ISIL (ISIS) and The KKK (Updated)

8 Jun
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ISIL is not about the religion of Al-Islam.

Just like the KKK was not about true Christianity.

ISIL was formed with the sole purpose of terrorising and killing Muslims (mainly Shias) who didn’t practise the religion the way they do.

Also to force any non Muslims living in Muslim populated countries into accepting Islam.

If you don’t follow and adhere to the fanatical concepts that they have about Al-Islam; then, you are their enemy.

They were formed by certain elements in Saudi Arabia, Israel and individuals within the Intelligence Services of certain European countries and the CIA.

The main aim of these elements, is the preparation for a future attack on Iran.

But first they must neutralize the leadership of all the countries where Iran has alliance and strong support.

Countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and also Yemen after the Houthis took control. 

So ISIL was formed to destabilize these Shiite majority countries.

ISIL believe that one Muslim leader should be the leader of the one billion plus, Muslims all over the Earth.

The Saudis have the same belief.

The Saudis believe that their understanding of the religion of Islam (Wahhabism) should be followed by every Muslim in the world.

This single Islamic ruler will then instruct the Muslims all over the world; on what they can or can’t do, in the countries where they live.

If any Muslims refuse to submit to the fanatical authority of this ISIL leader; then, they believe they have been given the authority by The Creator to kill the rejectors.

None of this fanatical teachings can be found in the Holy Qur’an.

In fact the Qur’an reject this kind of fanatical behaviour in Human Beings.

ISIL (ISIS) and their fanatical supporters in Europe, America or anywhere else in the world; who are bombing and shooting innocent civilians, will end up in Hellfire.

They are the enemies of Humanity.

They don’t represent the religion of Al-Islam.


What they are doing is closely related to the behaviour of the ancient people of the past; who rejected the Messengers and Prophets of The Creator.

The disobedient people who rejected Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed.

The members of ISIL are the evildoers but they don’t comprehend that they are.

They claim that their study of the life history and sayings of the noble Prophet Muhammed, gives them the authority for what they are doing.

Although it is well known, that many of the things claimed to be said or done by the Prophet were fabricated during the centuries after his death.

They are not following the example of the kind hearted, and compassionate, Prophet Muhammed.

Nothing in these fanatics behaviour is remotely close to the example of the prophet’s behaviour.

The main enemy of ISIL are Shiite Muslims.

The presence of ISIL is mainly in the countries with a large Shiite population.

Counties like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

You hardly ever hear of terrorist incidents in countries where the majority of the Muslims are Sunnis.

They are against Shiite more than they are against anyone else.

Their hatred have been fueled and funded by powerful so called Sunni nations in the regions.

Primarily Saudi Arabia.

The Al Saud family have an intense hatred for all Shiites.

The Al Saud family have been doing everything they can to undermine all Shiites; since the Shah was forced out of Iran during the 1970s.

They were the primary instigator and promoter of the war between Iraq and Iran during the 1980s

For many years Saudi and other so-called Sunni countries in the region, have been publishing books in many different languages.

These books are then distributed world-wide, to stir up hatred against Muslims who are Shiites.

They have used their wealth and so called Islamic knowledge to persuade poor Muslim communities around the world to adopt their fanatical ideas about Al-Islam.


The religion of Al-Islam is not to be associated with those cruel, heartless, savages going around cutting off peoples’ heads.

To say that ISIL is a Muslim group is just like saying the Ku Klux Klan is a good Christian group.

The KKK (originally called the Red Shirts) was formed after the American Civil War, with the sole intention of terrorising and killing the newly freed African American slaves.

This is what Wikipedia says about their beginning:

“The Red Shirts or Redshirts of the Southern United States were white supremacist terrorist groups that were active in the late 19th century after the end of the Reconstruction era of the United States.

They first appeared in Mississippi in 1875, when Democratic Party private terror units adopted red shirts to make themselves more visible and threatening to Southern Republicans, both white and freedmen. Similar groups in other states also adopted red shirts.

Among the most prominent Red Shirts were the supporters of Democratic Party candidate Wade Hampton during the campaigns for the South Carolina gubernatorial elections of 1876 and 1878.

The Red Shirts were one of several paramilitary organizations, such as the White League in Louisiana, arising in the continuing efforts of white Democrats to regain political power in the South in the 1870s.

While sometimes engaging in violence, the Red Shirts, the White League and similar groups in the late nineteenth century worked openly and were better organized than the secret vigilante groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

They had one goal: the restoration of the Democrats to power by getting rid of Republicans, which usually meant repressing civil rights and voting by the freedmen (newly freed slaves).”

(End of Wikipedia quote)


The rallying cry of the Red Shirts and later the KKK was “put the niggers back in their place.”

Which meant, keep them ignorant (no education), and no prosperity (no businesses established).

Keep them depended on us for their economic livelihood.

Many Americans want to lump fanatics who call themselves Muslims with all Muslims.

But, they don’t believe it is fair to lump all Caucasian Christians with the KKK.

Historically, no prominent Caucasian American (president, senator, governor etc.) have ever condemned the activities of the KKK.

An anti-lynching law was NEVER passed by the United States of America (USA) government.

As long as the terrorist acts of the KKK were directed towards African American then the Caucasian leadership of the USA was not too concerned.

So to those people who say that posting on FB anything from the Holy Qur’an is a recruitment for ISIL;  I say this to them:

There are too many people in this world, whose souls are so diseased, that any mention of Al-Islam or Muslims to them is terrorist related.

They want to convince everyone in the world that everything about Al-Islam and Muslims is bad.

They have made it their mission in life to denigrate Islam.

There is nothing that any decent minded Human Being can do to change their hearts.

They will have to answer to the All-Mighty Creator for the evil and hatred that they have cultivated within their own souls.

What they are doing is no different than what the people who opposed Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammed and all the other Prophets did.

Disbelievers in the Master-Creator in every era historically, are the same.

Their souls are diseased and so the All-Mighty increases their disease.

The Truth from the Creator drives them mad with hatred and rage.

These ungodly rejecters want  the followers of ALL religions to be hypocrites to their variou Faiths.

They don’t mind if the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam continue to claim to be religious.

As long as they commit fornication, adultery, drink alcohol, eat pork, approve of same sex marriages, take drugs, kill babies in the wombs of their mothers etc.; then they will be fully accepted by the ungodly.

The easily understood Truth in the Qur’an is a threat to their plans to turn mankind away from true devotion to their Creator.

Many years ago when I was in the military these hateful types tried to stop a magazine editor from posting my ad with Qur’anic verses.

He rejected their threats against him (to stop distribution of the magazine on the military bases) and told the military brass, that I had the right to buy ad space for anything I wanted.

Even now, there are still many publications that refuse to allow Muslims to purchase ads that display the verses of the Holy Qur’an.

A military commander of an US Air Force base, recently  told the advertisement person of the base newspaper not to allow the postings of Verses from the Holy Qur’an. 

So these devilish minded people will continue to try and oppose any mention of good things about Muslims or anything from the Qur’an.

As the All-Mighty Creator said to those (who oppose HIS Truth) in a Qur’anic verses: “Die in your rage (against the Truth)!”

Additional readings: The Sad State of the Muslim World 

And: African Americans have Suffered from Caucasian American terrorism for over 150 Years.


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    They are the enemies of Humanity.

    They don’t represent the religion of Al-Islam.”

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