The Origin of all races. This is the reason why we look different.

17 Aug

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Be willing to die for freedom

16 Aug

Excerpts from 2001 lecture of Imam Wallace Mohammed

(taken from Fb post of Ali Musa)W-D Mohammed Flag-Patriotism-Day

Imam Mohammed posting flag in Masjid (mosque)


We as a people in our very nature we knew that there was no help for us in the South under the white slave masters except to please the slave master.

So we did what ever we could to please him, someone said before me earlier here that “we didn’t rebel”, well young man I want to tell you we did rebel.

Nat Turner Fought To Free Us From Slavery

Nat Turner fought to free us from slavery and he knew he couldn’t do it but he knew he was going to be killed but he was ready to have a demonstration that would put something on the mind of the white man.

That all your blacks will not take this and keep their mouths shut, we will fight you and have you kill us if you want to but we will not accept this indignity, we will not accept this humility, we will fight you, we are not brute animals we are human beings just like you.

And Nat Turner fought them. And they killed him.

John Brown Fought Whites For Black Freedom

There were others who rebelled too, their leader was a white man and America called him crazy, he wasn’t crazy he was so good and so determined to tell the white Americans and the world “that its not accepted under G-d that you dehumanize these people and treat them like beast and brute animals to do your work and tell them that they are not Godly and tell them that they are subhuman”.

He said it is not right and John Brown went out with a few rebel blacks and he fought his own people so that we would be free one day.

John Brown a white man I love him I pray that his soul is in heaven. We have to get it straight.

Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth all of these and many others that I’m not mentioning, Ida B Wells, many others, men and women put their life on the line, made great sacrifices, struggle with us to get us up on our feet in dignity and in self respect with all other human beings on the same level of human essence with them, yes they did.

They worked hard and they lost their lives many of them, Elijah LoveJoy lost his life and many others lost their lives but they didn’t stop because they were being killed.

Right behind that one would come up another one, sometimes two or three at one time.

Some preaching in the Midwest, some preaching in the North, some preaching in the East coast they just kept popping us ready to die.

Knowing that they were going to be killed, look at the Jews that went down south and protest segregation with us, men and women lost their lives.

They knew they could be killed but G-d has put in us a true creation of His, the human creation not in the world’s mold, not in the world’s style, not in the world’s pattern but in the pattern G-d gave, the pattern of Adam the first man that was pure in his nature and in his pattern.

Individual Human Will Sacrifice His Life For Humanity

G-d has put that in every one of us, black, white, brown everybody you can’t mistreat one of us and the rest of us like it, there are going to be some among us that are going to join the black, join the white, join the red, join anybody that’s human in their defense against you and we’ll be ready to give our life, we don’t give a damn about our life when it comes to the life of humanity.

When G-d blessed me to have your support and I became your leader those who thought that they could make us back up and give it up after the Hon. Elijah Muhammed, sent word by a messenger to me and here was the word “Chief Minister we have gotten word from some people, they said don’t go out of the house today, you’ll be killed”.

I got so angry instantly I said “tell them I had no plans to go out of the house today until you brought me this message”.

Some of you may say “well you’re foolish to want to be killed” no I was wise and I knew how not to be killed if I had showed fear they would have killed me either by killing me out right or making me so afraid they could tell me when to go out and when to stay in.

I can’t live that way I’ve had freedom, human dignity and freedom in my body ever since I can remember, I was never a fool, I was never a coward and I was always a person that wanted freedom and I was always ready to die for it even as child I was ready to die for my freedom.

And I couldn’t make myself that way it took the Nation of Islam, that environment, it took the Hon. Elijah Muhammed his boldness, it took all of that.

It took his teacher W. D. Fard or Fard Muhammed it took all of that to make the person I am, a person that believed my word is bond, my bond is life I will give my life before my word shall fail.

A person that says I will face hell and death rather than give up my dignity, you hear what I said? I said I’m a person that says I will face hell, hell fire and death eternal death before I will give up my dignity.

Dignity In Freedom To Be Person Created To Be

And my dignity is in my freedom, my dignity is in my freedom to be the person I want to be.

I don’t want you to be making me the person you want me to be, I’m going to be the person I want to be.

And thank G-d we’re in great America that defends freedom of choice I can choose the Temple, I can choose the church, the Muslim Mosque or the Church I can choose what I want to in America as long as its decent and honorable I can choose what I want in America.

In fact I don’t have to be decent and honorable there is just a law to catch me and hurt me or punish me and take my money, but I can be an Al Capone, I can be a Marquis De Sade, I can be anything in America.

And thank G-d we have freedom of choice and thank G-d we still have the human nature in us that G-d gave us our choice is excellence, our choice is righteousness, our choice is to be G-d’s servants, praise be to Allah (swt).

Black Slaves Not All Animist, Idol Worshipers

We have recent publications by beautiful authors letting us know that all of us didn’t come over here as animists or worshipers of the spirits of our ancestors or worshipers of idol in Africa.

And all of us didn’t come over here as Christians.

America Don’t Believe They Brought Christians As Slaves

In fact Christian America never wanted to believe that they were bringing Christians from Africa and putting them in bondage here, they didn’t want to believe that.

So they didn’t want to accept that the slave traders would bring Christians from Africa here.

Slaves Were Muslims

So if they didn’t like that, they didn’t want to enslave Christians, then who are we the children of?

We’re the children of idol worshipers, animists, parent spirit worshipers or we’re Muslim one or the other.

So these new books they document that many Muslims were brought to America in slave ships.

Black Soul Want Connection Back To Islamic Gene

And there is whether you want it or not whether you like it or not, you may not want to be a Muslim but many of you who are not Muslim you have a natural hunger and urge in your soul and in your spirit to be reconnected with what you were cut off from.

Dr. C. Eric Lincoln he said in his studies, he was a great African American theologian, he said that he believed strongly that there is an Islamic genetic memory in black people.

That means you don’t remember it but your genes, your flesh, your body remembers it.

You body still remembers that you were once Muslim, your human body with the genes from your fathers in it still remembers that you are Muslim.

And that’s why you have an interest in Al Islam, that’s why you have an interest in Muslim many of you not all of you.

And that’s why you’re happy when you become Muslim and you can wait until you learn Al Islam, you don’t mind.

Inside your body the genes are shouting “I’m back again where I was before in Al Islam.”

You mind can’t shout because you don’t now Al Islam yet, but I have learned Al Islam and I shout with my whole being, flesh, mind, soul and spirit.

They’re going to put us out of here 5:30 or so, but I’m doing my best I’m trying to skip over things that are less important and get it done quickly because I don’t want them to turn the lights out on us. I’ll just go pass some of this.

Slavery G-d’s Will To Rebirth, Purify Blacks

Qur’an 13:17; Fire Removes Scum From Ore

17. “HE sends down water from the skies and the channels flow each according to its measure: but the torrent bears away the foam that mounts up to the surface.

Even so from that (ore) which they heat in the fire to make ornaments or utensils therewith there is a scum likewise.

Thus does Allah (by parables) show forth Truth and Vanity: for the scum disappears like froth cast out; while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth.

Thus doth Allah set forth parables.”

What I want to say is this, many people have been the victims of inhuman, demonic, horrible oppressors and I as a student of the ways of G-d and man.

I’m convinced that it was the Will of G-d that we be put on slave ships and be brought to this country, this continent.

I’m convinced it was the Will of G-d.

They could not have done it if G-d had not accepted it as our fate that would put us in a situation to come out of it as a reborn people.

And Scripture talks of it says “see how the gross metal is put into the refiner’s fire and how the impurities is made to separate from the purity of the metal and are better and more durable and pure substance is created because it had be put into the fire?

Plantation life, life in America up until the 60’s was hell fire, it was a fiery furnace fired up by the demons, warp minded white people who had loss their sense of what Christ really was to them.

And they had done this to us, they had put us in the fiery furnace but it didn’t burn out anything but our impurity, the pure at heart have survived and it only burned out our impurities.

Now we are ready as a new people to serve our G-d and to lead humanity back to humanity.

G-d has prepared us to use us in this conclusion of things for man on the earth, yes this is the Day of Religion the conclusion of things.

HE has prepared us to use us in this Day of the conclusion of things so that we would be a witness to them that G-d is G-d and there is but One G-d.

The One Who created man and everything and that no matter what happens for HIS Human product in the world HE has power to re-establish them as HE intended for them to be established.

By Imam W. Deen Mohammed
Annual National Convention


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