Who is Chiniquy?


Chiniquy is my Pen Name.

I am a slave of the Master-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

I am a member of the Human Family.

I believe that Human Beings should be open to all knowledge.

How can we understand each other unless we become acquainted with each others’ beliefs?

What I have written and posted here in WordPress is what I believe.

I want all Human Beings to come to the realisation that we are being manipulated by hidden forces.

I call them ‘the clan of satan.’

These forces want Humans to stay divided in order to continue to control and manipulate us.

Only The Truth that comes from our Guardian-Lord Creator can free us from these hidden satanic forces.

cropped-imam-with-pope-john-paul-ii                                                                                         Imam Wallace D. Mohammed and Pope John Paul II and below is President Carter and Wallace Mohammed 1227171336a



Imam Mohammed. Blessed Lady Chiara Lubich and Cardinal Keeler 


“..Work to “help people, not to “convert” them to your thinking or to convert them to your way. 

Work to “help people.” 

“Leave them with their own minds. Leave them with their own religious choices.:

“Just work to help them with their lives, because the world is filled with Satan leading them and they don’t know that they are being led by Satan.” 

“I am not talking about a mystery (invisible force). I’m talking about a “living force” that doesn’t know that it is Satan.” 

“Now, if you study Satan in scripture, you’ll see that when Satan was exposed by  G-D, Satan never recognized that he was Satan.” 

“Satan thought that he was a servant of G-D. Well, that mentality is still existing; they want to “dominate” the world, and they get it by “amassing wealth” and controlling most of the wealth in the human family.” 

“That’s how they got their power and they think that they are not Satan.They think they are angels, “archangels” managing the world for G-D.” 

“And they are actually “sowing” all kind of problems for families, for Human families, for Human families.” 

“And they still think that they are archangels for G-D.” 

“Isn’t that where Satan begins in scripture, in “heaven” with the angels?

“G-D said; “Get ye (you) down from here, Oh Lucifer!!” 

That is brighter than the moon and star. Thank you very much…”

(End of quote)




2 Responses to “Who is Chiniquy?”

  1. Jen October 5, 2019 at 4:05 pm #

    Clicked and read through your definition of racism. I think you went overboard with trying to define it – some people may clearly have sexual preferences and standards of beauty that are linked to a specific group (often their own, but sometimes not) without making that person racist. As for intelligence, physical strength, etc – there is verified statistical data there, and just being deliberately ignorant about it doesn’t solve a thing. The important thing though is not to generalise or discriminate when it comes to human rights and society, but when about your bedroom, I think you have the right to choose without being called racist. I’m Asian, but I have a preference towards white guys. Does it make me racist? What if I preferred Asians instead, would that make me racist? And when a white female would only date whites, does that make her racist? There are some boundaries which, when crossed, make a person ignorant and do not contribute to any virtue.


    • chiniquy November 15, 2019 at 7:30 am #

      Obviously whatever I wrote went right over your head. The questions you asked tells me that you did not understand what I wrote 🙂

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