The hidden history of the military achievements of African Americans

12 Sep

When I came to the United States of America over 50 years ago; the first school that I attended was; Crispus Attucks Elementary school.

I later learned that Crispus Attucks was the first American to die in the cause of freeing Americans from British control, during the 18th century.

Crispus Attucks

During the next five years that I spent in the United States school system; I was never taught about the military participation of African Americans.

So it was no surprise that I use to brag to my African American school mates; about the Maroons in Jamaica.

The Maroons had fought against the British, who wanted to enslave them.

Many of the Maroons had escaped from slavery during the time of Spanish rule; and when England took over Jamaican, the British tried to make them slaves again.

They fought the well trained British army to a standstill. Eventually the British sign a peace treaty with the Maroons; that gave them the right to keep their lands and their freedom.

history of Jamaica

So I would boast to my friends, saying that my ancestors in Jamaica had fought against slavery; whereas their ancestors in America did not.


During the years that I was a member of the United States Air Force, I had the opportunity to read many books about the military record of African Americans.

Especially about what African Americans did during the American Civil War.

African Americans’ military achievements makes the Maroon wars in Jamaica, pale in comparison.

The treaty that the Maroons signed with England only applied to their own group; the other slaves in Jamaica remained slaves.

In fact part of the agreement with Britain was that the Maroons would capture any slave who ran away from enslavement and came to their lands.

They returned these slaves to the British authority, and received payment.

In contrast; African American soldiers played a significant role in ending all slavery within the United States of America.

Colored Civil War soldier

The reason why I first titled this article: “The plot to hide the military achievements of African Americans …;” is because it has become very apparent to me that, there exist a plot to hide their military achievement.

I have been blocked by Facebook twice in less than one month; for posting an article about the participation of African American soldiers and sailors during the American Civil War.

Click below to ‘read’ the article, that Facebook keeps blocking me for, thanks.

This made me give serious though for the reason why.

I have posted many more provocative articles on Facebook; but the reaction from them for this article was surprising.

I have posted articles such as:

“Calling Caucasians ‘white people’ promotes racism”

“False image of Jesus Christ is the root cause of racism”

“Prophet Muhammed is the returned Christ”

“Sexually confused Human Beings”

“Believing in Santa Claus as children leads to Atheism or weak religious faith as adults”

“Hypocritical love for Malcolm X”

“The true definition of racism”


But I have never been blocked so quickly for those articles as I have been for the one about African American soldiers during the American Civil War.

For some reason, those who control the people of the USA; don’t want Americans (especially African Americans) to know about the military achievements of African Americans.

Based upon the numerous movies made about the wars fought in the USA; you would believe that no African Americans were involved.

But the opposite is true.

African Americans were in every military conflict fought in what became the USA; from the 17th century until the present.

They were involved in the French and Indian Wars

The American Revolutionary War

The War of 1812

The War against Mexico

The annexation of Texas started it. Many history books fail to give the true reason why the Mexicans because angry at the ‘Americans living in Texas’. The Mexican government was angry that the Texicans wanted to keep other human beings as slaves.

The American Civil War

The Wars against the Native Americans

 The Spanish American War

But no movie has been made that showed the true participation of African Americans in these wars and military conflicts.

You may ask, ‘what about the movie Glory?’

The movie made about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

Glory was really no better than the racist movie made at the beginning of the 20th century called, ‘Birth of a Nation.’

Birth of a Nation, showed African American soldiers as being undisciplined and savage.

They showed the soldiers as being thieves and rapists.

They showed the very same thing in the movie Glory.

Because many people have not studied the history of African American soldiers, they thought that Glory was a good thing.

The performances of some of the actors was good; but the overall message of the movie was extremely bad.

And many people did not catch the negative portrayal of African Americans in this movie.

The movie Glory was filled with many inaccuracies.

Two of Frederick Douglass’ sons were in the 54 Massachusett Regiment; a fact the movie Glory failed to mention.

The 54 Mass. Regiment had some of the most intelligent African American soldiers.

It was made up of the sons of many prominent and wealthy African American families.

The majority of them were well educated.

It was even said by their detractors; that they would not fight as well as the other regiments made up of slaves; because they had never been enslaved.

They would not fight with the same intensity as those who understood by personal knowledge the brutality of a slave’s life.

During the attack on Fort Wagner these naysayers were proved wrong.

The movie gave the impression that only one person in the regiment was educated and he was shown as a wimp.

The movie also tried to ridicules the members of the 33rd USCT (first called the 1st South Carolina Volunteers)

Click below to ‘read’ about this magnificent regiment from South Carolina, thanks.

They were the first regiment formed primarily made up of slaves.

They were formed before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued.

And speaking about the Emancipation Proclamation; many Americans are not aware that:


The Emancipation Proclamation did not free all the slaves in America. 

It only freed slaves in the Confederate States; not in the states that supported the North. 

It was done to undermine the strength of the Confederacy by removing their main source of strength; their slaves. 


I believe that the reason for keeping this history hidden; is because young African American boys, would be fill with pride if they knew the military history of their ancestors.

They would know without doubt that this country, is as much their as it is for anyone one else. 

They would know that their ancestor had ‘fought’ not only for the freedom from Britain; but also for the freedom of their ancestors from slavery. 


They want us to believe that our ancestors were like little children; who depended on others to do everything for them

Our ancestors have made more sacrifices for this country than any other Americans.

It is one thing to be a patriot when everyone loves and respect you, and welcome you with open arms.

But to be patriotic, when the majority of your fellow citizens hate you and treat you like garbage; is the greatest mark of a true patriot.

Our patriotism have always been rejected by those who hate us.

African American Soldiers fo USA

Our patriotism for the United States of America, should be for OURSELVES; not to show anyone else that we love this country.

We MUST make every effort to be successful in the United States of America.

Our ancestors gave their blood, sweat and tears; for the day when we will have the same rights as every other American citizen.

We need to remember that despite the terrible situation that our ancestors endured during the past centuries here in the so-called ‘New World;’ their achievements are unparalleled by any other group of people in the recent history of the world. 

We need to be inspired by them.



Click below to ‘read’ the article.

Woody Strode Sergeant Rutledge

General Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr.soldiers for usa

WATCH James Baldwin’ speech below:

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