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“Make America Great Again.” Which Era in American History, Do They want to Return To?

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“Armed Teachers in Cleveland” by Eric Jonathan Brewer

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“Armed Teachers in Cleveland” by Eric Jonathan Brewer

12 Mar

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Mayor Frank Jackson held a meeting with Cleveland schools CEO Eric Gordon and other education officials to discuss President Donald Trump’s proposal to arm teachers in the city’s public schools.

Since it’s being proposed by the nation’s president, the mayor and school chief have no choice but to discuss it.

I’m going to be blunt. Cleveland is nearly 60 percent black.

Mass school shootings like those in Florida, Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland aren’t happening in predominantly black schools.

Only one mass school shooter out of 31 since 1960 has been black.

Tyrone Mitchell in 1984 when this now dead sick fuck shot 39 rounds from an AR-15 killing 2 and wounding 17 students leaving 49th Street Elementary School in South Los Angeles.

Shootings in predominantly black schools like those in Cleveland tend to be directed at a particular targeted person.

I think Trump is certifiably crazy, so the only reason Frank and Eric have to discuss this shit is because he’s put it out there.

It’s like his discussion about death penalties for large quantity dope dealers.

He’s starting a conversation.

I say “hell to the fuck no” for a lot of reasons.

We’d have teachers in schools shooting kids and claiming “stand your ground.”

We’re also talking about high stress “shoot don’t shoot” situations in the mass shooting discussion.

Just because a teacher is armed doesn’t make them an emotionally-controlled and trained sharp shooter who won’t add to the body count by killing other kids while trying to shoot a shooter.

That’s even if they used the weapon at all or just ran and hid like everyone else.

Here’s some “teacher” food for thought.

In 1960 William Reed School principal Leonard Redden took his weapon into the school and shot two teachers to death: Harriet Robson and Minnie McFerren.

This happened in 97 percent white Hartford City, Indiana.

Remember Jesse Randall Davidson is the Dalton, Georgia teacher who barricaded himself in the classroom and fired shots out the door on March 1, 2018 right after Trump started talking about arming teachers.

Dalton’s black population is only 6.4 percent.

Despite all the derogatory shit that’s said about black people, the bottom line is that black, white and brown kids in Cleveland schools have less to fear from a black mass shooter than white children in Chardon schools whose parents are hoarding dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Different consciousness altogether.

There’s always a “just in case” situation, but Ohio’s only had two mass school shootings.

One was Thomas TJ Lane’s 2012 shooting in 98 percent white Chardon where he killed three students and wounded two.

The other was at Kent State University in 1970 when Governor Jim Rhodes sent white National Guardsman to the 85 percent white city of Kent to shoot and kill four white, unarmed students who were peacefully protesting the Vietnam War.

NOTE: You’ll see I’ve edited to add the Success Tech shooting by a white male student named Asa Coon here in Cleveland in 2007. Two Friends reminded me of it.

Frank and Eric have to talk about the president’s lunatic proposal, but they don’t have to act or agree on it.

Armed teachers in Cleveland schools. What do you think?

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