believe that her husband had received a Revelation from the Creator.

Thus began Muhammed’s mission of preaching The Creator’s Message, to the people of Arabia and the world.

For 23 years he struggled against the barbaric behavior of his people.

Eventually by The Grace of The All-Mighty ONE, he was successful in his task. 

He had been an odd-ball among the Arabs of Mecca; but at the end of his life they were all following his example of kindness and compassion.

They saw it as a virtue to be charitable and loving to all people.

That example of his kindness and compassion to all people (especially to non Muslims) is not being stress enough by Muslims today. 

The teachers (Imams) of Islam, must start teaching more about Muhammed’s kindness and love for all Humanity.

They must teach about the social responsibility that is the duty of ALL Muslims. Muslim must be a factor for good wherever we live.

Especially for the good and well being of non Muslims. That was the example of the Prophet Muhammed.

Muslim Imams (preachers) must also, teach more of what is in the Qur’an.

The Qur’an says that no matter what faith you believe in, The Creator will judge you according to your behaviour in this life.

The Qur’an has the pure, unchanged Truth from our Creator revealed to Mankind.

It has not been corrupted by the thinking of Human Beings.

The Qur’an teaches, that whether a person is a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim (or any other belief); that person will be judged on the Day of Judgement, on how they treated their fellow Human Beings.

Muslims have no guarantee of a place in Heaven except by their righteous behaviour; just like everyone else.    



* G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.  

Additionally this was originally a sly joke on English speaking Christians by devilish tricksters.

They were saying that Christianity was like a dog on a leash.

It could only go so far then, the ‘master’ would pull it back in line. 

In later centuries devils with the same mentality deceived the Catholic Church into making all their priest wear dog collars (collars that are buttoned in the back like a dog’s collar with a leash). 

Cementing the secret message that Christianity was on a leash. it could only go in the direction, that its’ master(s) allowed it to go.

Now you will find many others non Catholic Christian Ministers also wearing the same ‘dog collar shirts.

** The Qur’an was revealed to Muhammed Ibn (the son of) Abdullah in the 7th century.

He received this revelation over a 23 years time period from the Angel Gabriel.

Muhammed was just like the majority of Arabs at that time, he could neither read nor write.

I will say it again; Muhammed could neither read or write.

The Revelation now called The Qur’an, was given to him by the Angel Gabriel and implanted in his memory.

Muhammed, then recited it to his fellow Arabs.

The majority of his followers, who heard the recitation of the Qur’anic verses, from Muhammed; in turn memorised what they had heard.

After Muhammed death his son-in-law Uthman; who was the third leader of the growing Muslim community, after Muhammed’s passing; had these memorised verses of the Qur’an compiled into a book form.

He gathered a majority of those who had heard the recitation from the Prophet Muhammed and had memorised it, to testify to the authenticity of what had been compiled into the book.

They all verified that it was exactly the same as they had heard the Prophet recite it.

The Prophet is referred to in many verses in the Qur’an as being unlettered.

An unlettered Prophet sent to an unlettered people.




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