When Politicians Commit Hate Crimes

1 Oct

When Politicians Commit Hate Crimes 

(From readersupportednews.org)

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, TIME

30 September 15


Ben Carson. Donald Trump. Public figures are perpetrating unconscionable acts


Much of the rest of the democratic world seems perplexed or bemused by America’s lengthy presidential political season. 

(The UK boasts only one month of official campaigning for prime minister.) 

But our endless campaign for president has the same advantage of any long courtship: we see our suitors in so many different situations that they can’t hide all their flaws. 

The guard comes down and the truth comes out. America’s prolonged process holds a mirror to the hearts of the candidates, and for some, that mirror has revealed a loathsome heart of darkness.

Unfortunately, the words expressed by these hearts are even darker. What is most frightening is that, under the guise of patriotism, these people in the public spotlight are committing hate crimes. Such irresponsibility calls into question their judgment, their ability to fairly lead or speak for our diverse population, and their professed beliefs about what America stands for.

The U.S. Department of Justice describes a hate crime as “the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, or disability.” The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated the number of hate-crime victims in the U.S. to be over 250,000

And, though we cherish our right to free speech in this country, we also acknowledge that we are not entitled to say anything we want when it can cause others to be harmed. When those who have governmental authority, such as police, or who command wide attention from the public, such as candidates and pundits, express contempt for any group, it emboldens the bigots to crawl out from beneath their tree stumps to openly express their prejudices because they believe they have tacit approval from those in authority. 

Princeton economist Alan Krueger suggests one significant cause of hate crimes is the “official sanctioning and encouragement of civil disobedience.” Hate crimes occur when those in authority create an atmosphere of hate through their speech.

When presidential candidate Ben Carson said, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of the nation,” because it was “incompatible with the Constitution,” he made Muslims targets by implying they were incapable of being loyal Americans—an opinion he continued to promote even into a recent CNN interview. 

Because of him, Muslims are now a little less safe as they walk home. Perhaps even more baffling is that Carson has a book coming out soon that is his common-sense approach to understanding the Constitution. 

Sadly, his comments are an attack on, rather than a defense of, the Constitution. 

Article VI of the Constitution states that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Thomas Jefferson and the boys would certainly be aghast to hear Carson’s Bizarro World interpretation. 

Carson’s attitude certainly echoes the attacks on John F. Kennedy by Norman Vincent Peale and other Protestants who argued that Kennedy’s Catholic faith was incompatible with being president.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been a deep well of hate speech. What makes it worse is that he doesn’t seem to realize it, which makes us question his perception of reality of what America stands for. 

First, his June 16 accusation that Mexican immigrants were mostly drug dealers and rapists. The gleeful outpouring of agreement from closet racists, previously afraid or ashamed to openly express their irrational hostility, confirms the terrible effect of such hate speech on society. 

Even though facts, statistics, and studies by authorities on the subject contradict Trump’s claim, this doesn’t matter to bigots because by definition they have pre-judged people: reached a conclusion without weighing all the facts.

Trump’s second gaffe was in referring to the looks of his rival, Carly Fiorina: “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on.” This hate speech goes out to all you men in the audience. After all, he’s saying with a wink and frat grin, we know a woman’s worth is based first and foremost on her looks, not her intelligence or moral fortitude. 

His statements confirmed the very worst attitudes that have been perpetuated toward women that have helped maintain their lower wages, worse health care, glass ceilings, and physical exploitation.

Even worse, Trump attempted to right his unrightable wrong at the second debate by saying, “I think she has a very beautiful face, and she is a beautiful woman.” His comment showed he had learned nothing from his original insult. Calling her beautiful, or ugly, still emphasizes her looks over her abilities. Trump’s inability to learn from mistakes is a disturbing characteristic for a would-be president.

Trump’s third hate crime is how he dealt with the man who approached him during a town hall event in Rochester, NY: “We have a problem in this country. It’s called ‘Muslim,’” the man said. “You know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American…. Anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?” 

This was a golden opportunity for Trump to demonstrate his presidential savvy, patriotic duty and moral leadership. Instead, he folded his cards: “We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things. You know, a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening. We’re going to be looking at that and many other things.” 

Rather than tell the man that Trump did not stand for this kind of paranoid anti-American ranting, he muttered a bunch of nonsense generalities. 

How will he show a strong hand to foreign leaders when he can’t handle a delusional racist in a Trump t-shirt? More troubling, by not countering this man, he sent out a message of passive agreement that notches up anti-Muslim prejudice another notch.

Trump countered criticism by saying, “Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so.” 

Maybe not every time, but certainly this time in front of a national audience when he had the chance to promote intelligent debate, protect Muslims from bigotry, and establish his moral obligation to defend the country. A few days later, Trump adjusted his opinion saying, “I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people.” He even said he would not be opposed to having a Muslim on his cabinet. 

While he deserves credit for damage control, the damage was already done.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter gave anti-Semitism a much unneeded boost when she tweeted her outrage over Republican candidates during the second debate expressing support of Israel: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” 

Naturally, a right-wing group expressed their support through #IStandWithAnn. The notion that Jews wield too much power in politics is so old and musty that it’s almost quaint. It’s interesting that the discussion did not address the political issue of Israel’s value as an ally in the region. Instead of arguing merits, word was sent far and wide across the land: Jews are the problem.

After such controversial statements, there’s always a follow-up explanation in which these nattering nabobs (you’re welcome, Spiro Agnew) “clarify” what they really meant. Unfortunately, by then it’s too late. The damage has already been done. 

Bigotry has been broadcast like a wireless network (“Can you hear my hatred now?”). 

Mexican immigrant children, Jewish children, Muslim children, and daughters everywhere will walk among their peers a little more ashamed, more frightened, and more in danger because of their hate speech.

Recently a 14-year-old Muslim boy in Texas brought a homemade clock to school and was handcuffed and arrested for suspicion of bringing a bomb. He was suspended for three days. 

Since then, the boy has been invited the White House by President Obama and to Facebook offices by founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Microsoft sent him a huge bundle of computer equipment. 

There’s also been considerable chatter about whether the boy was perpetuating a hoax, criticism that he didn’t invent the clock, and other such blame-the-victim invective that is irrelevant. 

Commentator Bill Maher agreed with the arrest: “Because for the last 30 years, it’s been one culture that has been blowing sh-t up over and over again.” Maher’s rant completely misses the point: In the United States, we don’t arrest, humiliate, and punish children because they belong to a religion in which extremist members are violent because that would include almost every religion in the country. 

What we do is calmly investigate, gather information, then act in a rational manner. 

Was there anything that Ahmed Mohamed ever did so far in school to suggest he might have a bomb? Even if we agree that the teacher and administration acted responsibly in not taking any chances, and a case can be made on their behalf, there’s no justification for the harsh treatment of the boy. 

His treatment was based on his religion and nothing more, which is about as un-American as it gets.

In that same week, a Chicago Sikh man was brutally beaten while being called “Bin Laden” and “terrorist.” Ironically, being Sikh is not the same as being Muslim. 

In fact, there is animosity between the two religions in parts of the world. The teenager who perpetuated the crime is just another mindless conduit of hate that burns in this country for anything, anyone, or any idea that is not familiar, traditional, or comfortable. 

We certainly don’t want leaders who stoke those flames with their dangerous rhetoric.

A favorite movie of mine is Gentleman’s Agreement (1947) in which Gregory Peck plays a reporter who pretends to be Jewish in order to write a story about anti-Semitism. 

He is socially ostracized, his son threatened, and his engagement nearly destroyed. 

Defending her own lack of bigotry, his fiancée explains how she was at a dinner where a man told an anti-Semitic joke. The man she’s telling the story to, a close Jewish friend, asks her, “What did you do?” 

She replies: “I wanted to yell at him. I wanted to leave. I wanted to say to everyone, ‘Why do we take it when he’s attacking everything we believe in?’” 

“What did you do?” her friend persists. To which she replies, “I just sat there.” 

The “gentleman’s agreement” is that when people say things that create an atmosphere of fear, hatred, and exclusion, nobody speaks up. 

In order to end it, to send the pretenders of patriotism back to their caves, we all need to speak up. 

We never want to have to answer the question, “What did you do?” with “I just sat there.”


(This article is from readersupportednews.org)

What Are The Two Biggest Problems of African Americans

21 Sep

Source: What Are The Two Biggest Problems of African Americans

What Are Two Major Problems of The African American People?

21 Sep
Fear and Ignorance are two of our biggest problems.
Many of our people are afraid of doing anything that they believe will displease Caucasians. 
And ignorance of any knowledge or philosophy that has not been first approved of, by Caucasians.
To be appreciated and loved by Caucasians has been part of our people’s psychology for over a hundred years.
From the times of slavery; our people were taught to love Caucasians.
No matter how badly they treated us; we were still conditioned to love them..
This conditioning began when we accepted Christianity.
We were taught from an early age in our Churches to see Caucasian imagery as Divine. 
We were taught that the son of god was a Caucasian.
After slavery ended all our people wanted to do, was to prove to Caucasians that we could be just like them.
They wanted to be the best Christians, the best Americans, etc in order to be fully accepted by Caucasian Americans. 
Very few of our people tried to think independently of what they had been taught during slavery.
They didn’t research any other religion besides Christianity because Caucasians in America were Christians. 
They didn’t research any other political, or economic systems that existed in the world, other than what was taught in America. 
They just tried to imitate whatever their former slave masters were doing. 
They believed the best way to be integrated into the American society was to show Caucasians that we can be just like them.
Many of our women then and even now are still trying to imitate the beauty standards and behavior of Caucasian women. 
Whatever new trends Caucasians started, we just followed their lead. 
This has been the behaviour of the majority of our people, since the end of slavery. 
If the new trend was Communism, feminism, homosexuality or Atheism you would find some of our people following them.
We are afraid to think ‘outsides of the box.’
The box being what Caucasian Americans have taught and approved for us. 
The only true independent thinking that came out of any African American leadership was from Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali,  Elijah Muhammad and his son Wallace Mohammed. 
During the 1960s some of our people who truly understood the effects of the psychology chains that had enslaved our people; did one of the most courageous thing to break those chains.
They changed their European names for African or Islamic names. 
Those European names had been FORCED on our ancestors during slavery. 
Those names were the brands placed upon our ancestors to show which slave-master they belonged to. 
If the slave-master’s name was Baldwin, then they would be known as *Baldwin’s niggers.

Changing their names to African or Islamic ones was courageous because, our people had been taught to hate Africa and any other religion besides Christianity.

Your name is a true picture of where your heart and mind is. 
The majority of our people still love Europe and European ancestry more than they love Africa and African ancestry.
There is a psychological feeling of attachment to Caucasians because of the European names that the majority of our people still have.
The majority have a fear of changing their Europeans names because they erroneously believe it will hamper their chances for success in America. 
Many also fear they will alienate their Caucasian friends by rejecting the European names passed down to them from their slave ancestors. 
The fear of doing something that they believe may displease Caucasians; is deeply ingrained in our souls.
To many of our people; it is like doing something against god.
That is why many did not have the courage to change their names.
That is why the majority of our people rejected the examples of those courageous brothers and sisters who changed their names.
They also rejected our great leaders because Islam and the love of our ancestral homeland; was not what Caucasian Americans had approved for them.
Even now, most African Americans don’t know anything about the religion of Islam other than what they have heard in the Caucasian controlled media.
The majority have not taken the time to do their own investigation of Islam.
If Caucasians say that Islam is bad for them or it is a terrorist religion, then they will believe it wholeheartedly.
They will not give what was said to them a second thought.
Look at the recent comment by Ben Carson about Muslims.
He is a brilliant doctor but his thinking shows that he is still a slave.
Also, as I said before, most African Americans would never even think of getting rid of their European names.
This is their main attachment with Europe and Europeans; and they will not give it up.
African Americans with Scottish, Irish, and Spanish names that they are so proud of.
They erroneously believe that their Caucasian ‘friends’ and every Caucasian in America would reject them if they discarded these European names.. 
They believe that Caucasians in big corporations would not give them jobs if they didn’t have nice Caucasian names.
They believe that without good Caucasian names they would be less successful in America.
The lesson taught in the television show Roots; about Kunta Kinte being whipped into accepting the name “tobey” has been fully received by the majority of African American.
Good Caucasian names equal better treatment from Caucasians.
It has been 150 years since the end of American slavery; but African Americans are still afraid to embrace a name from their African or Islamic ancestry.
Although many immigrants, with non European names from Africa, Asia and many other parts of the world have achieved great success in the United States of America.
We are still behaving  like slaves, who will not do anything unless their masters (i.e. Caucasians) first give it a stamp of approval.
Still afraid to do their own investigation of anything not approved of by Caucasians.
To become truly free we must rid ourselves of these invisible shackles that are holding us back from fulfilling the great responsibility that The Master-Creator has given us.
We have been conditioned by our people’s 500 years struggles in the Americas to be the saviours of Mankind.
But, we cannot save Humanity will still believing we are inferior to other Human Beings.
*There is a video called Baldwin’s Nigger that featured both James baldwin and Dick Gregory filmed in England during the 1970s.
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Why Are So Many Christians Becoming Atheists?

2 Sep

Why are so many people who were raised as Christians,
turning away from belief in The Supreme Being?
Lately, it seems like there has been an explosion of Atheism (especially on the Internet) in Europe and the United States of America.
Most of these Atheists are behaving like religious or political zealots.
Many of them are not satisfied with just their own rejection of religious beliefs; they want the whole world to reject religion as well.
I believe, that the cause of this sudden rise in Atheism among so many people is because of the lies told to them, when they were children.
They were told that there was a jolly fat man called Santa Clause (or as I prefer to call this entity, Satan Claws). 
The pictures drawn of him showed a Caucasian man with long white hair and a thick white beard. 
He wore a bright red suit with a black belt and black boots.
Santa lived in the highest place on earth. 
He lived way up there, in the North Pole. 
He had helpers called Elves, who made toys during the year. 
He could see everything that children were doing. 
He knew if they were good or bad; so they had better be good for goodness sake :) 
If they were good they would received gifts on a special day in December (the designated birthday of Jesus Christ). 
And if they were bad they would receive no gifts.
Children were also told about another mysterious person.
They were told about god. 
They were told that god lived in heaven.
Heaven was way up there in the sky. 
He also had helpers and they were called Angels.
When I was a child; it was not unusual to see in many publications drawings of this god who lived in the sky. 
They were drawings that looked the same as the images of this god, drawn by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.
They drew him as an old Caucasian man with long white hair and a thick white beard.
This god who lived in the sky, knew everything that everyone on Earth was doing.
He knew if you were good or bad. 
If you did good things you would be rewarded by him after you died by going to Heaven. 
If you did bad things you would get punished by being sent to a place called Hell. 
This god loved the world so much, that he sent his only begotten son to earth. 
This son was sent to earth in order for him to be killed. 
His death was to be the salvation for all those who believe in him.
This son was born on the 25 December the same day that Santa delivered his gifts. 
So there was always a very close link between Santa Claus and Christianity in the minds of Christian children.
Children were also taught about Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny. 
The Easter Eggs festivities is done during the same time period, when this son of the white bearded Caucasian god was killed. 
Here again is another close link between Christianity and a fantasy tale about bunny rabbits and eggs.
In addition, children were told about the Tooth Fairy who gave them a coin for placing their old tooth under their pillows. 
Children trust their parents. 
They sincerely believe everything that their parents tell them. 
What these parents who have been lying to their children don’t realise is that; not every parent have been telling these lies to their children. 
These children who were not raised to believe in these fantasies will ridicules the other children who sincerely believe in Santa Claus.
Eventually, when these children who believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy finally realise that they have been lied to; many of them will begin to question everything that their parents ever told them.
In time they will begin to have doubts about the god who lives in the sky.
These lies about Santa Claus, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs all closely related to very important dates in Christian belief has caused harm to the spiritual development of young Christians.
In the past century, when these children turned adults, many stopped believing in the god in the sky.
But, they, kept their religion doubts to themselves. 
Many of them continued to tell the same lies about Santa, to their own children.
They said to themselves, “I was told the same things and I turned out okay.”
But in fact, they were not okay. 
They had turned into religious hypocrites. 
They outwardly claimed to still believe in The Creator and Christianity.
But their obedience to the commands of what Christianity taught had been considerably weakened.
They had accepted many things in their lives, that were contrary to the Commands of The Creator.
Their respect for the teaching of their religion had been weakened. 
Many were committing fornication, adultery, having abortions, and other evil; without any thought of there consequences.
They paid lip service to religious beliefs, while secretly behaving like a heathen.
They told lies, discriminate against others, cheat on their spouses, steal, abuse drugs and alcohol, turned to homosexuality, etc. 
Eventually some get tired of their hypocrisy and openly admit that they don’t really believe in the god in the sky.
All because parents think it is harmless to tell their children that Santa is real.
Telling lies to young, impressionable children, has serious consequences.
Telling them about Santa, may seem like an innocent thing but it is not. 
A lie, is a lie, is a lie. No matter how you look at it, it is still a lie.
The majority of argument used by Atheists against religious beliefs is nothing more than what they were taught as children about what Christianity is. 
They normally say things like religion is a ‘fairy tale’ and the ‘magic man in the sky.’
All related to the fantasy tales they heard during their childhood.
Their arguments against religion seems to be anger at the fantasies that they once believed in.
The majority of them never studied the intelligent teachings of Christianity. 
They were just ‘Jesus Christ ‘Christians.”
Everything was all about Jesus Christ. 
Or I should say, those fake pictures of a Caucasian Jesus of Nazareth that was first painted centuries ago in Europe.
To them Christianity was, “accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour or go to hell.” 
Many of them are the ones who see images of Caucasian Jesus in the dirt on windows, the topping of pizzas, cloud formations, stains on walls, etc. etc.
Once they became knowledgeable and more enlightened about the reality of the world; they felt ashamed that they were ever like that. 
Now they have become fervent Atheists. 
They claim that Life after Death doesn’t exist because it cannot be proven. 
No one who dies can come back and tell us that there is  Life after Death.
We who believe; knows it exist because of what has been Revealed to us by our Creator. 
In the Revelations that came to Moses, Jesus, Muhammed and all the Prophets; *G-D tells humanity that there is Life after our earthly death.
These Revelations tells mankind things that we would never have discovered by our own human intelligence. 
We and everything else in creation was made by the Master-Creator. 
We belong to HIM. 
HE has placed something in every Human Being that causes us to respond to HIS Truth whenever we hear it. 
It is called our soul. 
And our souls always recognize its’ Master’s Words.
This is why those of us who believe in the Hereafter knows for certain that it does exist.
Our life in this world is meaningless without a Final Day of Accountability. 
A Judgment Day to settle our accounts.
A Day when we will received punishment or rewards for our behaviour in this Life. 
There has to be a consequence for humans who committed all types of evil against their fellow human beings.
G-D has Revealed that everything we do; small or big is being recorded by Angels who are with us at all times.
Here are a few verses of the final Revelation given to Humanity from our Guardian-Lord Creator.
With the Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
Woe to man! What has made him stubbornly reject The One G-D.

(Does man ever consider) out of what material (G-D) created him?

From a sperm-drop: HE has created him, and then shapes him in due proportions;

Then does HE make his path (in life) smooth for him;

Then HE causes him to die, and puts him in his grave;

Then, when it is HIS Will, HE will raise him up (again).

By no means has he fulfilled what G-D has commanded him.

Then let man then consider (the sources of) his food, (and how **WE provide it):

For that WE pour forth water in abundance,

And WE open the Earth in fragments,

And produce therein corn,

And Grapes and nutritious plants,

And Olives and Dates,

And enclosed Gardens, thick with lofty trees,

And fruits and herbage,-

For use and convenience to you and your cattle.

At length, when there comes the Deafening Noise (of Resurrection),-

That Day (Judgment) shall a man run from his own brother,

And from his mother and his father,

And from his wife and his children.

Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to the others.

Some faces that Day will be beaming, with happiness

Laughing, rejoicing at the good news

And other faces that Day will be dust-stained,

Darkness will cover them:

Such will be the Rejecters of The One True G-D, the doers of wickedness.

(Verses from the Holy ***Qur’an)
*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.
**WE, US, OUR are references in the Holy Qur’an to all of the forces of power (Angels) under the control of The Creator. They manage all creation. They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and obeys HIS Commands without question.
*** In the 7th century the Prophet Muhammed of Arabia received the Revelation called the Holy Qur’an from the Angel Gabriel over a 23 years time period.

He did not know how to read or write. He is referred to in the Qur’an as being “unlettered.”

www.IslamiCity.com/QuranSearch/ ; www.newafricaradio.com /

6855709255_a7d20b81df_b santa_as_satan

Guns in Churches (People With a Gun Mentality)

23 Aug
Religious people who claim that they believe in The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth; but, says that they NEED guns in order to protect themselves from bad people; shows a lack of faith and trust in The Creator. 

The Master-Creator is the best Protector. 

I don’t believe in owning guns.
I put my complete faith and trust in the All-Mighty Creator. 
Nothing happens to us good or bad in this life unless HE allows it. 
None can protect like HIM.
The Merciful Creator controls everything and everyone in HIS creation.
Did Jesus of Nazareth tells his followers to arm themselves with weapons for protection against the Romans or others?
Have Christians forgotten the Lord’s Prayer from the Bible, in Psalms 23?
“The Lord-Creator is my shepherd; I shall not want.
HE maketh me to lie down in green pastures: 
HE leadeth me beside the still waters.
HE restoreth my soul: 
HE leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for HIS Name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: 
For Thou art with me; THY Rod and THY Staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: 
Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: 
And I will dwell in the House of the Lord-Creator for ever.”
(End of Psalms verses)
The more you put your complete faith and trust in HIM; the more HE will help you in your life.
A weak faith in your Creator, will lead to a hypocritical religious behaviour in your life.
In the world today, we find many people who claim to be religious, with an overwhelming fear of dying.
I don’t know why this is so.
Since the majority of the followers of the 3 monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Al-Islam, claim that they believe in a Life after Death.

They all believe that they will meet The Master-Creator in the Next Life. 
There they will then, receive their rewards for the good and righteous lives they lived while on Earth.
So why, do they have this overwhelming fear of death? 
Could it be that they don’t really believe in what their religion teaches?
Or could it be, that quite possibly; many of them are really hypocritical to the teachings of their faith?
And they fear that the evil and immoral things that they have been doing in this life will land them in Hell and not in Heaven.
Our existence from the moment the sperm entered the egg, within the wombs of our mothers, have been nothing but life and death. 
We die to one phase of our existence to come alive in another phase. 
This is what The Master-Creator has Revealed in the Qur’an:
With The Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
O mankind! if you have a doubt about Resurrection (after your death): 
Then (Consider this), **WE have created you out of dirt, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that WE may manifest 
(G-D’s power) to you:
And WE cause whom WE will to rest in the wombs (of their mothers) until  an appointed time; then do WE bring you out as babies, then (nurtured you) that you may reach your age of full strength:
And some of you are called to an early death, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing (senile) after having known (so much):
And (further), you see the Earth barren and lifeless, but when WE pour down rain (water) on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs).
This is so, because The One G-D is The Reality: it is HE WHO gives life to the dead, and it is HE WHO has power over all things.
(Verses from The Holy ***Qur’an) 
Only people who don’t believe in The Creator, and in Life after Death, should fear death.
They believe this life is more important than anything else.
They wish that they could live for hundreds of years.
They will do everything they can, to prolong their life in this world.
They see death as emptiness. They believe death is the end of our existence.
Those who truly believe in The All-Mighty, knows that nothing will happen to us unless HE allows it to happen.
So to get guns in preparation for what MAY happens shows a lack of trust in our Creator.
We don’t live in a war zone. 
The citizens of the United States of America, are not at war with each other.
Despite what some media outlets have been saying. 
They have been spreading paranoia and fear, that has made many weak minded Americans very fearful.
Many of these fearful people have been buying an arsenal of weapons in preparation for a coming racial war in America.

A racial war that will NEVER happen!
Many of these fanatical gun collectors, usually end up using their guns to kill their wives, husbands, children, friends, neighbours, co-workers, innocents strangers at the mall, students at colleges or universities, elementary school children or to kill themselves. 

There are many people who have guns; that have a strong desire to use them.

They are just itching for the opportunity to use their guns.

They put themselves in situations where if they didn’t have their guns with them they would fear to tread.

George Zimmerman would not have followed Trayvon Martin that night, if he didn’t have his gun with him.
Most of these gun fanatics are really cowards.
The image that they have of themselves; is alway one with a gun in their hands.
They will always have photos or videos of themselves with their guns.
Having guns makes them feel invincible.
They no longer behave like normal Human Beings.
These gun fanatics have developed a gun mentality.
They believe every argument can be solved with a gun.
No matter what the problem is, to them the solution is to use their guns.
True believers in the All-Mighty knows that protection only comes from our Lord-Creator.
Some people may have an arsenal of weapons; but, when it is their time to die nothing will save them from death.
Do you remember the news story about the man who taught others how to handle and shoot guns at a gun range?
He was accidentally killed by a little girl with an Uzi he was showing her how to use. 
The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth controls both our lives and death.
There is a saying I remember from the past that goes: “He who fears to lose his life, will lose his life.” 
Which means, if you keep worrying about something bad happening to you, then it will happen to you.
People of Faith must stop worrying about their death.
We have no control over the time or place that it will happen.
Over the past 60 years of my life, I have lived in many dangerous places around the world.

When I was 19 years old, I encountered 3 men brandishing guns in an apartment stairways.
They were strategically positioned in 3 different area of the stairs. 
The Merciful G-D put the thought in my mind that they were waiting for someone; certainly, not me. 
I looked each one in the eyes, greeted them and walked pass them.

It was only years later that I realised that maybe they were waiting for the first person they saw. 
Maybe, because I didn’t react in fear on seeing their guns or maybe it was because of my physical appearance. 
I was bald headed and wearing a suit and bow tie.
In the 1960s and 1970s, everyone in the African American community could easily recognise the members of the Nation of Islam.
And during those years, the Nation Of Islam, was well respected by most African Americans.  

Nothing bad or violent, has happened to me up to this point in my life; because, it was not ordained by my Guardian-Lord.

And if anything good or bad happens to me in the future; it will be because HE has allowed it to happens.
And, nothing will happen to anyone in their lives, unless The Master-Creator of the Heavens and Earth allows it to happen.
Death is not a punishment.
It is part of the process of our existence.
So keep calm, and continue to do the best that you can in this life.
Don’t worry about things, that you have absolutely no control over.
*G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful spelling of a term to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.
**WE, US, OUR are references in the Holy Qur’an to all of the forces of power (Angels) under the control of The Creator. They manage all creation. They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and obeys HIS Commands without question.
*** The Holy Qur’an was Revealed to Muhammed Ibn Abdullah of Arabia in the 7th century. This Revelation from G-D came to him through the Angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years. Muhammed could neither read nor write. He is referred to in a few places in the Qur’an as being “unlettered.” 

The Harm in Imitating Caucasian Beauty

22 Aug
There is a major problem that exist among our people that we pretend doesn’t exist.
The legacy of slavery is still affecting the descendants of the former slaves.
We are no longer physical slaves, but we are mentally enslaved.
Our male ancestors’ manhood was almost totally destroyed by our former slave masters.The male slaves had no ability to protect their wives and children.
Some of our female ancestors willingly had sex with Caucasian males as a strategy to protect themselves and their children. They knew that there was safety and protection in being with any Caucasian male rather than a male from their own ethnic group.
Also another major tool for keeping our ancestors under control was/is the psychological enslavement that came from worshipping a Caucasian image that was supposed to be the ‘son of god’.
This cemented in their minds, the Caucasian supremacy idea that the Caucasian male was the ideal man.
Look at how our women have been aping Caucasian women for over 100 years.
It has become a normal thing to see the majority of our women wearing straight hair weaves or wigs, chemically straightening their hair, dyeing their hair yellow, red, brown in imitating Caucasian women’s hair. 
Many are also using bleaching creams to lighten their skin.
In the past a great African American leader stated “our women don’t belong to us, they belong to Caucasian men.” 
Our women were following the beauty standard that was accepted and desired by Caucasian males for their women.
They are not trying to please men of African descent by what they are doing to their skin and hair. 
Subconsciously they are trying to please Caucasian men (Jesus).
Currently one of the most popular TV shows, which is loved by many of women of African descent is “Scandal.”
In the first season a major part of the  show was about a rich and powerful Caucasian male; who was secretly have an adulterous relationship with one of his slaves ( I meant a woman who works for him).
What is the difference in this scenario from what took place many, many times during the years of slavery?
I have heard women of African descent complain numerous times about how “black” men are always chasing “white” women.
Who taught young “black” boys to idolise and worship Caucasian beauty?
First in the churches and then at home.
From an early age, boys of African descent were taught that a Caucasian man was the ‘son of god’.
Then later they saw their mothers, sisters, aunts and every other woman of African descent that they knew; imitating the beauty standards of Caucasian women.
So, when they comes of age sexually, why shouldn’t they strive to get one of the women of this special race of people?
Why shouldn’t they try to get one of the women; that, the women of their own race have wasted so much time, money and effort trying to imitate.
If women of African descent knew the mental harm that they are causing to their young children by their slavish imitation of Caucasian beauty standards they would STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!
People of African descent will NEVER get the respect of other ethnic groups until they learn to appreciate and love the natural beauty that the Lord-Creator has given them.
Some Caucasians in America have been subtly hinting this to us for many years. 
They see our collective behaviour as little children who have not learned to take on adult responsibilities.
They want us to behave as adults and not like children; who, just dress up and imitate the behaviour of their parents.
A recent example of this was when they fell overly in love with Lupita Nyong’O the actress from “12 Years A Slave.”
Lupita is a very dark skinned woman who wears her hair natural.
Also she is very proud of her African ancestry.
Her pictures were plastered in magazines and on web sites that normally doesn’t feature women of African descent.
They were trying to send us a message saying: “We don’t hate people of African descent just because they are dark skinned and they look different from us.” 
“We just cannot respect and treat imitators, as our equal.”
Sisters please give the world an image of yourselves that we can be proud of.
Not an image of a woman trying to see how close she can look and behave like Caucasian women.
Brothers show your appreciation for our women who have made the courageous decision to go natural. 
Whether they go totally bald or grow dreadlocks. 
They are all equally beautiful.

Neither Rosa Parks Nor Claudette Colvin Were The First

12 Aug

Neither Rosa Parks Nor Claudette Colvin Were The First.


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